Patricia Holmes

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Lieutenant Commander Patricia Holmes
Full Name Patricia Holmes
Alias(es) None
Position Executive Officer, USS Saturn
Species Human Female
Born 29th August (2357)
Homeworld Earth
Status Player Character
Played by Moritz Kraft
Affiliation USS Saturn
Actor Tricia Helford

Patricia is the Executive Officer of the USS Saturn (NCC-71801).


In 2375 the Dominion war had just ended. When Patricia Holmes enrolled in Starfleet Academy, she did it first and foremost because of the appeal Starfleet had to most people her age, being an interstellar effort to combine the innate humanoid urge to explore the universe with the duty to protect the ideals of this post-nationalistic society. But in a way she also did it to follow her older cousin, Leah Gibson. The family of her mother, their history in Vancouver going back over centuries, had always been sending their sons and daughters to Starfleet, and hence it was a natural thing for Patricia to do as well. Despite being gifted with intelligence and rather attractive looks, most of her classmates thought of her as reserved and introverted. She did enjoy the sports classes, though, which is where she met pretty much all of her friends during that time.

After serving for three years on the USS Prolific, she was hoping to be transferred to the ship her cousin Leah served on, the USS Saturn (NCC-2822-B), a Prometheus-class vessel stationed at Far Reach Station in the Bellatrix system.

In early 2382, unfortunately on the same day that Leah left the Saturn to return to work for Starfleet Intelligence, she was finally granted her request for transfer. Over the following two years Patricia worked her way up the career ladder until she was close to becoming the assistant department head of Saturn's Security. After an incident during the Battle of Apeiron, in which she relieved her superior officer of command over the ventral module of the multi-vector attack vehicle that was Saturn, Commodore Tong used the opportunity to promote her away. She got to be Assistant Chief of Security of the USS Saturn - for the whole of two days. Captain Mek'tor, the USS Cambrian's new commanding officer who had served as Tong's first officer up until that point, accepted her only reluctantly as his Chief Tactical Officer.

During the shakedown cruise of the ship both the Captain and the XO were incapacitated due to an infestation with a mutant breed of Tribbles, which was part of an attempt by an unknown party to sabotage the ship in order to hijack it. Again Patricia had to assume command, and when a small fleet of mercenary vessels appeared to board and take over the supposedly disabled Nebula class, she managed to fend them off. Afterwards, upon recommendation by his XO, Captain Mek'tor offered Patricia the position of Second Officer.

The actual first mission of the Cambrian led them to an area of space teeming with pirate activity, where they were to rendezvouz with the USS Orion. After finding the Orion drifting in space, damaged and disabled, they picked up another distress call, which they followed after leaving a skeleton crew aboard the small ship. The distress call was dispatched by the civilian transport SS Rosenberg, belonging to one of Earth's mega corporations, Cutler & Pierce - but the ship hadn't encountered any pirates, their troubles were related to their warp drive. And so Patricia assembled a small team of engineers and Operations crewmen and beamed over, leaving the Cambrian free to pursue the pirates that had attacked the Orion.

Upon beaming over, they found that the Rosenberg was basically a slave trader ship, carrying workforce from the non-aligned world Uthea Prime to a Federation member planet which had rented the workers from a Uthean company. By providing only transport, consultation and administrative help, Cutler & Pierce seemed to be successfully bypassing Federation laws explicitly prohibiting such work conditions, and profiting from the ways of the backward Uthean society. Frustrated by their inability to interfere, Captain Mek'tor tried all the official channels, but was told repeatedly that their hands were bound. One of the Admirals he spoke to, however, was able to convince someone in Starfleet Intelligence to send an operative to deal with the situation in an unofficial manner. Upon arrival, Lieutenant Commander Michael Shields took Patricia and a small handpicked group of Cambrian crew members to the planet surface, effectively transferring them to Starfleet Intelligence for the months to follow.

After three months an actual Intel Team was sent to Uthea. Against her vocal objections, Patricia was congratulated on a job well done, promoted to Lieutenant Commander and sent back to Starfleet the next day. The fact that she was transferred back to the ship she had left a year ago didn't help. As of January 2385 Patricia is serving on the USS Saturn again, as Chief of Security.

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2375 - 2379 Y-C4.png Security/Tactical Cadet Starfleet Academy
2379 - 2381 Y-O1.png Security Officer USS Prolific
2381 - 2382 Y-O2.png Security Officer USS Prolific
2382 - 2383 Y-O2.png Security Officer USS Saturn
2383 - 2384 Y-O3.png Security Officer USS Saturn
2384 Y-O3.png Assistant Chief of Security USS Saturn
2384 Y-O3.png Chief Tactical Officer USS Cambrian
2384 Y-O3.png Chief Tactical Officer / 2nd Officer USS Cambrian
2384 - 2385 B-O3.png Classified Starfleet Intelligence
2385 Y-O4.png Chief of Security USS Saturn
2385 - Present R-O4.png Executive Officer USS Saturn


Marital Status



  • Parents: Elisabeth Gibson-Holmes and William Holmes
  • Cousin: Cdr. Leah Gibson, SFI
  • Uncle: Adm. Lorne Gibson, Starfleet


While not as outgoing as her friend Emily Evanson, Patricia is usually quite friendly and approachable when she's in a good mood. Which she is most of the time. She is quite ambitious and sure of herself, and thus she can be perceived as headstrong to the degree of being arrogant, even downright condescending at times. As an unconscious bias, any kind of disability, impairment or the slightest imperfection bothers her. She is very idealistic. Can get rather insufferable if she doesn't get what she wants.

  • Strengths: She is a quick thinker and shows good tactical judgement. She will go out of her way to protect those dear to her.
  • Weaknesses: Due to her young age, she is still a bit naive and prejudiced. May take on more than she can chew.
  • Likes: Hanging out with friends, trying out new drinks.
  • Dislikes: Creeps, bullies, mindlessness.
  • Hobbies: Painting, Sports (mostly fencing, riding and team sports).
  • Quirks: Being a close friend to Petty Officer Emily Evanson. That is one giant quirk for sure.


Physical Description: Tall, gangly built.
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 56 kg
Hair: Blonde, tied to a pony tail most of the time.
Eyes: Blue



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