Hannah Lewis

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Hannah Lewis
Full Name Hannah Lewis
Alias(es) Hann
Position Station Chief - Judge Advocate General Corps
Arkaria Five
Species Human
Born 23rd March 2360
Homeworld Mars
Status Non-Player Character
Played by Russell Elsom
Affiliation Married to Commander Grendon

XO USS Hyperion (NX-7438)

Actor Jennifer Connelly

Lieutenant Hannah Lewis is a six year Starfleet veteran serving as Commanding Officer of the Judge Advocate General's Office at Arkaria Base on Arkaria Five.


Childhood and Youth:

Selene Lewis

Hannah was born on Mars in 2360 to Selene Lewis, a level four Zero-gravity construction specialist, and Jacob Lewis, a paediactric doctor.

Hannah's mother was well known among the construction specialists at Utopia Planetia for working the construction of no less than fifty ships during her career. Since most construction crews worked on particular stages of construction, Selene was notorious for her work in the unpowered construction of all of said vessels, a period when thirty-five percent of casualties during construction usually occur, when few construction specialists remained on zero-gravity construction past their fifth hull. Although she never served on any of the vessels she helped build, Selene was often gifted with a replica model of the vessel and a certificate by the ship's construction officer following her first power-up.

Whilst Selene had no expectations for her daughter to join her in shipbuilding, she often took her on tours of the vessels prior to the arrival of their first Captains. Some officers in the Utopia Planetia Yards took to calling her the 'Utopia Figurehead', seeing her as the good luck charm of many vessels. Whilst Hannah dreamed constantly of serving on such a vessel as her mother showed her, it wasn't until the commissioning service of the USS Enterprise-E in 2372 that she finally admitted it to her parents.

Jacob Lewis
Little did Hannah know that her choice had brought to a head serious problems in her parents lives. Jacob, who had long begun to suspect that Selene was having an affair, saw Hannah's choice as evidence that Selene was trying to turn their daughter against him in preparation for divorce proceedings. Two months after Hannah's twelfth birthday Jacob filed for divorce, eventually moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Although Hannah spent two months each year with him for the next three years, her parents barely spoke. Hannah finally stopped visiting her father in 2375 after he explained the reasoning behind his leaving her mother.Hannah, despite her anger at both her parents for the lies that had grown over the last three years, primarily blamed her father for not telling her the truth. They would not speak again for nearly ten years. Hannah spent a great deal of her time during her later teen years studying various career paths in hopes of finding one that she liked, and which would enable her to serve aboard a starship. Despite a number of possibilities it was the writings of Aaron Satie, father of disgraced Admiral Norah Satie, in addition to her growing sense of moral outrage at certain parts of society that finally drew her to a career in law. In 2378 Hannah applied to Cambridge University on Earth to study pre-law.
Cambridge University

College Years:

Hannah moved to Earth, making a number of friends easily. However during her freshman year she was presented with a number of case studies. One of the most worrying for Hannah was the rights of artificial lifeforms, particularly holographic lifeforms such as the Emergency Medical Hologram known as The Doctor. The case surrounding his rights to own his creation Photons Be Free became a major topic of discussion for many months. It also brought her a renewed understanding of the ideals that she would be forced to defend if she should continue with her planned career in Starfleet.

Hannah during a fight with Grendon .

During her second year she was introduced by mutual friends to Grendon, a student in his third year studying a physics degree. Although she was human Hannah and Grendon shared a belief in pure honesty. Her attitude closely matched Grendon’s, causing many heated arguments which were characterised harshly by other students. On more than one occasion local security personnel were called to break up what was believed to be an abusive relationship. Despite this many people believed they were a perfect match for each other. She introduced him to the ideas of Starfleet and Federation law, which Grendon found difficult to accept due to the wrangling lawyers made during cases.

At graduation Grendon made the decision to propose to Hannah. Yet despite their eighteen month relationship Hannah turned him down stating that she wasn’t ready to settle down yet. She also was still haunted by the revelations of her father six years earlier. Grendon accepted the decision, telling her that he was going to Starfleet Academy in San Francisco in two weeks time to begin his career in Starfleet. Over the next two years Grendon returned to Cambridge a number of times to see Hannah, until she herself graduated and began working on her law degree at Stanford University.

