Gran Velas

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Ensign Gran Velas
Full Name Gran Velas
Position CONN Officer
Species Trill (Unjoined)
Born April 3rd 2365
Homeworld Trill
Status Player Character
Played by Russell Elsom
Affiliation Outpost Sierra VI
Actor Victor Webster

Ensign Gran Velas is a CONN Officer on the USS Cambrian.


Gran Velas was born in Tenara on the Trill homeworld on April 3rd 2365 to Neera, an education administrator for the southern district, and Yelad Velas, a talented engineer. Although his father had been an engineer aboard a number of freighters he decided to become a stay-at-home parent for the foreseeable future.

Gran’s childhood was cut short when Neera was killed in a hiking accident in 2377. Yelad decided to return to space rather than remain on Trill. Together with his son he signed aboard the Reliant Son, a small freighter with a crew of fifteen. Over the next few years Gran learned a great deal about freighters and engineering. However his first passion was flying, a skill he began to develop by sitting watches on the bridge.

In 2381 the Reliant Son was attacked by a trio of Nausicaan pirate vessels. With the swift intervention of the USS Sycorax the pirates were driven off, but not without casualties aboard the Reliant Son. Of the sixteen people aboard five were killed including Yelad and the Captain. Following his father’s death Gran was adopted by the remaining crew members. However Gran decided soon after that he wanted to prevent more such deaths. In 2383 he signed up to Starfleet Academy.

Over the next four years Gran was heavily focused on his studies although he did make time to enjoy his time on Earth. He graduated with honors in 2387, majoring in Astrophysics and Probability Mechanics. However he failed to qualify for tactical training. His ability flying ships however gave him a chance to follow his dream of serving in the field. Fresh from the Academy he was assigned to the USS Saragossa as the new CONN officer with the rank of ensign.

During his first mission the USS Saragossa was severely damaged in an attack that left numerous officers dead. Gran attempted to the defend the bridge from further attacks, little realizing his was attacking other Starfleet personnel, beamed aboard by the USS Cambrian.

Starfleet Service Record

2383-84 R-C1.pngRC-blank-2.png Command Cadet 1st Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2384-85 R-C2.pngRC-blank-2.png Command Cadet 2nd Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2385-86 R-C3.pngRC-blank-2.png Command Cadet 3rd Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2386-87 R-C4.pngRC-blank-2.png Command Cadet 4th Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2387 R-O1.pngR-blank-2.png CONN Officer USS Saragasso
2387-2388 R-O1.pngR-blank-2.png CONN Officer USS Cambrian
2388 R-O2.pngR-blank-2.png CONN Officer USS Cambrian
2388-Present R-O2.pngR-blank-2.png Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer USS Defender assigned to Outpost Sierra VI

Personal Records

  • Born: Tenara, Trill
  • Height: 5’8"
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Strengths: Extremely loyal
  • Weaknesses: Hates pirates with a passion
  • Likes: Lida, Mystery novels and freshly squeezed Kava juice
  • Dislikes: People who read the last page of the story first, Klah and anti-grav sports.
  • Talents: Highly skilled pilot both with Starships but prefers to be at the helm of something smaller and more maneuverable.
  • Limitations: Tends to spend more time in a shuttlecraft than he should.
  • Hobbies: Solving holodeck mysteries, Parrises Squares and Velocity
  • Ambitions: To go out with a bang, flying a ship into the heart of a star

Linguistic Abilities

  • Speaks: Federation Standard, Trill, Bolian
  • Reads: Federation Standard, Trill
  • Writes: Federation Standard, Trill

Medical Records

Excerpt from Medical File: Ensign Velas maintains a better than average medical condition. However he continues to require occasional treatment for the weakened state of his left arm.

Excerpt from Psychological File: Ensign Velas has refused to report to counseling on a number of occasions. Although his behavior is not life threatening to himself or those around him, his tendency for dangerous situations suggests a possible death-wish or need for thrills. Without further sessions it is difficult to be certain of either diagnosis. It is recommended that he undergo regular counseling sessions ordered by the Chief Medical Officer if this behavior continues after more than six standard months aboard his new posting.

Commendations and Ribbons