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The Help:Contents page is a resource for players who need assistance editing Memory Zeta articles.

General Wiki Help

We plan to improve this page over time. For now, try the MediaWiki articles for more assistance.

Formatting Rules


Memory Zeta administrators have created templates to assist users when developing articles with common themes. Users should use templates whenever available to ensure consistency across Memory Zeta. Examples include:

Go to Help:Templates for help information about creating or editing templates.


All articles should contain an introduction. An introduction is one or more sentences at the start of an article that provide a high-level overview of the article's purpose. The first sentence of the introduction should contain the title of the article in bold.

Tables of Contents

All articles with more than three headers will automatically contain a table of contents. The table helps users find the information that they are looking for quickly. Consult a Memory Zeta administrator before removing a table of contents.


All articles should be divided into logical sections using headers. Users should start with a level-two header (==) and use progressively smaller headers for progressively nested sub-sections. Header titles should be in title case, not all capitals.


It is customary to link important terms (including, but not limited to, people, places, things, ideas, and dates) within an article to the article on that term. Link the first occasion of a given term. All other occasions should not be linked. Terms in sidebars and tables may be linked on each occasion, despite linking done elsewhere in the article.


Every article on Memory Zeta should be categorized. Every category should be categorized, except Category:Memory Zeta, the root category. Articles and categories may be assigned more than one category. If you are unsure of which category to use or if you believe a new category is necessary, please contact a Memory Zeta administrator for assistance. Categories should be listed at the bottom of an article.