Jonathan Harmon

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First Lieutenant Jonathan Harmon
Academy Graduation 2012
Command School N/A
Birthdate July 02
Location Los Angeles, California, USA
Status Active Player

Jonathan Harmon was a Sixth Fleet player between 2012 and the present.

Service Record

Jonathan Harmon joined Sixth Fleet in 2012 where he was assigned to the USS Cambrian, where he played the Human/El Aurian Marine Aviator and Commander, Air Group (CAG) Mackenzie Hopkins.

He resigned from the USS Cambrian on 06/11/2012 due to IRL Issues.

Fleet Roles

Not a member of any sims at this time.


No Active Characters at this time.

Commendations and Ribbons


Marines Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgIntelligence2 Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg