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Norway Class Mk. II Starship
Classification Frigate
Role Scout / Patrol / Science / Courier / Diplomatic
Shipyards Production Run ended (see upgrades).
Production Dates 2368-2385
Standard Refit 5 Years
Recommended Overhaul 15 Years
Offensive Rating 25.14
Defensive Rating 173.62
Total Rating 198.76
Hull Duranium-Tritanium Double Hull
Armor None
Length 364.77 meters
Beam (width) 225.61 meters
Draft (height) 52.48 meters
Displacement 685,537 Metric Tons
Decks 14 at 3.75 m/deck
Structural Integrity Field Class 8 (80 Kg/Cm Hull Stress Rating)
Personnel Systems
Crew Compliment 190
Officers 45
Enlisted 145
Civilian 0
Evacuation Limit 500
  • (30) 4-person shared (2 adaptable)
  • (25) 2-person shared (3 adaptable)
  • (10) standard (3 adaptable)
  • (7) luxury / VIP quarters (all adaptable)
Medical Facilities Type 6, Mk.V EMH
  • Basic Life Support System,
  • Reserve Life Support System
  • Emergency Life Support System
  • Artificial Gravity Generators
  • 5 years replicator stock (used for ship resupply)
  • 6 years fuel (matter/antimatter)
Diplomatic Facilities Class 3
  • Personal: (1) in each luxury/adaptable/standard quarters, messhall/lounge, bridge and departmental offices.
  • Industrial: (13) small, (2) large
includes Diplomatic Facilities
  • (2) Mess Halls
  • (1) Gymnasiums
  • (2) Main lounges
  • (6) Small lounges
  • (1) Holodecks
  • (6) Holosuites
Security Facilities Class 3
  • (3-6) Brig cells
  • Force fields
  • Sedative gas
  • Weapons Lockers
  • Autodestruct
Personal Transporters
  • (3) Type 6/I - 6-pad, Range 35,000 KM, 98% Reliability
  • (14) Type 6/I - 2-pad Range 35,000 KM, 98% reliability
Cargo Transporter (2) 5-meter pads Type 6/I - 500 kg, Range 35,000 KM
Cargo Holds 2 (100,000 Cubic Meters total)
Propulsion & Power Systems
Warp Nacelles Class 15 Warp Coils (23/nacelle), High Class Injectors
Warp Ratings
  • Cruise: Warp 6.6
  • Max: Warp 8.8 (16 hrs)
  • Emergency: Warp 9.2 (8 hrs)
MARA Power Cores (1) Shuventis Class 10/M (490 TJ / Second)
Impulse Engines (2) Scott Class 8/E (390 GJ / Second)
RCS Thrusters
  • (12) Main: Trentis Mk.VI - 66,000,000 newtons thrust
  • (24) Aux: Trentis Mk.III - 1,200,000 newtons thrust
Auxiliary Power (4) Scott Class 4/E Fusion Generators (190 GJ / Second each)
Emergency Power (12) Scott Class 2/E Micro-Fusion Generators (0.9 MJ / Second each)
EPS System High, minimum 95% Base Efficiency
Total Power Output 466.97 TeraJoules / Second
Operations Systems
Bridge Module Medium Size Module
Auxiliary Control Main Engineering
Separation System None
Flight Control Standard Isolinear Autopilot
  • Hold steady course (20 LY)
  • Suggests adjustments to course based on obstacles
  • Planetfall Capable, Landing Struts
Navigation Computer Isolinear - 1 Module: 36,198 Kq, 20% faster reaction speed
Navigation Deflector Class 5 - Ranges: Main 2 LY / Aux 1 LY
Internal Damping Field Primary: (8) / Backup: (16)
Communications Class 9/Gamma
  • (17) Multi-purpose labs
  • (2) Specialized labs (Medical, Stellar Cartography)
Computers Total Capacity: 75,816 KiloQuads
  • Primary: Isolinear - 10 Modules: 29,160 Kq
  • Secondary: Isolinear - 10 Modules: 29,160 Kq
  • Tertiary: Isolinear - 5 Modules: 14,580 Kq
Sensors Class 6/Gamma
  • High: 4.375 LY
  • Lateral: 8.75 LY
  • Navigation: 10.625 LY, 19 degree focus
  • Low: 18.75 LY
Probes 40 (mixed class)
Tractor Beams
  • (2) Beta Class (Fore/Aft Ventral)
  • (1) Alpha Class (Shuttlebays)
Stealth Technology None
Tactical Systems
Phasers (6) Type XI Arrays
  • (Port/Starboard pylons, Fore/Aft Dorsal, Fore/Aft Ventral)
Phaser Output 42,000 GigaJoules
Torpedo Launchers (2) Type I Burst Fire Quantam Launchers

(1) forward, (1) aft

Torpedo type / Amount (60) Mk. VII Photon, (60) Mk. I Quantam
Shields Eta 5/E Class
Shield Emitters (96) overlapping coverage
Shield Recharge Rate Type 3 Regenerative (20 TJ / Second, 20% absorbed)
Shield Rating 196.5 TeraJoules
Auxiliary Systems
Escape Pods 15 (4 person pods), 30 (8 person pods)
Docking Ports 6 (2 main, 4 aux.)
  • (1) Main: Aft capacity for 4 warp-capable shuttles & 8 shuttlepods (or equiv.size)
  • (0) Auxiliary
Shuttles (2) Type 9 warp-capable, (2) Type 11 warp-capable
Shuttlepods (2) Type 8 Shuttlepods
Utility Craft (3) Sphinx-class Workbees
Captain's Yacht Waverunner Yacht Module (Saucer ventral)
Shuttle Exchanges
  • Warp Capable Shuttles may be traded for Fighters or Runabouts at an exchange of 4 shuttles per Fighter/Runabout.
  • Shuttlepods may be traded for Fighters or Runabouts at an exchange of 6 pods per Fighter/Runabout.

