Marines Positions

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Marines are the ground troops for Starfleet, aboard vessels or other installations they may also augment the Air Corps and Security teams as needed.

Platoon Commander (M-CO)

The Platoon Commander is responsible for all the Marine personnel assigned to the base. He/she is often required to take command of any special ground operations and liaise such actions with security. The Platoon Commander ensures that all Marines under him are trained and prepared at all times for emergencies. This includes overseeing training maneuvers, and drills when needed. The Platoon Commander reports to the XO.

Asst. Platoon Commander (M-XO)

The Assistant Platoon Commander works like any Asst. Department head, removing some of the work load from the Platoon Commander and if the need arises taking on the role of Platoon Commander. He/she overseas the regular duties of the Marines, from regular drills to equipment training, assignment and supply request to the ship/facility's Materials Officer. The Platoon XO reports to the Platoon Commander.

Platoon Aide-de-Camp (M-ADC)

This post is held by the highest rated NCO in the marine Platoon, but must have had experience commanding a Squad, and achieved the minimal rate of Gunnery Sergeant. His/her duties are to assign, co-ordinate, and supervise training of personnel within in each Squad. The Aide-de-Camp also provides additional training to NCO's who wish to hold Command positions (Asst. Squad Leader and Squad Leader). The Aide-de-Camp maintains communications between the Quartermaster, and ensures that all Officer and Marines in the Squads perform to proper Starfleet protocol. Reports directly to the Platoon XO.

Squad Leader (M-SL)

Squad Leaders are responsible for the welfare of all Marines under his/her command in a Squad. The Squad Leader Position is open to any Officer rank, or any NCO with a rate of Sergeant. He/she is required to lead and command the Squad in and out of Combat, provide training for the Squad both physically and mentally, maintain order and discipline. Squad Leaders report to the Aide-de-Camp, or Platoon XO.

Asst. Squad Leader (M-ASL)

The Asst. Squad leader is responsible for overseeing the implementing of orders from the Squad Leader. It may be held by any Marine Officer rank or NCO rate. The Asst. Squad Leader reports to the Squad Leader.

Rifleman (RMN)

The Rifleman is sometimes referred to as the grunt. They are the field troops and the backbone of the Marines. Riflemen are required to follow orders, and think on his/her feet if needed. They report to the Asst. Squad Leader.

Munitions Expert (M-ME)

A Marine Infantryman may undergo additional training to specialize in a specific area. Explosives and hand weapons are the working tools of the Marines. The Munitions Expert is the person to ask when specialized applications are needed. The Munitions Expert is skilled in identifying, and providing information on any weapon. There is usually one per Platoon. The Munitions Expert reports to the Asst. Squad Leader.

Communication's Expert (M-CE)

A Marine Infantryman may undergo additional training to specialized in a specific area. When a Squad is sent into combat, or any form of away mission requiring a split up in the team, the Communications Expert must co-ordinate and maintain an accurate position reference for the away team. This individual is also responsible for passing out orders and commands to the away team if they are not in close contact. There is normally one per Squad. COMM Experts report to the Asst. Squad Leader.

Marine Squadron Leader (SQL)

The Squadron Leader may be either Officer or NCO, and commands a Squadron of small defensive fighters. The Squadron Leader must provide training for his/her Squadron both physically and mentally as well as maintain order and discipline. The Squadron leader generally reports to the Naval Asst. Wing Commander. Any Officer may hold this position, but NCO's must have a min. rate of Sergeant.

Asst. Marine Squadron Leader (ASQL)

Asst. to the Squadron Leader, responsible for overseeing the implementing of orders from the Squadron Leader. May be held by any Marine rank or NCO rate.

Marine Fighter Pilot (FPIL)

Specialized pilot trained in combat techniques. Also familiar with standard shuttles and runabouts. Answers to Asst. Marine Squadron Leader. May be held by any Officer or NCO.