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Lieutenant Commander Michael Lancaster is the current Chief Operations Officer and Second Officer aboard the starship Lancelot. He is a young, capable officer with a history of service on science and exploratory vessels. He is noted for his talent at resource management and expertise with starship electronics, though also for his somewhat-prickly personality.

Michael Lancaster
Full Name: Michael Alexander Lancaster
Position: Chief Operations Officer & Second Officer
Simulation: USS Lancelot
Species/Gender: Human Male
Birthdate: November 6, 2360 [Age: 28]
Birth Place Seattle, Washington, North American Continent
Homeworld Earth
Status Player Character
Played by User:David Giovagnoli
Actor Chace Crawford

Personal History

Michael was born on Earth in Seattle, Washington, on Earth's cosmopolitan North American continent. His parents were both academics, so he was afforded one of the best educations available to any Federation citizen, being enrolled in the Seattle Magnate Classical Academy. Because he was an only child and because his parents were frequently traveling to various conferences and colloquia, he developed a rather independent sort of personality as a small child. This persisted into his school years, where he favored books and studying to playing with children his age.

Because of his devotion to academics, he easily made the best marks in his school, and was earmarked for Starfleet service. Though he had the choice of any number of academic offerings, he chose Starfleet because it offered him the opportunity to explore other planets, and to be among the best of the best in the Federation; it was widely known that only the very brightest would ever receive an appointment to Starfleet Academy itself. After easily passing the admissions tests, he matriculated to Starfleet Academy in the Fall of 2378, the same year in which the starship Voyager was escorted back victoriously to Earth.

Lancaster at his parents' in Seattle.
Lancaster at home in Seattle.

The Academy was a bit of a culture shock for him, as he was simply not used to dealing with so many people. While he had been able to force isolation on himself in high school, he was unable to at the academy due to the leadership training requirements. He coped, but he did so by developing a fierce wit and employing his intelligence in a rather direct, abrupt style with his peers. This was perceived as arrogance, but it was really a sort of coping mechanism for his self-doubts. While he knew he was smart, he was very unsure of himself in other areas, such as physical fitness and socialization, despite the fact that he was handsome.

This came to a head in 2380, when he was supervising a quartet of underclassmen Marine cadets who were installing bleachers for a concert at the Academy Pavilion in the fall. His condescension earned him a fierce beating from the four Marines, causing him to develop a lasting resentment towards the entire branch. Because he had no real evidence, no one was ever convicted for the assault, but he did learn that it was sometimes better to hold his tongue, rather than offer suggestions on how others might better themselves.

His real talent for numbers and efficiency was realized at the academy, where he received training in both science and engineering, in addition to starship flight training, earmarking him for duty as a bridge Operations Manager. By the time he graduated, he was able to calculate the variables necessary to take a ship into warp in his head, and had most of Starfleet's regulations memorized.

His first posting out of the academy was to the Nova-class surveyor Sagan, which was deployed on a three year exploratory mission in the Beta Quadrant. Because of the small crew, he was made Chief Operations Officer, despite the fact that he only held the rank of Ensign. He served well in this position, and received many commendations for efficiency, but his tendency towards condescension and sarcasm began resurfacing. In the third year of the mission, he was promoted to Lieutenant, J.G.

Once the Sagan returned, he was reassigned to the USS Intrepid, the class prototype, again as Chief Operations Officer. The ship was mainly assigned to ferry important dignitaries between Earth and other Federation worlds, because of her high top speed. At this posting, he further honed his talents for dealing with many different problems at once, and began to develop slightly better personal skills with the larger crew that came along with the Intrepid.

In 2387, he was assigned to the USS Lancelot, as Chief Operations Officer. While finishing shore leave and awaiting the start of his new position on the ship, he had a romantic encounter with Captain James Smith, the Commanding Officer of the Lancelot, before either of them realized their respective roles. This made for an awkward start to his tenure on the ship, and was compounded with rather serious personal problems that developed between him and the Marine Detachment Commanding Officer, and Chief Engineering Officer, though the difficulties with the latter were eventually resolved. He demonstrated his skill by properly diverting power to keep the ship's "borrowed" cloaking device online.

After a dangerous combat mission into Romulan space to rescue the USS Omaha, he began to find his place in his new crew, as they were deployed to assist a plague-stricken Romulan colony. He was assigned to repair and operate a waste treatment facility on the planet's surface -- an assignment that he did not relish.

