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Ensign Keliza Tor
Position Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Hyperion (NX-7438)
Affiliation Federation Starfleet
Alias Keliza, Keli, Kel
Born 14 April 2359
Gheryzan, Eastern Region, Trill
Species Trill
Gender Female
Height 1.62 m (5'4")
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)
Hair, Eyes Black, Dark Brown
Complexion Ebony Black
Physique Average "Curvy"
Father Marlarti Gratice
Mother Tula Gratice
Sibling(s) Joffliz Gratice
Marital Status Single
Significant Other None
Children None
Out of Character Information
Status Player Character
Sim USS Hyperion
Played by Chris Brittain
Actor [ ]

Ensign Keliza Tor is the Chief Flight Control Officer aboard the USS Hyperion (NX-7438). She joined the crew in 2389 after a period away from StarFleet on Trill where she underwent the joining process and became host to the Tor symbiont. This is her first position in the primary command team onboard a Starship having been the Assistant Flight Control Office aboard the USS Amsterdam prior to its destruction in 2388 while under seige from Tholian rebels.



Keliza Tor was born on Trillius Prime to Marlati and Tula Gratice. Neither of her parents are joined, choosing to live life without opting for a symbiont. Her Father, Marlati is an artist, inspired by his time in the inter-species conflict. Her Mother, Tula works for the Trill government as a minister responsible for the transport network across the planet. They are a somewhat rare couple with her Father being of the 'ridged sub-species' and her mother from the primary Trill genome. Keliza has taken on her mother's attributes as is common when the two types of Trill interbreed and she has no issues in using transporters.

She was brought up in Gheryzan in the tropical Eastern region of Trillius Prime. Her older brother by two years, Joffliz was extremely adventurous from a young age and Keliza would join him on overnight hikes, cavern explorations and generally things which annoyed and worried both their parents. She grew up with a firey and independant nature taking an independant passion in politics and civil rights from her Father. If there was an arugment to be had, Keliza was leading the fight on one side or the other. She was precocious and comfortable with her sexuality, having her first serious girlfriend at thirteen and numerous other boyfriends and girlfriends in her last years at school.

It was when she got her first jungle explorer at fifteen that Keliza realised a love for driving which matched that of walking. She finished school and was tempted to take a job with the transport services to work on improving the network alongside her mother but her flying skills were spotted while on holiday to Earth and it was recommended she consider a role with Starfleet.

Her Father was concerned about the militaristic nature of Starfleet since the Dominion war and, influenced by his own experience in fighting, tried to persuade her to consider another path but bouyed by the encouragement of her brother who had taken a role at the Trill embassey on Qo'noS, she signed up and took the entrence exam in 2379. She scraped a pass on the written tests but excellent in the practical and began her training. It was in her second year, that she met Yvonne Davis who worked in a San Franciscan restaurant. Their relationship was somewhat on-again, off-again due to Keliza's intense nature but, by the time she graduated, they were deeply in love. After a one year cadet cruise, Keliza was brought aboard the USS Amsterdam, an exploration vessel in 2385 and after long discussion, she persuaded Yvonne to join her as a civilian passenger. They got engaged six months later and planned to have the Captain marry them during the next period of shore leave.

In 2386, the USS Amsterdam was destroyed in a brutal conflict with Tholian rebels which led to the tragic deaths of 129 crewmembers and 43 civilians including Yvonne Davis despite Keliza's valient attempts to save her. She worked back at the academy as a flight instructor for two years while dealing with her grief for the loss of her fianceé before returning to Trill and confessing to her parents that, years before, she had submitted her name and taken the exams to become a host. The Tor symbiont had recently been matched to her and she had accepted. After the procedure and changing her name, she remained on Trill for a year, taking all the statutory leave available.

Service Record

Keliza excelled at the academy in flight, computer programming and politics. She enlisted in the diplomatic program too but was often criticised for being too opinionated and dropped out before the module's completion. She had made her decision early on to focus on piloting however and was rewarded for her dedication with a position shadowing the CFCO on a Sovreign-Class starship, the USS Archer as part of her cadet cruise. Returned with glowing marks, the assignment to the USS Amsterdam as a Flight Control Officer came from recommendations from several of her tutors and two Starfleet Captains.

