Kendrick Fox

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Kendrick Fox
Full Name Kendrick Fox
Alias(es) Ken
Position Judge Advocate General
Species Human Male
Born July 10, 1965

Apparent age early 50's

Homeworld Mesa, Arizona SOL III
Status Player Character
Played by Kreg Asay
Affiliation USS Avalon (NCC-76262-A)
Actor None

Kendrick Fox is a human JAG Officer currently assigned to the Farlong Reefs, at the Mandukar Moonbase.


<Original bio lost. Brief Excerpt recreated below>

Ken Fox was born in the south western USA during a turbulent period of Earth's history. Around age 20 he enlisted in the US Navy, and was assigned to the USS Enterprise in San Francisco. He was injured onboard during an odd incident involving a suspected Russian spy who boarded the vessel with an accomplice. The Russian was injured and taken to the a nearby hospital, his accomplice was never found.

Many years later after Ken had retired from the Navy, he was driving in rural Arizona and witnessed an 18-wheel 'semi' being attacked by an unusual aircraft. When approaching to see if the driver needed medical help he hit a piece of debris in the road and crashed. His injuries were too severe and he was taken to the nearest hospital and put into a medically induced coma. As per his prior wishes, his comatose body was placed into a cryogenic chamber to be revived later.

A massive earthquake in California collapsed the building which held his, and 49 other chambers in a deep sub-basement. Due to the extensive damage the sub-basement was not excavated, but merely covered over with other debris. The site remained for nearly 400 years.

A team of archeologists broke through to the mostly intact sub-basement in the late 2350's and found that all but 10 of the cryo-chambers had either been destroyed or had power failure. The 10 survivors were revived and treated for their injuries and conditions before being informed where - and when the were now. Several of the survivors couldn't cope with the news and took their own lives soon after.

Ken embraced the new challenge and started learning about how the world had changed. He eventually joined Starfleet as part of the Diplomatic Corps, and in 2372 was assigned to the Galaxy-class USS Pegasus (NCC-53847-B).

After 2 years of studying federation law, and receiving his JAG certification Ken transferred to the USS Cambrian in 2374 as both Diplomatic / JAG Officer. He remained with the ship for one year until being assigned as JAG to the newly designated Starbase Tango at Eta Tauri.

He would remain at the starbase until 2387 when he was again reassigned to start a JAG office in the new Farlong Reefs sector.



Physical Appearance
Physique/Build/Frame: Slim
Weight: 135 lbs
Height: 5' 10"
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown / Gray
Skin Tone: Pale Tan
Distinguishing Marks: None evident


  • Marital Status: Single
  • No surviving relations

Special Abilities


  • Aging gracefully as possible, finds that he can't be quite as active as he once was.


  • Whiskey sours, reading historical documents, looking at old maps/charts.


  • Close-minded people


  • Federation Standard, a smattering of Romulan, Vulcan and Klingon (but not enough to really communicate)


  • Collects old maps and old Terran books.


  • To survive each day as it comes.


  • Often wears old thread-bare cardigan sweater in his office (and when off-duty).