At the conclusion of his second mission aboard the Lancelot, the ship enjoyed a period of shore leave on Deep Space Eight, where he began to cultivate a romance with one of the ship's new nurses, Lieutenant J.G. Jacob Sheppard, with whom he'd shared a few dates during the vessel's previous visit to the space station. This reunion was cut short, when the senior staff, apart from Lancaster, absconded on a classified mission, which Lancaster was ordered to stop.

Lancaster assumed command of the USS Lancelot, for a short period of time, while working to apprehend Captain Smith and the rest of the senior staff, which he eventually did, while in possession of an experimental Federation runabout. With the crew being acquitted, he resumed his previous role.

In 2388, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and became Second Officer, in addition to his role as Chief Operations Officer.


2376 - International Baccalaureate Diploma - Seattle Classical Magnate Academy
2378 - Associate of Liberal Arts - Seattle Classical Magnate Academy
2382 - Bachelor of Science - Astrophysics & Quantum Electrodynamics
2386 - Master of Science - Quantum Electrodynamics

Michael Lancaster was educated at a Classical Magnate Academy in Seattle, where he was exposed to the traditional Liberal Arts of Western Civilization on Earth, including the classical languages, music, art, science, rhetoric, and literature. At age 16, he completed the requirements for a high school diploma, and by age 18 he attained an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts, before applying to Starfleet Academy.

While at Starfleet Academy, he studied both in Science and in Engineering, as his eventual career path was in Operations, and he attained degrees in both Astrophysics and Quantum Electrodynamics. He wrote a graduate thesis in Quantum Electrodynamics, which laid the groundwork for further advances in quantum computing and power distribution in small-scale electronic applications. This theoretical knowledge gives him expert-level competence in nearly every starship-based electronic and computational instrument.

Starfleet Service Jacket

Starfleet Career Summary

As a Cadet, Lancaster was noted as being extremely intelligent, but also incredibly reserved in social situations by his instructors and peer leaders. When forced to interact with other cadets, these traits manifested in an arrogance designed to avoid too much socialization, but his personality profile was not particularly abnormal for students of his age and background. He was commended several times for his academic work, and maintained a perfect grade point average during his tenure at Starfleet Academy, and proved to be a proficient member of the Academy Track and Field Team, winning the Academy Marathon as a sophomore.

In his sophomore year, Cadet Lancaster was assaulted by four unknown beings, though no substantial evidence was found, and the cadet declined to testify in the case.

During his midshipman cruise during the Summer between his third and fourth years, he was assigned to the starship Republic as Cadet Chief Operations Officer, in recognition of his extremely high aptitude scores. Though he was shown to dislike socialization, he managed to maintain the necessary communication skills to direct others efficiently, albeit in a rather curt manner.

Upon graduation as an Ensign, he was posted to the Sagan as Chief Operations Officer, for the ship's mission to the Beta Quadrant, under Captain Knox. He received several commendations for efficiency in this posting, and the vessel's small crew made it easier for him to fit into the social dynamic. While aboard the science vessel, he worked towards finishing graduate coursework and a thesis on Quantum Electrodynamics, the same field that he specialized in as an undergraduate cadet for the engineering portion of his degree.

Lancaster was also either a part in or the leader of several landing party missions of both an exploratory and engineering nature, helping with missions ranging from planetary and stellar surveys to humanitarian and law enforcement endeavors. At the conclusion of that vessel's three year mission, he was promoted to Lieutenant, J.G. and assigned to the Intrepid, which was mainly assigned to courier and patrol missions within Federation space. After two years of satisfactory service in that role, he was promoted to full Lieutenant.

Lancaster on leave.
Lancaster on leave.

In 2387, he was transferred to the Lancelot, a Nebula-class starship, due to his proficiency at operations. He was again commended for efficiency, but had significant difficulties integrating himself among the already well-established crew, coming into conflict specifically with the Marine Detachment Commanding Officer and Chief Engineering Officer, on several occasions.

He participated in a number of classified missions during his time on the vessel, including a cloaked mission to rescue the Omaha from Romulan space, and then a humanitarian mission to a colony world of that empire. At the conclusion of that second mission, he alone of the senior staff rejected an invitation from Captain Smith to become part of an illegal expedition to exact vengeance from a Federation terrorist group, and was forced to take command of the Lancelot and pursue the rest of the senior officers.

He was successful in doing so, though the other officers did not face a general court martial, and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, assuming the additional duty of Second Officer, in recognition for his successful handling of general starship business, with the absence of command staff.