The ship did not even complete it's first year out of spacedock before being lured into a Tholian rebel trap while trying to rescue the last remaining inhabitants of a dying world. While attempting to escape the Tholian energy web, one of the attacking ships made a suicide run for one of the warp necells causing the core to overload and begin to breach. With hull losing integrity, the Captain ordered an evacuation with himself and the XO remaining on the bridge to buy the crew time and destabilise the web. Keliza disobeyed orders, heading first to her quarters where she found Yvonne unconcious. She was unable to rescue her before the hull gave way, sending her fianceé's body into outerspace. She did manage to rescue the children of a dead marine on her way towards one of the last remaining escape pods and, just seconds before the ship exploded, she activated the warp jump to meet the other survivers in a friendly star system.

The black-box recording showed her skills at the CONN during the crisis to be exemplary and in light her actions in the final minutes of trying to save Yvonne and, inadvertantly saving the children saw her awarded a commendation for bravery despite going against her Captain's last command. She requested to remain on Earth as an instructor, wanting some time before journeying into space once more and to mourn with Yvonne's family.

Admiral Grechin, who had tutored her during her last year had almost persuaded her to take role onboard the USS Tai-Pei when she was contacted by Trill about the available symbiont and she made a deal that she could have the full years leave and at the end, she would join whichever starship he felt was appropriate. Eleven months later in 2389, he sent her a message saying that the USS Hyperion (NX-7438) was looking for a CFCO and she was top of his list.

Dates Rank Position Assignment
2380-2384 R-C4.png Cadet Starfleet Academy
2384-2385 R-FO1.png Cadet USS Archer (Cadet Cruise)
2385-2386 R-FO1.png Ensign USS Amsterdam
2386-2388 R-FO1.png Ensign Starfleet Academy Flight School
2388-2389 R-FO1.png Ensign(LOA) Leave of Absence, Trillius Prime
2389-Present R-FO1.png Ensign USS Hyperion (NX-7438)

Personal Records

Personality Profile

Keliza Tor is passionate, argumentative and fiercly loyal to her friends and those she serves with. She is never happier than we engaged in heated debate, especially over a drink but heas learnt to be more accepting of other points of view and even, on the rare occasion, change her mind. She has a good sense of humour but, since joining with the Tor symbiont has struggled with the personalities of other hosts and of the dark parts of her own past that the symbiont has brought back to the fore.


Keliza went through her primary, secondary and tertiary education in Gheryzan on Trillius Prime, achieving good results in most of her subjects. She was never strong with a skill for languages but speaks the primary Trill dialect, English and Federation Standard. Federation Standard.


Her parents, Marlati and Tula met when her Father was being arrested in the final weeks of the inter-species conflict on Trill. He had intentionally defaced several government offices including her own. As a proponent for an equal Trill society, Tula found the defacement somewhat amusing as she didn't believe it would have any effect. She asked him on a date after he made her laugh with his impassioned and humorous defence of his actions and they fell in love. When marriage between the sub-species and the primary Trill race was legalised, they were one of the first couples to be offcially recognised.

Her brother Joffliz has worked for a decade in the Trill embassed on Qo'noS and has become well respected by the Klingon High Council.

Medical Records

Medical Profile

Since the joining, Keliza has suffered from extreme "flashbacks", mainly of her own life brought on by the symbiont. While she is usually able to end them quickly, they have struck her regulary and she is still working to lessen their intensity through medition and communing directly with Tor.

Psychological Profile

Keliza went through a period of moderate depression after the death of her fianceé and was medicated for a time to alleviate the anxiety attacks in the wake of the destruction of the USS Amsterdam. She still has regular counselling sessions but has not needed chemical support for over two years and is considered complete psychologically stable.

Commendations and Ribbons

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