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Lieutenant Helena Feist, MD PhD
Full Name Helena Laura Feist, MD PhD
Position Counselor,
USS Hyperion (NX-7438)
Species Betazoid / Human
Born August 6, 2353 (Age 36)
Dresden, Germany - Earth
Homeworld Earth
Status Non Player Character
Owned by James Slattery
Affiliation Federation
Actor Vera Farmiga

Lieutenant Helena Fiest, MD PhD, is a Psychiatrist and Counselor aboard the USS Hyperion (NX-7438).


Born in 2353 in Dresden, Germany on Earth, Helena was the third daughter of three born to average Earth couple. Markus Feist, her father, had served in the Marine Corps and retired shortly after his first enlistment expired. Instead of reenlisted he married Angelina Trova, a Betazoid Public Affairs Liaison in the Office of the Federation President. The two settled in Markus' native Germany and while Markus worked in the private sector for several years he eventually choose to remain home when they began a family.

Doctor Feist off duty.

Helena's older sisters Marisa and Freeda, two and four years older respectively, were Helena's best friends growing up. Helena found herself to be awkward in social settings and had trouble making friends in her youth, it wasn't until much later that it was discovered it was due to a "leaky" mutation in her psychic abilities that meant she was inadvertently reading people's thoughts. Once she was older she came more into her own, as her telepathic and empathic ability developed.

Despite a reasonable strong telepathic ability Helena's empathy was always her gift and after graduating high school she attended the Free University of Berlin and completed a Bachelors and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. After completing her training she considering opening a private practice, but instead took a position at a large hospital in Paris. She ended up working closely with Starfleet, and two years later decide to enlist. Given her background she was offered to attend Officer Candidate School which would have seen her commissioned in about year but instead she attended the academy, choice to complete a Medical Doctorate at the same time.

Her four years at the Academy saw her complete the first year of her residency. Commissioned as an Ensign she headed to Betazed and completed her residency at a Leonard McCoy General Hospital in the Capital. She was then promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned as a Counsellor aboard the USS Manchester (NCC-78698), serving under both Captain Edward Walsh and later Captain Heather Wilson before being transferred to the Sovereign Class USS Bismarck.

Following her time aboard the Bismarck she returned to Leonard McCoy General Hospital on Betazoid for almost two years before being reassigned ending up on the USS Hyperion (NX-7438) which was very short staffed in Counselling.


2379 - 2380 T-C1.pngT-C-Blank-2.png Officer Training and Medical School Starfleet Academy
San Francisco Campus
2380 - 2381 T-C2.pngT-C-Blank-2.png Medical School Starfleet Academy
San Francisco Campus
2381 - 2382 T-C3.pngT-C-Blank-2.png Medical School Starfleet Academy
San Francisco Campus
2382 - 2383 T-C4.pngT-C-Blank-2.png Medical Residency Starfleet Academy
San Francisco Campus
2383 - 2384 T-O1.pngT-blank-2.png Medical Residency Leonard McCoy General Hospital
2384 - 2387 T-O2.pngT-blank-2.png Counselor USS Manchester (NCC-78698)
Intrepid Class
2387 - 2388 T-O3.pngT-blank-2.png Counselor USS Bismarck (NCC-1108-C)
Sovereign Class
2388 - 2389 T-O3.pngT-blank-2.png Counselor Leonard McCoy General Hospital
2389 - Present T-O3.pngT-blank-2.png Counselor USS Hyperion (NX-7438)
Hyperion Class


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Father: Staff Sergeant Markus Feist, Retired - Currently Residing in Dresden
  • Mother: Angelina Trova-Feist - Publica Affairs Liaison, Office of the President of the United Federation of Planets
  • Sister: Marisa Feist, Senior Curator, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections)
  • Sister: Freeda Feist, PhD - Staff Psychologist, Hospital da Universidade de São Paulo (University of São Paulo Hospital)


Helena during a session.
  • Primary Education:
    • Dresden Central Academy
  • Secondary Education:
    • Dresden Horst Köhler Secondary
  • Post Secondary Education:
    • Free University of Berlin
      • Bachelors of Science in Psychology
      • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
  • Starfleet Academy:
    • Major: Medicine
      • Specialization: Psychiatry
    • Minor: Counselling
  • Linguistic Abilities:
    • Federation Standard
    • Betazed
  • Likes: Coffee, Dancing, Reading, Cooking.
  • Dislikes: Fighting, Violence, Replicated Food, Transporters.
  • Strengths: Empathic, Good Listener.
  • Weakness: Poor Marksmanship (minimum qualification only).
  • Quirks: Sleeps upside down in bed, with her feet at the head.
  • Ambitions: Obtain Command Officer Status. Have a family.
  • Hobbies: Reading, Yoga, Chess, Trying New Recipes.


  • Height: 1.70 m
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Red
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian