Lynette Ryan

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Commander Lynette Ryan
Full Name Lynette Ryan
Alias(es) None
Position Assistant Chief Engineer
Species Human Female
Born 27th September 2363
Homeworld Australia Earth
Status Player Character
Played by Phillip Wright
Affiliation USS Cambrian (NCC-74986-A)
Actor Sabrina Lloyd


Lynette Ryan was born on September 27th 2363 on Earth in the city of Melbourne. She is the only child to Harrison & Elizabeth Ryan. Both of her parents worked as Groundskeepers at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens and it was there hope that she would follow in their interests. This was not to be however.

Lynette as a child always had an innane fascination on how things worked. She would take things apart (much to her parents dismay) and put them back together. In primary education she was complimented as having gifted hands and if given the proper dedication could be a legendary artist. Her parents tried to encourage this, but again she held no interest in learning art.

In her Secondary education, Lynette continued to apply herself to her childhood fascination of engineering studies. Though her teenage years did not go quite smoothly and her attitude in school was not the best. On her school record she had marks of truancies, disrepecting authority, fights with other students. In her troubled teenage years though she developed another passion for flying through her boyfriend at the time and in turn sparked an interest to voyage out into the stars.

Her interest in Starfleet and seeing the galaxy grew and grew from this and after graduating (barely) from school she applied for Starfleet and into engineering. Much alike her secondary school years, Lynette got into trouble and clashed with her instructors. In the end though she was determined to show her skills and applied herself to her studies and graduated with honors in 2386.

In late 2386, Lynette was assigned to Utopia Planitia Shipyards as an engineer completing work on the USS Arion. This was not what she had intended grounded in one spot. She wanted to see the galaxy and once the Arion was completed she requested a transfer to a starship.

In Mid 2387, The transfer request was accepted and Lynette Ryan was assigned to the Nebula Class, USS Cambrian.

Starfleet Service Record

2383 Y-C1.pngYC-blank-2.png Engineering Cadet 1st Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2384 Y-C2.pngYC-blank-2.png Engineering Cadet 2nd Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2385 Y-C3.pngYC-blank-2.png Engineering Cadet 3rd Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2386 Y-C4.pngYC-blank-2.png Engineering Cadet 4th Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2386-2387 Y-O1.pngY-blank-2.png Engineer Utopia Planitia Shipyards
2387 Y-O1.pngY-blank-2.png Assistant Chief Engineer USS Cambrian

Personal Records

FATHER: Harrison Ryan, Groundskeeper, Melbourne Botanical Gardens, Earth
MOTHER: Elizabeth Ryan, Groundskeeper, Melbourne Botanical Gardens, Earth

LIKES: Flying, Thrill & Adventure
DISLIKES: Boredom, Quietness
STRENGTHS: Quick Learner
WEAKNESS: Can be disrespectful at authority when she disagrees.
TALENTS: Engineering & Piloting
LIMITATIONS: Impulsive, Takes Risks
HOBBIES: Flying, Singing, Badminton
AMBITIONS: To seek thrill and adventure. To live life to her fullest and explore the galaxy.

SPEAK: Federation Standard
READ: Federation Standard
WRITE: Federation Standard


Place of Birth - Melbourne, Australia, EARTH
Identifying Mark - None
Height - 5' 7"
Weight- 65kgs
Build- Slim Build

MEDICAL FILE EXCERPT From Starfleet Academy Medical

Several notations of bone fractures requiring repair from Lynette's extra-cirrcular activies. Several recommendations made to change lifestyle to prevent further injury. Recommendations ignored.

COLLECTED PERSONALITY PROFILE From Starfleet Academy and Utopia Planitia Records

Lynette Ryan is a troublesome individual who is hot-headed and impulsive. She speaks her mind and clashes with authority at times if she feels she is right. Lynette has a wild streak and is excited by danger. Through her personality faults she applies herself extremely well and is a fast learner. Although her intructors and supervisors have found her to be too assertive and noted problems with her attitude they have commended her on her excellent work.

Future CO's are to be wary of Ms. Ryan and take care when dealing with her.

Commendations and Ribbons