Her new focus on her career in law finally began to take shape over the next four years. Despite the urging of several of her instructors that she focus on criminal law or another field and complete a full three year course, she consistently applied herself to the plan of joining Starfleet, and instead enrolled in an Accelerated JD program, completing three year's of study in just two. Her second year year final exam proved her ability when she gave a detailed exposition of the similarities between the recently defunct Cardassian Justics system and a number of similar legal systems encountered by USS Voyager during her seven year journey through the Delta Quadrant. One of her assessors agreed that her understanding of such thing far outstripped his own, and agreed that upon her graduating from Stanford, he would supply a recommendation to Starfleet himself.

Her relationship with Grendon also continued to grow and change. Instead of being openly belligerent all the time, Grendon was now more laid back, able in some cases not to speak uncomfortable truths when unnecessary. Following his graduation from Starfleet Academy Grendon again proposed to Hannah. Although she didn’t reject him she stated that she would need time to see how his career with Starfleet would affect the relationship. In addition whilst Grendon was graduating in the summer of 2383, Hannah was just beginning her studies at Starfleet Academy herself. Grendon once more agreed to wait, leaving for his first post aboard the USS Hood three weeks later.

Starfleet Academy:
Hannah took the entrance exam to the academy only once before passing, her scores more than proving her worth to the Academy Instructors who were assessing the candidates. Her former professors recommendation also turned out to have merit, since he was himself a former Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet. Hannah was quickly enrolled in multiple classes studing specialty classes in Starfleet Law, and Interspecies Protocol and Ethics. Although her approach to the law classes was seen by many as unneeded thanks to her prior degree, she was recognised as a skilled lawyer.During her four years, Hannah acted as advocate for a number of fellow cadets. She became well known for her dedication to others during these cases, always ensuring both that the correct person had been caught, and that the punishment fit the crime. In her last year she was also feared, for she had turned down one appeal for help, stating 'that bastard deserves what he gets!'

Grendon at their wedding.
Hannah at their wedding.
Hannah also became a skilled shuttle pilot, attempting the Rigel cup in her second year at the Academy. Her team became the first Academy winners since the Nova Squadron team headed by Nicholas Locarno and Wesley Crusher in 2368.

After completing a two year tour aboard the Hood Grendon was rotated to the USS Malinche. He also had time to rotate back to Earth, arriving two days before Hannah expected him. Grendon had long known of Hannah's belligerence towards her father, but he decided to speak to her mother, in hopes she might better help him to win Hannah's heart and hand in marriage once and for all. After spending two days on Mars Grendon arrived at the Academy during the celebration ceremonies for the Rigel cup win. Whilst several amongst Hannah's friends had long known of Grendon and his two previous marriage proposals, his appearance at the celebration came as a surprise to many. His third marriage proposal also ended all speculation as the the strength of the relationship when Hannah finally accepted his marriage proposal.

For the first time Hannah began to regret her actions toards her father in 2375 and with the blessing of her mother and the support of her new fiancee, she attempted to make contact with him. After three weeks of refused calls Hannah transported to Halifax and tracked him down at the hospital where he worked. Despite a few unpleasant feelings between the two Hannah and jacob finally made peace. Preparations for the wedding progressed quickly, despite the necessity of working out the details of the marriage ceremony over subspace, with the marriage being held in early 2386. The ceremony was attended by the majority of the Malinche’s junior officers and many of the students and faculty members of the Academy.

Hannah continued her Academy training for two more years, whilst Grendon continued aboard the Malinche. Hannah finally graduated in 2387 graduating top of her class in Federation Law. She was accepted into the Judge Advocate General Corps with the rank of ensign, and given her first posting, the USS Malinche

Starfleet Career: USS Malinche
Hannah was quickly accepted aboard the Malinche. Due to the Malinche’s rotation through various Sector Commands she was assigned as to the ship to smooth the administrative issues, as well as serve as the ship's own lawyer when necessary. Over the next two years she also found herself involved one or two problems involving diplomatic issues.

In the early months of 2388, Grendon was transferred to the USS Cambrian (NCC-74986-A) to act as temporary Assistant Chief Science Officer following the departure of the majority of her Science Division. Hannah, however was forced to remain aboard the Maliche, due to the Cambrian having no need of a JAG representative. Hannah did however manage to make a visit to the Cambrian a few months later during a brief stopover by the Cambrian. Hannah had the chance to meet several of the Cambrian's crew, including Engineer Erich Leitner and Operations Officer Anna Heinz.