Starfleet Service Chronology

Years Rank Position Unit/Command
2378-2379 R-C1.png Cadet, First Year Starfleet Academy
2379-2380 R-C2.png Cadet, Second Year Starfleet Academy
2380-2381 Y-C3.png Cadet, Third Year Starfleet Academy
2381 Y-C3.png Trainee Operations Officer USS Republic
2381-2382 Y-C4.png Cadet, Fourth Year Starfleet Academy
2382-2385 Y-O1.png Chief Operations Officer USS Sagan
2385-2387 Y-O2.png Chief Operations Officer USS Intrepid
2387-2388 Y-O3.png Chief Operations Officer USS Lancelot
2388 Y-O3.png Acting Commanding Officer USS Lancelot
2388-Present Y-O4.png Chief Operations Officer & Second Officer USS Lancelot

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Skin Tone: Tan
Physique/Build: Athletic
Dexterity: Right

Data and Command Access Levels

Access Level: Alpha-One
Service #: 919-7777H
Command Code: Lancaster Zero-Theta Alpha-One
Personal Code: Lancaster Rho-Foxtrot-47


Personality Overview

Efficiency, brutal intelligence, and aloofness are the first three things that most people would notice about Michael's personality. He is absolutely a genius with numbers and organization, with the emotional detachment that makes him the perfect person to allot the ship's resources. That being said, he considers his fellow officers to just be another form of resource that he has to allocate; he doesn't handle personal interactions very well. This is due mainly to the fact that he recognizes his own intelligence very clearly, and feels no compunction to spare others' feelings when he is correcting them or otherwise going about his duties. This generally leads him to be popular among his superiors but very unpopular among his subordinates. He does get along remarkably well with Vulcans, however.

Strengths & Weaknesses

As stated above, Michael's main strength is his very keen intellect; he is well-read, intelligent, and the superior to almost any other Human in both qualitative and quantitative analysis skills. On the other side of that coin is a man who has a short temper and almost zero tolerance for stupidity or failure. This social weakness leads him to develop friends only very slowly, once they have become accustomed to his abrupt demeanor.


At this stage in his career, Michael isn't exactly sure what his ambitions are. He would enjoy the responsibility of command, but he would not like having to deal with so many people. The idea that his word would be law is appealing, however, and he does eye the center seat from time to time.

Hobbies & Interests

Michael is very well read, and enjoys expanding his literary prowess. He's also rather fond of running on the holodeck to stay in shape.

Quirks & Special Abilities

Michael is a bit of a mysophobe, enjoys his beverages with lots of sugar, and and is much, much more self-conscious than his demeanor would indicate. He is also capable of complex mental mathematics and organization.

Linguistic Abilities

English, Latin, Greek, Federation Standard, Vulcan

Other Information

Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Father: Alexander Lancaster
Mother: Alyson Lancaster

Medical Records

Physical Records

"Lieutenant Lancaster is in generally excellent physical condition. He attributes this to his daily regimen of running and other exercise, and I would tend to agree with this. He does tend to be at the lower end of the spectrum for weight, for young men of his height and weight, but it is within acceptable parameters. I have suggested that he attempt to increase his caloric intake, but he did not seem to relish that thought." - Lieutenant Commander S'Ral, M.D., USS Intrepid

Psychological Records

"Lieutenant Lancaster isn't exactly the cuddliest member of the staff, but he's good at his job. The main problem he faces with other personnel is that he knows that he's very good at his job, and isn't afraid to tell them that. He has a short temper, and little patience for incompetence or failure. That being said, I believe most of that cactus-like personality relates to his own self-doubts, anxieties, and general social fears, but he doesn't usually find positive ways to express that turmoil. Of course, that still doesn't make him easy to get along with. I've noticed that he does have a few close friends here on the Intrepid, but it must have taken a lot of patience for them to get that close. He is certainly fit for duty." - Lieutenant Andrea Di Stefano, M.D., USS Intrepid

"Lieutenant Lancaster is an interesting case. He's an incredibly bright, handsome young man that doesn't seem to have any friends, though not because of sociopathy, just a... Well, a lack of trust in other people. Whether through something in his childhood, or some interaction in his recent service, it seems to me that Lancaster just needs to put himself out there and try to get to know his shipmates. Whether he'll do that or not is debatable. He did seem open to the idea, but his past history suggests at least a mild social phobia.

As a side bar, I did see him enjoying the company of one of the nurses on the promenade, after our session, so perhaps there is hope for Mr. Lancaster." - Lieutenant Commander Fava Prenar, Deep Space 8