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Nova II Class Starship

Classification Corvette
Role Patrol / Escort / Research / Science / Survey
Shipyards Upgraded version available
Production Dates 2380-2390
Standard Refit 2 Years
Recommended Overhaul 10 Years
Hull Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
Armor None
Length 160.64 meters
Beam (width) 42.78 meters
Draft (height) 34.55 meters
Displacement 210,000 Metric Tons Metric Tons
Decks 8 at 4 meters/deck
Structural Integrity Field Class 4 (40 Kg/Cm Hull Stress Rating)
Ship Sizes Category 9
Personnel Systems
Crew Compliment 80
Officers 25
Enlisted 55
Civilian 0
Evacuation Limit 960
  • 0 Barracks
  • 0 Spartan
  • 15 Enlisted
  • 20 Shared
  • 8 Standard
  • 0 Family
  • 0 Luxury/VIP
Medical Facilities Type 6, Mk. IV EMH
  • Basic Life Support System,
  • Reserve Life Support System
  • Emergency Life Support System
  • Artificial Gravity Generators
  • 2 Years replicator stock (used for ship resupply)
  • 2 Years fuel (matter/antimatter)
Diplomatic Facilities Class 1
  • Personal: (1) in each luxury/adaptable/standard quarters, messhall/lounge, bridge and departmental offices.
  • Industrial: (13) small, (2) large
includes Diplomatic Facilities
  • (2) Mess Halls
  • (1) Gymnasiums
  • (2) Main lounges
  • (2) Small lounges
  • No Other Type
  • (0) Holodecks
  • (4) Holosuites
Security Facilities Class 3
  • (3-5) Brig cells
  • Force fields
  • Sedative gas
  • Weapons Lockers
  • Autodestruct
Personal Transporters
  • (2) Type 8/IH - 4 pad, Range 45,000 KM
  • (4) Type 8/IH - 2 pad, Range 45,000 KM
Cargo Transporter (2 5-meter pad) 5-meter pad Type 8/I - 500 kg, Range 45,000 KM KM
Cargo Holds 3 (50,000 Cubic Meters total)
Propulsion & Power Systems
Warp Coil (2) Class T5 Warp Coils, High Class Injectors
Warp Ratings
  • Cruise: Warp 6.2 / TW 3
  • Max: Warp 8.2 / TW 3.6 (24 hrs)
  • Emergency: Warp 9.01 / TW 4.82 (12 hrs)
MARA Power Cores (1) Utopia TPG Class 9/M (440 TJ/sec)
Impulse Engines (2) Class 14/E (690 GJ/sec each)
Auxiliary Power (4) Class 4/E Fusion Generators (190 GJ/sec each)
Emergency Power (12) Class 2/E Micro-Fusion Generators (0.9 MJ/sec each)
RCS Thrusters Trentis Mk.6 - 77,000,000 newtons thrust
EPS System High, minimum 95% Base Efficiency
Total Power Output 420.04 TeraJoules / Second
Operations Systems
Bridge Module Nova Class
Auxiliary Control Engineering
Separation System None
Flight Control Bio-Neural Autopilot
  • Hold steady on long range course (20 LY)
  • Sounds alert if problems detected
  • Suggests adjustments to course based on obstacles
  • CONN must approve changes
  • 10 pre-programmed evasive maneuvers.
  • Planetfall capable / Landing Struts
Navigation Computer Bio-Neural - 3 Modules
Navigation Deflector Class 5
Internal Damping Field Primary: (9.01) / Backup: (6.2)
Communications Class 8/Delta
  • (20) Multi-purpose labs
  • (4) Specialized labs (Arboretum, Medical, Stellar Cartography)
Computers Total Capacity: 41,935 KQ
  • Primary: Bio-Neural - 30 Modules
  • Secondary: Bio-Neural - 30 Modules
  • Tertiary: Bio-Neural - Na Modules
  • Additional: Bio-Neural - Na Modules
Sensors Class 9/Gamma
  • High: 6.75 LY
  • Lateral: 11.475 LY
  • Navigation: 13.5 LY, 50 degree focus
  • Low: 24.3 LY
Probes 100 (mixed class)
Tractor Beams
  • (2) Delta Class Class (fore/aft)
  • (2) Alpha Class Class (Shuttlebays)
Stealth Technology None
Tactical Systems
Phasers (11) Type Type IX Arrays
  • Saucer Dorsal/Ventral strips; Aft, Port, Starboard

Secondary: 0 Type Na Arrays

  • Na
Phaser Output 55,000 GigaJoules
Torpedo Launchers (1) 1 Quantam Launchers
Torpedo type / Amount (20) Mk. Type 8 Photon, (10) Mk. Type 1 Quantam
Shields Epsilon 6/E Class
Shield Emitters (135) overlapping coverage
Shield Recharge Rate Type 1 Regenerative (10 TJ / sec)
Shield Rating 280.5 TeraJoules
Auxiliary Systems
Escape Pods 80 (4 person pods)
  • Aft
  • Na
Shuttles (3) standard warp-capable
Fighters (0) Fighters
Runabouts (0) Various Class
Shuttlepods (4) Shuttlepods
Utility Craft (2) Sphinx-class Workbees
Captain's Yacht Waverunner Module

The Captain's Yacht port is modular. It may be exchanged for one of the following:

  • Standard Waverunner Class Yacht
  • (1) Type X Phaser
  • (1) Type X Pulse Phaser Turret
  • (1) Quantam Torpedo Launcher (20 Torpedoes)
  • (2) Micro-Torpedo Launchers (500 Micro-Torpedoes)
Shuttle Exchanges
  • Warp Capable Shuttles may be traded for Fighters or Runabouts at an exchange of 4 shuttles per Fighter/Runabout.
  • Shuttlepods may be traded for Fighters or Runabouts at an exchange of 6 pods per Fighter/Runabout.

This is a partial specifications list for the Nova-class starship as per Sixth Fleet's Design and Development Bureau. For the complete specifications please visit the DaDB site.

The Nova II Class is a subclass of the Nova-class

Nova Subclasses:

The Nova Class is in many ways a smaller version of the Intrepid-class or Sovereign-class. It features an arrowhead shaped saucer mated to an engineering hull. Warp Nacelles are mounted near the middle and sweep upward and back giving the overall ship a very slim profile.


Originally a scrapped design for the Defiant-class, members of the Nova design team chanced across the drafts and realized that they could be adapted to suit the role of a multi-role Science vessel. After refining the design to allow for roles as a Surveyor, Research/Laboratory, Scout and Courier making it one of the foremost Science vessels in Starfleet. It is widely expected that the Nova will eventually replace the aging Oberth-class. Similar to that older class it is limited in tactical and propulsion, sacrificing those for sensors and shielding.

Known Vessels

Name Registration Status
USS Nova NCC-? Active (Presumed)
USS Helix NCC-71954 Active (Presumed)
USS VanDenBroeck NCC-69178-B Active (Presumed)
USS K'shal NCC-73105 Active (Presumed)
USS Aurora NCC-74692 Active (Presumed)
USS Binary NCC-74695 Active (Presumed)
USS Nadir NCC-74803 Active (Presumed)
USS Pulsar NCC-74829 Active (Presumed)
USS Solstice NCC-74854 Active (Presumed)

Deck Listing

Deck Locations
Deck 1 Bridge, Ready Room, CO's Quarters, XO's Quarters, XO's Office, Briefing Room, Observation Lounge, Project Control, Impulse Control Room, Auxiliary Deflector Control, Impulse Engines (upper)
Deck 2 Sickbay, Medical Labs, Computer Cores (upper), Senior Officer's Quarters, Mess Hall, Observation Lounge, Lateral Sensors, Impulse Engines (lower), Shared Quarters
Deck 3 Transporter Room 1, Phaser Control, Torpedo/Probe storage, Main Security / Brig, Computer Core (middle), Science Labs, Replicator Stock, Cargo Bay 1
Deck 4 Shared Quarters, Aux. Deflector, Gymnasium, Phaser Control, Science Labs, Holosuites 1&2, Torpedo Launcher, Torpedo/Probe storage, Computer Core (lower), Cargo Bay 2&3, Shuttlebay, Crew Lounge, Waverider Docking Port
Deck 5 Warp Core (upper), Deflector Control, Main Deflector (upper), Replicator Stock, Shared Quarters, Deuterium Tanks, Shuttle Maintenance
Deck 6 Main Deflector (mid), Senior Officer's Quarters, Transporter Room 2, Warp Core (mid), Main Engineering (upper), Shared Quarters, Cargo Bay 4, Auxiliary Power Cores
Deck 7 Warp Core (lower), Main Engineering, Engineering Briefing Room, Engineer's Mess, Industrial Replicator, Landing Struts, Cargo Transporter, Aft Tractor Emitter
Deck 8 Warp Core Ejection system, Landing ramp, Forward Tractor Emitter, Landing Struts, Antimatter Pods


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Nova Class Master Systems
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Nova Class MSD (alternate)
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Nova Class 5 View
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Nova Class front top view
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Nova Class top
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