When the USS Cambrian was destroyed to seal an interphase rift in the vicinity of the Sigma Librae system in late 2388, Grendon and the majority of the crew were transferred to new postings. Grendon originally appeared to be headed for the USS Barnes, headed for the distant reaches of the Beta Quadrant, a minimum of a five year tour with little or no contact with home. Hannah applied for a transfer to the Barnes as well, however the small Steamrunner class vessel had a JAG representative already in the form of Lieutenant Horatio Granger, a recent arrival, and no use for a second. Hannah resigned herself to the possibility that their paths might not cross for many years.

The Malinche however did have need of her skills. Ordered to the vicinity of the Delta Triangle, a well known navigation hazard near the Klingon border, Hannah settled into her work. One small pleasure came in her promotion to Lieutenant junior grade. The additional responsibility from her new rank was increased with the retirement of the ship's diplomatic officer. Redemption was at hand also for Grendon, who was transferred to the brand new, state-of-the-art Hyperion Class starship, USS Hyperion (NX-7438) as the Chief Science Officer. The tow began plans to spend their third wedding anniversary on Risa.

After two months in the Delta Triangle the USS Malinche was ordered Kostolain, to assist in negotiations with the Conference of Judges.As the date for their anniversary got closer both Hannah and Grendon found themselves admitting that their time on Risa might be shorter than they'd hoped. Finally during the final days of negotiations, Hannah received a message from Grendon. The Hyperion had recently been severely damaged and was to divert to Arkaria Five for decontamination at the Remmler Array. All hope of meeting at Risa was gone.

Instead Hannah approahed a close friend from the Academy, recently promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the newly created JAG office on Arkaria Five. The two agreed to a postings swap, placing the Denobulan officer aboard ship for the first time in twelve months, and giving Hannah a one year posting to Arkaria with a promotion to full lieutenant at the completion of her posting. More importantly for Hannah, her arrival would coincide with the Hyperion's visit and the local Arkarian festival, Lightning Sky.


2383-2384 R-C1.png Command Cadet Starfleet Academy, StarFleet HQ
2384-2385 R-C2.png Command Cadet Starfleet Academy, StarFleet HQ
2385-2386 R-C3.png Command Cadet Starfleet Academy, StarFleet HQ
2386-2387 R-C4.png Command Cadet Starfleet Academy, StarFleet HQ
2387-2389 R-O1.png JAG Officer USS Malinche (NCC-38997)
2389-2389 R-O2.png JAG Officer USS Malinche (NCC-38997)
2389-Present R-O4.png Station Chief - Judge Advocate General Corps
Interim CO
Arkaria Base, Arkaria Five


Olypmus Mons High School: General Studies
Cambridge University: Pre-Law Degree
Stanford University: Law Degree Juris Doctor
Starfleet Law
Interspecies Protocol
Interspecies Ethics

MARTIAL STATUS: Married: Grendon
FATHER: Jacob Lewis, Human,
MOTHER: Selene Lewis , Human,

Parrisses Squares, Hala, astronomy, honesty and people who aren’t afraid to speak up.
People hiding behind pleasant behaviour, liars, bigots and cynics.
Researches legal principles to excess, Problem solver, Quick Witted, Strong sense of moral direction
Stubborn to a fault.
Can see a loophole a light-year away. As one of her colleagues once said 'If there's a loophole she can see it, fly through it, and still come out smelling like roses.
Spends free time alone or with good friends only.
Sports that involve hitting something, unarmed combat techniques and hand to hand combat training.
Wants to serve aboard a top of the line ship.
Generally a strong and silent type but quick to anger.

SPEAK: Federation Standard
READ: Federation Standard
WRITE: Federation Standard


Place of Birth: Olympus Mons General, Mars
Identifying Marks: Dark brown hair, usually long but occasionally cut short.
Height: 5 ft. and 9 inches.
Weight: 155 lbs.
Build: Generally lithe
Excerpt from Medical File:...Hannah appears to be in excellent health.
Excerpt from Psychological File:Hannah is one of the few crewmembers I don't have to constantly watch. Although rarely called to attend councselling sessions, she has yet to be late for any that have occurred. The sole potential weakness in her mental state appears to be her relationship with her father and its potential impact on her marriage, due to the admittedly messy divorce of her parents. the distance between her and her husband is a potential risk factor. Recent behaviour during the potential reposting of her husband on a long range mission has shown a potential for poor judgement in this regard.