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Commander Jason "Jace" Atkins
Full Name Jason Ross Atkins
Graduated Summer 2001
Fleet Position
Current Sims
Contact (Y!) jace.atkins

Commander Jason Atkins - generally known as Jace - first became involved with the USS Zealandia sim (the USS Zodiac at the time) after graduating from Tango Fleet Academy back in 2001. He served as Jacen Parami, the Chief of Security: a character that has reappeared numerous times since aboard various Sixth Fleet sims.

Over the last decade he has participated in dozens of different sims, serving as Executive Officer on a number of occasions; and has also served in several of Corps and Bureau roles. He is a qualified Instructor for Sixth Fleet Academy.

In real life he studied Quantum and Cosmological Physics at university; is a budding amateur novelist and musician; and is a fan of various other scifi genres as well: many of which he has roleplayed in elsewhere, including Star Wars, Stargate, and the Marvel Comics universe. He currently resides in London, UK.


Rank Name Status
R-O5.png Jacen Parami Inactive
T-O5.png Alexander Beckett Inactive
G-O5.png Tristan Viego Inactive ("Retired")
T-O5.png Katerina Voronkova Inactive
G-O4.png Atven Dantarno Inactive
G-E7.png Julian J. Raiden Inactive
Y-PO4.png Luka Kane Inactive
W-Blank.png Tycho Garrok Inactive (Retired)
R-O5.png Christopher Bauer Inactive (NPC)
Y-O2.png Domo S. Lucia Inactive (NPC)
T-O2.png William Scott Lee Inactive (NPC)
R-E9.png Ivan Kieleov Inactive (NPC)

Awards and Decorations


LSM2.pngOp vanq.jpgHSCM3.pngInstructor Ribbon.png

Conn Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgIntelligence Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgEngineering Expansion Course.jpgOperations Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg
Security Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgTactical Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgScience Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgMarines Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg



Jacen Parami:

Christopher Bauer:

Atven Dantarno:

Luka Kane:

Alexander Beckett:

Tristan Viego:

William Scott Lee:

Julian J. Raiden:

Training Ribbons: