Nathalie Chapman

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Vice Admiral Nathalie Chapman
Academy Graduation October 1999
Command School N/A Indy CO
Birthdate Classified
Location Paris, France
Contact aleira (at) hyperjump (dot) org
Status Active Player

Rear Admiral Nathalie Chapman was a Sixth Fleet player between 1999 and the present.

Service Record

Nathalie was the Commander-in-Chief of Sixth Fleet from 2011-2012, and has characters on at least 2 sims in the fleet, as well as numerous past characters on several sims.

Additional information pending.

Fleet Roles

Dates Rank Position Assignment
2007-Present R-A1.png Captain USS Axanar
2009-Present T-O4.png Player USS Ariadne


Dates Rank Name Position Assignment Status
2008-Present R-A1.png Paula Chapman Stark Commanding Officer USS Axanar Active PC
2009-Present T-O4.png Martin Paulsen Chief Medical Officer USS Axanar Active NPC
2010-Present T-O4.png Podkayne March Science Officer USS Axanar Active NPC
2010-Present Caroline French Civilian New Diakon Colony Active NPC
2009-Present T-O4.png Calendra Tempest Chief Medical Officer USS Oberon Active NPC

Inactive Characters
Rank Name Last Position Last Assignment
T-O5.png Mandy Ryan USS Avalon / USS Arizona
T-O3.png Sultana Moffet USS Arizona / USS Swiftsure / USS Poseidon
T-O5.png Anita Baker USS Arizona
T-O5.png Karl Karstens USS Arizona
T-O3.png Sandy Browne USS Saturn
T-O3.png William Paulsen USS Saturn
T-O5.png Vishaka Ramesh Starbase Tango
T'Pree Civilian Deridous IV
Elaine Bollard Civilian Deridous IV
Caroline French Civilian Deridous IV / New Deridous / USS Poseidon
Bixente Wallender Merchant / Trader New Deridous
Y-O5.png Laura Rivers Chief Operations Officer USS Poseidon
Y-O3.png Joanna Wentworth Deputy Chief Security Officer USS Hyperion

Commendations and Ribbons


OMS.pngMUC3.pngCStar.pngCitVal.pngCOD.pngLOH2.pngMCC.pngLSM5.pngDominionWSR.pngInsRecogRib.pngSenior Instructor Ribbon.png