Hyperion - The Peacekeeper

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Sometimes Peace is the cause of destruction.

Sometimes Peace is misguided.

Sometimes Peace.

As the Hyperion is ordered to have a complete decontamination procedure at the Remmler Array orbiting Akaria Three, the crew settle down to helping Lieutenant Commander Grendon celebrate his anniversary with his wife.

Festivities are cut short when explosions rip through the Akarian Base, killing many and injuring many more.

The crew come face to face with a new threat, the like they have never experienced before.

Final Mission Log

Commander Grendon
Acting Captain - USS Hyperion (NX-7438)
Stardate 66628.90

It's been three days since the initial attacks on Arkaria Station. For now at least the attacks by the being known as the Peacekeeper have stopped. The damage he has done is significant. Arkaria base is practically a loss, with less than thirty percent of the facility habitable. The Remmler Array, Starfleet's major asset in this system has been destroyed and at least one major city on Arkaria Three has been devastated. I'm told the destruction is comparable to the Halifax explosion on Earth in 1917. Having reviewed images of that period, I have to admit that there is some truth to the claim.

Final death toll has yet to be fully listed, but we know that at least eighty people on the planet and seven others from the crew are unaccounted for. Commander Behr and the majority of the command staff from Arkaria Base are to evacuated to a medical facility. The nearest is on my own homeworld, Zald. Others of the bases staff are being given transfers to Hyperion, to increase our own depleted numbers. The rest will remain here and help with the rebuilding. Newly promoted Commander Lewis will remain as temporary CO until Commander Behr returns, or another officer arrives to fill the position.

Whilst the ship is now much closer to having her full crew complement again, I find myself missing the few officers who have recently departed this vessel. Lieutenant Anna Heinz, lately our Chief Operations Officer and Lieutenant Erich Leitner, formerly our Chief Engineer, have both been assigned to ferry the cadets aboard the USS Sundance back to the Academy. With their departures Commander Harrington has once again resumed her post as Chief Operations Officer, and Commander Cassidy, whom I have heard much about since coming aboard this vessel, has returned to help restore her to full capability as her Chief Engineer.

The Hyperion is currently en-route for Zald and will arrive in five days. There we will off-load any passengers before heading for Starbase 143 and our next assignment.

Which just leaves two mysteries...The first, who was this Peacekeeper? What did he want and where did he go? Where will he strike next?

But more importantly, what happened to Captain Irvine? Why did a Starfleet ship, with blackened hull and no identifying markings take him who knows where? More importantly... when will he return?

End Log.

Player Manifest

Rank Position Name Type
R-O6.pngR-blank-2.png Commanding Officer Douglas Irvine
Played by Nigel Gillson
R-O4.pngR-blank-2.png Executive Officer Grendon
Played by Russell Elsom
Y-O5.pngY-blank-2.png Second Officer Rachel Harrington
Played by Andrea Mihalyi
T-O1.pngT-blank-2.png Science Officer Zach Rolan
Played by Katy Darrah
Y-O1.pngY-blank-2.png Security Officer Harry Stevens
Played by Graham Pallett
T-O4.pngT-blank-2.png Chief Medical Officer Brennen MacTaggart, MD
Played by James Slattery
Y-O4.pngY-blank-2.png Chief of Security/Chief Tactical Officer Jacob West
Played by Dave Patterson
Y-O3.pngY-blank-2.png Tactical Officer Johnathan Michael Peterson Jr
Played by Dallas Daniels Jr
R-O3.pngR-blank-2.png Chief CONN Officer Ilea Dickenson-Hawquyne
Played by Nigel Gillson
Y-O5.pngY-blank-2.png Chief Engineer Blake Cassidy
Played by Ander Shultis
Y-O3.pngY-blank-2.png Chief Engineer Erich Leitner
Played by Daniel Peterson
Y-O3.pngY-blank-2.png Chief Operations Officer Anna Heinz
Played by Silent Hunter
Y-O3.pngY-blank-2.png Chief Security Officer Tyr Keenan
Played by Seth Waite
T-O3.pngT-blank-2.png Counselor Patrick O'Hara
Played by Stefan Straub
R-O2.pngR-blank-2.png Chief CONN Officer Keliza Tor
Played by Chris Brittain
T-O1.pngT-blank-2.png Counselor Nik Doran, MD
Played by Sergio Antonio
T-O1.pngT-blank-2.png Medical Officer Kovak ch'Tala
Played by Jay Drysdale
T-O1.pngT-blank-2.png Medical Officer Sapphire Wiser
Played by Sam
T-O1.pngT-blank-2.png Chief Medical Officer Ryan Rose
Played by Nicole Guertin
R-O2.pngR-blank-2.png JAG Hannah Lewis
Played by Russell Elsom