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Hopper Class
Classification Auxiliary Vessel
Role Civilian, Communications, Tactical Support, Transport, Tug
Shipyards Available at all yards
Production Dates 2350-present
Website DaDB site

The Hopper-class is a Sphinx-class with an attached module. Hoppers may be privately owned or corporate owned. Specifications vary with each module.


  • Anti-Grav Tank Carrier
  • Academy Training Craft
  • Civilian News
  • Civilian Transport
  • Colonial Transport
  • Diplomatic Transport
  • Engineering Transport
  • Heavy Duty Tug
  • Medical
  • Queen Bee
  • Tactical
  • Tactical Communications
  • Tactical Transport
  • Tactical Weapon


The Hopper-Class Development Project was initiated in late 2347 as a direct response to the Setlik III massacre and the following outbreak of hostilities with the Cardassian Union. After the first few planet bound engagements of the war, it became clear to Starfleet that the Cardassian forces had developed a stable form of transporter inhibitor, a technology that had until then only known to be used by the Tholian Assembly. (From ASDB)

It has become an essential workhorse for most starbases, stations and remote colony worlds. Even the developed worlds use Hoppers, though most are in Civilian or Corporate hands.


The Hopper concept is from the ASDB, Journal of Applied Technology site.

  • DS9: "Nor the Battle to the Strong"