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Lieutenant JG Billy Moore was an Engineer aboard the USS Pegasus (NCC-53847-E) between 2386 and the present.


Billy Moore is the second son of James and Margaret Moore of Dublin, Ireland. James was a shuttle mechanic, and Margaret was a nurse. Billy and his siblings, Patrick and Bridget grew up in the streets of Dublin. Unlike his older brother, Billy wasn't very book smart. He was much better with his hands. As a child, he played more sports than read books. But as a teenager, the rather slight boy couldn't keep up with the physical prowess of his athletic peers. So he turned his attention to other hobbies.

It was his mother than suggested that Billy think about taking up mechanical engineering. She thought it would be a useful hobby, something to keep him occupied and off the streets with potential benefits in the future. So, at 15, Billy started to go into the hangar with his father. At first he helped pass tools, run errands, and other menial tasks, but as he learned the ins and outs of shuttle maintenance, the mechanics begin letting him tinker on his own. By 17 he was working part time as an apprentice mechanic.

To his surprise, as well as his family's, he did particularly well on his exams in the final year of secondary education. One of this teachers, suggested that he put his mechanical skills to public service, and recommended him for admission to Starfleet Academy.

Service Record

Cadet Billy Moore was a good student, but it was clear to him and his instructors that he was not a star pupil. He consistently performed as an average student throughout the academy, showing above average skill at starship maintenance. So, when he graduated from the academy in 2384, he was stationed on Starbase 425 as a maintenance engineer.

In 2386, Ensign Moore was assigned to assist Lieutenant Commander Loren Ackerman as he prepared the USS Pegasus (NCC-53847-E) for commissioning, completing her shakedown cruise and repairs. Commander Ackerman was pleased with the ensign's performance, and offered him a permanent position aboard the Pegasus. After consistently positive performance, Moore was promoted to lieutenant junior grade in 2387.

Dates Rank Position Assignment
2380-2384 Y-C4.png Cadet Starfleet Academy
2384-2386 Y-O1.png Maintenance Engineer Starbase 425
2386-2387 Y-O1.png Engineer USS Pegasus (NCC-53847-E)
2387-Present Y-O2.png Engineer USS Pegasus (NCC-53847-E)

Personal Records

Personality Profile

Billy Moore is a quiet, hardworking officer. He is congenial, and although he doesn't go out of his way to make friends, he makes them easily.


Billy Moore attended James Joyce School before attending Starfleet Academy where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. Moore speaks English, Irish, and Federation Standard.


Moore's parents, James and Margaret were married in 2358 at the age of eighteen. Patrick was born that year, and Bridget in 2360. Patrick is a lecturer at Trinity University. Bridget is married to Martin Andrews, a doctor in London, where they live with their children. Bridget is a therapist.

Medical Records

Medical Profile

Moore suffered from the Andorian flu during his third year at Academy.

Psychological Profile

Moore is psychologically stable.

Commendations and Ribbons