Ken Mace

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Captain Ken Mace
Name: Ken Mace

Commanding Officer,
USS Omar Khayyam
Race: 3/4 Human/ 1/4 Centauran
Birthdate: 2351
Homeworld Centaurus, (Alpha Centauri IV)
Status Player Character
Played by Kreg Asay
Affiliation Mandukar Moonbase
Actor None

Captain Ken Mace is the Commanding Officer of the USS Omar Khayyam, a Oberth-class vessel assigned to the Farlong Reefs sector.


Family History: After the USS Bozeman disappeared in 2278, a mere month after her marriage to then Lt. Jg. Steven Mace his (assumed) widow, Tanya found that she was pregnant. Opting not to marry again she moved from Earth to Alpha Centauri IV and raised her son alone, she rarely mentioned Steven to her son other than that he was a Starfleet officer and was lost in the line of duty. She died in 2315.

Steven Jr. was gifted in Engineering, and trained in Terraforming at a prestigious Centauran academy. He met and married a Centauran artist, Dana Anadal in 2299 and had only 1 child, a son they named Jascar born in 2308. The "Mace Family" history was rarely mentioned in the household. Steven Jr. died in a terraforming accident on Pi Andromeda VI in 2340. His widow Dana followed him in death in 2345.

Jascar followed his father's talents and became an engineer, specializing in Structural Engineering building civilian spacecraft. He met and married a Terran woman, Michelle Vera in 2338, and had 3 children. Jascar knows little about his family history, only that his grandfather was in Starfleet at some point.

Personal History:
Ken was the youngest of his family, and was a studious child. From an early age he was very interested in learning about his past even though there was little information his parents could give. During his teens he read over his grandfather, and great-grandmother's remaining writings to discover anything he could, but there was still little to go on - the biggest clue he found was that his great grandfather, Steven Mace was an officer on the USS Bozeman that was lost in 2278 somewhere in the Typhon Expanse.

Wanting to follow in his ancestor's footsteps he applied to Starfleet, and was accepted on his first attempt due to his mathematic ability. During his first year at the academy he was studying Federation History, preparing a paper on the Aurelian race. He read about a recently discovered link between the Aurelians and what may be their ancient homeworld at Eta Tauri. The report was filed by the Sector Commanding Officer of Starfleet named (then) Rear Admiral Steven Mace! First thinking it was a coincidence, he began investigating on his own over the next few years at the academy. By the end of his 4th year he knew without a doubt that now retired VAdm. Steven Mace had to be his lost Great-grandfather! He notified his parents, but due to the great distance to Eta Tauri they were only able to learn that Steven had retired from Starfleet and as such they were unable to send a message to him since his last location was only listed as Eta Tauri system.

After graduation Ken was assigned to the USS T'Leu, a support tender operating within the UFP core region. He was given little opportunity to find out any more about his Great-grandfather. After nearly a year on the T'Leu he requested a transfer to a ship in the outer edge of the Federation hoping to get closer to Eta Tauri and get the opportunity to find out more. His transfer was finally approved and he was assigned to the USS Saturn operating out of Starbase Farreach in the Bellatrix system.

Ken finally met his Great-grandfather in 2375 while on shoreleave from the USS Saturn. Taking a transport vessel to the Eta Tauri system he discovered Steven Mace had retired to a moon of the 4th planet in the system. The aging Admiral welcomed his descendant, and received the news of his long-lost family back among the Federation Core. As Ken's shoreleave ended, Steven used his private Runabout to return the him to the USS Saturn, and promised to keep in touch with his family.

In 2377 Ken transferred to the Regula Shipyards at Alpha Leonis as a Computer Specialist. The experience of working at a shipyard was well worth leaving the frontier, but just short of a decade he once again longed for travel among the stars.

A small Oberth-class refit came available in 2385, and Ken boldly approached the Admiralty to request transfer. He was granted the position of Captain of the USS Omar Khayyam.

Starfleet Service Record

2372-2374 Y-O1.pngY-blank-2.png Asst. Chief Operations USS T'Leu
2374-2377 Y-O3.pngY-blank-2.png Chief of Operations USS Saturn
2377-2386 Y-O5.pngY-blank-2.png Computer Specialist Regula Shipyard
2386-present R-O6.pngR-blank-2.png Commanding Officer USS Omar Khayyam (NCC-8895)

Personal Records

  • Physique/Build/Frame: Tall/Thin
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Light tan
  • Distinguishing Marks: None


  • Primary: Nyrian public school #4. Excelled in music and mathematics.
  • Secondary: Centauran Academy at Avara. Advanced study in Mathematics, Music, Art and Logic.
  • Starfleet Academy: Graduated in middle 3rd of class.
  • 2369 (Year 1) excelled in Algebra, Flight Control/Astrogation, Physics, Admin. Procedures, Computer Theory, Logistics.
  • 2370 (Year 2) excelled in Resource Management, Operations (shipboard), Electrical Engineering, Galactic Relations.
  • 2371 (Year 3) excelled in Advanced Computer Programming, Advanced Astrogation, Material Engineering,
  • 2372 (Year 4) excelled in Departmental Coordination, Advanced Transporter Operation, Advanced Navagation Operation, Stellar Cartography.

Marital Status: Single

  • Great-grandfather: Vice Admiral Steven Mace (residing on Eta Tauri IVe lunar colony).
  • Great-grandmother: Tanya Apollo Mace - deceased. (marriage lasted only a month before Steven's ship, the USS Bozeman was assumed lost in the Typhon Expanse).
  • Grandfather: Steven Mace Jr. - deceased. (Terraforming Engineer)
  • Grandmother: Dana Anadal Mace - deceased. (Centauran Sculptor)
  • Mother: Michelle Vera Mace (Musician)
  • Father: Jascar Mace (Structural Engineer)
  • Brother (older): Daniel Mace
  • Sister (older): Dana Mace

Special Abilities: None


  • Growing up in a desert continent on Centaurus, he adapts to hot temperatures quickly.
  • Musical ability (from mother), can play keyboard instruments, stringed (guitar, lute, lyre and related) instruments, percussion instruments, wind (flute and related) instruments, brass (trumpet and related) instruments.
  • Amateur artist (sculpting)
  • Mathematics, since music is very mathematic in it's nature it was an easy transition to understand math.


  • Due to desert heritage, temperatures below 70 F cause him feel chilly, much lower and he will need extra layers of clothing!
  • Dislikes hand-held weapons, but will use to defend self.


  • Playing music (not merely listening - actually playing!)
  • Vulcan logic, the very concept of thinking through a problem.


  • The notion of act first, think later.
  • Clutter!


  • Tends to be very tidy in everything.
  • Arranges furniture to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Often over-analyzes problems.


  • Collecting instruments from various cultures.
  • Studying old maps.
  • Family History.


  • To find his long-lost gret-grandfather.
  • To learn how to play 1000 different instruments.


  • Centauran, Federation Standard, Vulcan (learned at SFA)

Medical Records

Psychology Report: Ken is well-adjusted, but can tend to get fixated about little details. He is obsessive about missing pieces of his family history, and this manifests itself physically in organizing his surroundings to great detail. If he is able to fill in those pieces this obsession may resolve or become a compulsion, if not it could develop into a mania. CDR T'val, Psychologist, Star Fleet Medical 2372

Commendations and Ribbons