Matt Antrobus

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Rear Admiral Matt Antrobus
Academy Graduation 11/06/2000
Command School 27/02/2002
Birthdate Undetermined
Location England
Contact Pending
Status Active Player

Rear Admiral Matt Antrobus was a Sixth Fleet player between 2005 and the present.

Service Record

Matt Antrobus is a Sixth Fleet player. He currently portrays Master Chief Petty Officer Kheyl, the ACEO on the USS Lancelot.

Fleet Roles

Dates Rank Position Assignment
2011-2013 R-A2.png Sixth Fleet Academy Commandant Executive Staff
2011-2013 R-A2.png Senator Fleet Command Senate
2011-2013 Y-E9.png Player USS Lancelot
2012-2013 Y-E7.png Player USS Pegasus


Dates Rank Name Position Assignment Status
2007-2011 Y-E7.png Kurak Engineers Mate USS Pegasus (NCC-53847-E) Active PC
2011-Present Y-E9.png Kheyl Assistant Chief Engineer USS Lancelot (NCC-74410) Active PC
2011-Present Y-E7.png Hon'tihl Boatswain Command School Service Active PC

Commendations & Ribbons


COD.pngHOE.pngCOH.pngLSM3.png SSTAR.pngSFC.png

CommandSRibbon.pngEngineering Expansion Course.jpgSenior Instructor Ribbon.pngIns5Cadet.png