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The Sixth Fleet Hall of Fame consists of two parts. The Hall of Honour recognizing notable former players, and the Hall of Remembrance honouring the memory of fallen members.

Sixth Fleet Hall of Honour

The Sixth Fleet Hall of Honour serves to distinguish members of the fleet who are truly notable. It includes those whose work remains truly viable throughout the ages after that individual has departed the fleet.

To be admitted to the Hall of Honor, the following qualifications must be met:

  • The candidate must have retired from the fleet or be otherwise no longer considered active on any simulation or in any role.
  • The candidate must have been a member of Sixth Fleet for at least three (3) years.
  • The candidate must be nominated for the Hall of Honour by a current member of the senate. Players within the fleet may recommend a candidate through their CO or XO.

Hall of Honor Inductees

  • (list being reconstructed, please stand by)

Tango Fleet Hall of Fame

As Sixth Fleet rose from the ashes of Tango Fleet, we wish to give tribute to the former incarnation of this Hall of Honor. Those on the list below represent the foundation on which we have built.

  • Phillip Barnes - 09/2001
  • Mark Casey - 09/2001
  • Andrew Grimm - 09/2001
  • Benjamin Hurwitz - 09/2001
  • Matthew Grant - 01/2003
  • Amy Linderman - 01/2003
  • Paul Taylor - 01/2003
  • Scott Atwater - 01/2003
  • John Gresham - 01/2003
  • Liesel Gresham - 01/2003
  • James Young - 01/2004
  • John Skelton - 01/2004
  • Kreg Asay - 01/2004
  • Thomas Coonradt - 01/2004
  • Erika Hansen - 01/2004
  • Lyn Merical - 01/2005
  • Ryan Wood - 01/2005
  • Thomas Pelligrino - 01/2005

Sixth Fleet Hall of Remembrance

The Hall of Remembrance exists specifically to honour the memory of our fallen members.

To be admitted to the Hall of Remembrance, the following requirements must be met:

  • Appropriate testimony regarding the circumstance must be provided.
  • At least two people in good standing with the Fleet need to attest to the membership of the person.
  • There are no requirements regarding length of service in the Fleet, nor does the individual nominated need to have been an active member at the time of their passing.

Hall of Remembrance