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The Galor-class was a warp-capable combat vessel used by the Cardassian Military, and now the Cardassian Civil Defence Force. During the era of the Central Command the Galors formed the backbone of the Cardassian battle force. The Galor-class was a mainstay for decades and several versions were made, it was eventually developed in the the tactical superior Keldon-class. The Galor-class is being phased out under the CDF with the most modern ships being refitted for general purpose duties, including exploration and humanitarian aid while many are being retired and scrapped, or striped for use in the civilian sector. Those remaining in tactical service are now being classed as Destroyers.

Incomplete Specs

  • Crew: 300
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 371.88 meters
    • Beam: 192.33 meters
    • Height: 59 meters
  • Top Speed: Warp 9.6