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Lieutenant Commander Matt Carlson
Academy Graduation 2001
Command School N/A
Birthdate April
Location Nebraska, USA
Contact bringmeaslab (at) yahoo (dot) com
Status Active Player

Lieutenant Commander Matt Carlson has been a Sixth Fleet player from 2011 to the present. He works at a bookstore, has a wonderful girlfriend, and spends most of his free time reading.

Service Record

Matt joined Tango Fleet in 2001. After graduating from Tango Fleet Academy as an enlisted crewmember, he played on the USS Lancelot as Petty Officer Bejal Tarin, the captain's yeoman. For a few months, he also played Corporal Feared-by-Pirates, a Kzinti marine assigned to the USS Casey. Matt continued to play on the Lancelot through 2002, earning the rate of Senior Chief Petty Officer. He also worked on the staff of Comlink, the Tango Fleet Newsletter. He took a brief hiatus from simming before returning to the USS Lancelot in 2003, playing Lieutenant Tarin as the ship's Chief Intelligence Officer. He discontinued simming in Tango Fleet later that year, due to the shenanigans of a certain infamous former Commander-in-Chief.

In January of 2011, Matt rejoined Sixth Fleet to participate in the relaunch of the USS Lancelot. He reprised the role of Lieutenant Bejal Tarin, and, a few months later, added the character of Lieutenant Gared Wir on Starbase 418, which became Outpost Sierra VI later that year. In April of 2012, he was awarded the Order of Meritorious Service by Commander-in-Chief Brett Gann, an unexpected (and probably undeserved) recognition he felt honored to receive.

Fleet Roles

Dates Rank Position Assignment
2011-Present R-O4.png Player USS Lancelot, Outpost Sierra VI
2012-Present R-O4.png Chief of Creative Resouces Department of Creative Resources
2012-Present R-O4.png Senator by Mandate Fleet Command Senate


Dates Rank Name Position Assignment Status
2011-Present R-O3.png Bejal Tarin Chief Intelligence Officer USS Lancelot (NCC-74410) Active PC
2011-Present T-O4.png Gared Wir Chief Science Officer Outpost Sierra VI Active PC
2011-Present G-E8.png Jacob Greene Bartender/Retired Marine USS Lancelot (NCC-74410) Active NPC

Commendations and Ribbons