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Lieutenant Commander Morgra
Full Name Morgra
Alias(es) None
Position Executive Officer
USS Athena (NCC-80353)
Species Xindi - Primate Male
Born 26th May(2233)
Homeworld Braxsu - Xindi Homeworld
Status Retired Characters
Played by Nigel Gillson
Affiliation USS Athena


Morgra was, like all Xindi species, born on the home world, irrespective of where his mother was at the time. As part of tradition and custom, all Xindi return home to give birth. Morgra grew up in the safety of the Xindi science developmental and scholarly university, since his mother and father were both scientists. Despite never going into science himself, Morgra has developed a serious interest in Chemistry.

As he progressed through school, he did not know what he wanted to do in his life and so continued searching right up to leaving school and university. He studied Politics, a mediocre interest to him, but one that paid him a reasonable amount of income, and one that allowed him to travel to different planets within the Federation and learn alien customs. During this time, he developed a firm understanding and admiration for negotiation.

Whilst on Teagra IV, observing a chief Federation Envoy conducting peace talks between the two main factions of the planet, he witnessed Envoy Peter Velcroft suffer a massive heart attack. The medical facilities on Teagra IV were limited compared to Federation standard and the physicians could not save him. Meanwhile, the peace talks were failing and the two factions were threatening the continuance of the war, which would lead to civil unrest and millions more deaths.

Morgra stepped in, without much preparation and began training the two representatives to talk to each other instead of throwing insults. Although, he did not end the war, he did save millions of deaths, since the two representatives decided to hold off war until a better-trained envoy from the Federation could arrive.

Feeling a sense of satisfaction, Morgra travelled to Earth to enlist in the Federation’s Envoy program, though he still did not know exactly what it was he wanted to do. When he arrived, he applied and underwent the necessary training and graduated top in his class.

During his time at the academy, Morgra made many friends, including a young Human woman who was studying to be a science officer with Star Fleet. He found her mind intriguing and given his expertise in chemistry, they would experiment together regularly. They became close friends and eventually married prior to their graduation in April 2336.

With some doing, Morgra managed to persuade Starfleet Command, to post Hannah on the same vessel that he was given for his Envoy duties. Although, this was irregular, Starfleet Command designated the vessel a dual-purpose role, both science and envoy.

Irrespective of the age gap between Morgra and Hannah, they loved each other dearly up to the point when Admiral Hannah Conley (R) died at the ‘young’ age of 72 in her sleep. Morgra, still young for a Xindi at 110, was deeply saddened by her death, but knew from past experience that life must go on. However, he found that he no longer found any fascination in negotiation and peace talks and so resigned from the Envoy program.

For the first time in his life, as far as he could remember, he knew exactly what he wanted to do: explore the galaxy and continue studying Chemistry, so he signed up for Starfleet and entered as one of the oldest cadets in history.


2363 - 2367 T-C4.png Science Cadet Starfleet Academy
2367 - 2371 T-O1.png Science Officer Deep Space Nine
2371 - 2376 T-O2.png Science Officer Deep Space Nine
2376 - 2380 T-O3.png Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Lincoln (NCC-73622)
2380 - 2385 T-O4.png Chief Science Officer USS Lincoln (NCC-73622)
2385 T-O4.png Chief Science Officer Planet Mirage - holoemitter
2385 R-O4.png Executive Officer USS Athena (NCC-80353)


Known Languages.

  • Federation Standard
  • Xindi - 5 main languages


  • Primary Education Xindi - Home tutorage
  • Secondary Education Xindi - Home tutorage
  • Tertiary Education Starfleet Academy
  • Major Negotiation and Diplomatic Law
  • Tertiary Education Starfleet Academy
  • Major Science


  • Father Degrax - Deceased
  • Mother Beatlexa - councillor on Xindi
  • Marital status - Widow
  • Child(ren) none
  • Wife/Husband Admiral Hannah Conley - Deceased


  • Likes - Quiet meditative times, honest and reliable people
  • Dislikes - dishonest and unreliable people, people who think they are more intelligent than he is


  • Quick thinker and learner, trustworthy and reliable, does everything he says he will, negotiation and diplomatic skills


  • Due to his 'old' age, Morgra tends to look at people as his grandchildren and calls them 'son' and 'love'


  • Nervous at times and agressive at others

Special Ability(s)

  • Highly intelligent


  • Reading
  • Writing


  • To be something better


Physical Characteristics

  • Height 5’ 8.5"
  • Weight 300LBS.
  • Eye Color Black
  • Hair Color Black
  • Skin Tone Brown

Physical Description

  • Average height for a Xindi-Primate

Distinguishing Marks

  • no eyebrows, ridges on head and cheekbones, large forehead.


Physical Extract

Morgra is medically fit for duty.

Commander Alison Wailing CMO U.S.S. Lincoln

Psychological Extract

Despite his longevity in life and losing his wife of 50 years, Morgra is mentally strong both in intellect and stability.

Lieutenant Commander Argus Russell Counsellor U.S.S. Lincoln



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