The main hull of the Norway Class resembles a flat-iron, the secondary hull consists of two wing-shaped warp pylons with a gap in between.



The Norway was to fill the shadows of the new ethos in Starfleet. With more and newer ships being armed disproportionately for the projection of power, the Norway was scaled down and utilized those ‘weapons of peace’ the council required initially. Scientifically, the ship was outfitted with standard sensor pallets around the hull but also sported a massive array of high-definition subspace sensor arrays and longer ranged sensors.

During the Dominion War, many Norway Class vessels were used as evac ships; with an evac limit of 500 they were able to quickly beam off most, if not all of the crew of larger ships.

Known Vessels of this class

Name Registration Status
USS Norway NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Aliyah NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Arian NCC-65510 Active (presumed)
USS Assawari NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Belgium NCC-65073 Active (presumed)
USS Budapest NCC-64923 Active (presumed)
USS Canopus NCC-64834 Active (presumed)
USS De Ruyter NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Defence NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Denmark NCC-65013 Active (presumed)
USS Dublin NCC-81467 Active (presumed)
USS Flambeau NCC-79901 Active (6th Fleet RPG)
USS Glorie NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Groton NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Iowa NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Kortenauer NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Medina NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Meko NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Michigan NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Mikasa NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Missouri NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Naken NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS North Carolina NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Olympia NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Pervenetz NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Piorun NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Prague NCC-65001 Active (presumed)
USS Sharikahr NCC-81204 Active (presumed)
USS Tannu Tuva NCC-64924 Active (presumed)
USS Vienna NCC-81763 Active (presumed)
USS Vosper NCC-? Active (presumed)
USS Warspite NCC-? Active (presumed)

Deck Listing

Deck A: Dorsal Sensor systems palette, Sensor Maintenance Station
Deck B: Warp nacelle pylon struts, Warp nacelle power transfer conduits, Warp Core, Shuttle Bay (upper), Shuttle Bay Control, Cargo Bay 1 (upper), Small Lounge, Escape Pods, Matter Injector
Deck C: Warp nacelle pylon struts, Warp nacelle power transfer conduits, Warp Core, Shuttle Bay (floor), Cargo Bay 1 (floor), Enlisted Quarters, Emergency Transporter
Deck D: Shuttle Storage and Maintenance (upper), Shuttle Elevators, Deuterium Tanks, Warp Core, Enlisted Quarters
Deck 1: (Bridge Module) Main Bridge, Captain’s Ready Room, Briefing Room
Deck 1: (Aft), Shuttle Storage and Maintenance (floor), Small Lounge, Senior Officer's Quarters, Warp Core, Transporter Room 1
Deck 2: Captain’s Quarters, Senior Officer Quarters, Non-Specific Science Lab, Escape Pods, Executive Officer's Office, Warp Core, Defensive Shield Emitter Subsystems, Defensive Shield Emitters, Main Deflector (upper)
Deck 3: Officer Quarters, Transporter Room 2, Warp Core, Crew Lounge, Tactical Planning Station, Main Deflector (mid), Warp Nacelle control chamber (aft nacelles), Holodeck
Deck 4: Crew Quarters, Stellar Cartography, Chief Science Officer's Office, Defensive Shield Emitter Subsystems, Defensive Shield Emitters, Main Deflector (lower)
Deck 5: VIP Quarters, Large Conference Room, Event Coordinator Office, Communications Center, Transporter Room 2, Main Computer Core Access Station, Primary Sensor Palette (lower), Escape Pods
Deck 6: VIP Accommodations, Small Conference Rooms (P/S), Holosuites 1-3, Gymnasium, Sickbay, Primary Sickbay Support Wards (ICU, Biohazard Support, Radiation Treatment Wards, Surgical Ward, Critical Care, Null-Gravity Treatment, Isolation Suites, etc.), Chief Medical Officer's Office, Counselor's Office, Escape Pods
Deck 7: Main Engineering, Chief Engineer’s Office, Sensor Monitoring, Engineering Support Systems, Inertial Dampening Systems, Operations Office, Escape Pods
Deck 8: Crew Quarters, Forward Phaser Emitter, Escape Pods, Holosuites (4-6), Science Labs (multipurpose)
Deck 9: Antimatter Injector, Main Brig, Main Security Personnel Station, Chief Tactical Officer's Office, Transporter Room 3, Emergency Transporter, Escape Pods, Primary Impulse Engines, Impulse Engine Deuterium Tanks, Landing Strut Support Systems, Captain's Yacht Docking port
Deck 10: Aft Photon Torpedo Launchers, Torpedo Storage, Tractor Emitter, Antimatter Storage Pods, Enlisted Quarters, Antimatter Pod Ejection Systems, Environmental Waste Processing Systems, Escape Pods, Warp Core Ejection Systems, Defensive Shield Emitters, Captain's Yacht, Ventral Phaser Emitters, Environmental Control, Cargo Bay 2, Landing Struts, Retractable Turbolift extensions (for planetfall)


  • Movie: "First Contact"
  • DS9: "Favor the Bold" (display)
  • Voy: "In the Flesh" (display)
  • Books: SCE "War Stories", DS9 "The Dominion: Olympus Descending"


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