Penelope Merryman

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Penelope Merryman.jpg
Lt JG Penelope Merryman
Full Name Penelope Merryman
Alias(es) Penny
Position Counsellor
(Moonbase Mandukar)
Species Human Female
Born 1st January (2356)
Homeworld Earth
Status Non-Player Character
Played by Nathalie Chapman
Affiliation USS Avalon (NCC-76262-A)

Penelope Merryman is the Counsellor of the Starfleet (Moonbase Mandukar) part of (Farlong Reefs).


Penelope was born on Earth, Europe, United Kingdom, in the Cornwall area. Her youth was unremarkable and rather happily spent between her father, curator of a private collection in local relics and her mother, an antiquarian specialized in books. The first shock came around 11 as she seemed to turn into a tall and gangly adolescent over the course of a single year, while nobody actually bothered to ask her opinion about it. The second shock was the birth of her brother Colin (you guessed it - nobody asked her about THAT either) when she was 13, forever breaking a most happy familial arrangement for no good reason she could see. The third shock was to be dumped overnight by her fiancé at 21, right after he admitted an attraction to her Bolian (male) childhood friend, Dakiel.

Penelope gave up her literature studies in Oxford and went home. She spent one week shut up in her old bedroom before deciding she needed both a compass and a huge change of scenery if she was ever to understand the universe she lived in. The compass was to be psychology studies, the change of scenery to be provided by a career in Starfleet.

It wasn't to happen so easily.

After a rather dismal failure at the entrance test, Penelope moved to San Francisco and spent the next three years on a combined preparation course and psychology degree, studying up obsessively. (She also went through 3 different lodgers before finding an old lady sufficiently deaf and batty not to take exception of her erratic behaviour on quantum physics day. Or any other day.) Eventually she got her degree, passed the entrance exam by the skin of her teeth and went on, to the mild astonishment of some of her teachers, to graduate from the Academy. Some think she gained a measure of indulgence for being one of the relay sprinters to beat the Space Merchant Navy team for the first time in four years. Her time at the Academy certainly was a blur for Penny.


T-C1.png Counselling Cadet Starfleet Academy
T-C2.png Counselling Cadet Starfleet Academy
T-C3.png Counselling Cadet Starfleet Academy
T-C4.png Counselling Cadet Starfleet Academy
2385 T-O1.png Junior Counsellor Starbase Avalon
2385 T-O1.png Counsellor USS Oberon (NCC-80111)
2385 T-O2.png Counsellor Moonbase Mandukar, Farlong Reefs



  • Primary Education: Penzance Community School
  • Secondary Education: Oxford University

Starfleet Academy

  • Primary Field: Xenopsychology
  • Specialisation: Counselling


  • Federation Standard
  • Bolian
  • Some Latin and ancient Greek, notions in several others


  • Father: Perry, curator
  • Mother: Colette, antiquarian
  • Brother: Colin, undecided
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Children: None


Penny rarely loses her balance in any situation - she holds it that ill faith and self deception are evolutionary survival traits. (She's preparing a major paper along those lines.) In spite of appearances she's actually a professional just like it says on the door tag. Some say she's even good at her job. She is gifted with natural hand/eye coordination and excellent eyesight.

Penny's brain is hardwired to sleep right through the final armaggeddon. (She's had to come up with interesting alternatives regarding alerts.) She needs a lot of sleep and can get real cranky if something gets in the way. While sounding superficial, either item or a combination of both got her into trouble a few times in her life -- some of which is reflected in her Academy records, all of which she'd rather not mention, thank you very much. She is tone deaf by Human standards but it's alright. Everybody is entitled to sing to their own inner music.

Penny has a knack for contorting her face into split second grimaces and will sometimes be found imitating the mannerisms of someone she's talking with, though it's not (always) conscious. She's fully capable of carrying a conversation on her own if no one will take an interest and may be regularly caught talking to herself indeed. Conversely she's capable of long periods of silence that many find unsettling.

Hobbies & Interests
Hiking in the mountains, either alone or with a mute. Running (has her own VR visor in the gym). Poetry and books related to ruins, bygone civilisations, heartbroken knights erring in the mist... the darker and most gothic, the better. Religious architecture, death and birth rites. Theatre and stand up comedians. Catching up on all the fun she didn't have during her Academy years.

People with a sense of fantasy. Animals and flowers. Strawberries, avocadoes and pretty much everything you can do with them.

Hardliners. Being told to shut up. And most counsellors, really.


Height: 5'10
Weight: 154 lbs
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: blonde

Penelope is a tall woman somewhat on the lean side. She has long hair worn in a pony tail or some kind of bun depending on how late she got up in the morning.

Medical Report

"Penelope Merryman is in excellent physical condition and declared fit for duty"

Dr (Cdr) Thallys Trump, Starbase Avalon.

Psychological Report

"Penelope Merryman is an interesting proposition for the career she has chosen. Keep me posted on her evolution."

Coun. (Cdr) Umiel, Head Counsellor, Starbase Avalon



Joint Service Achievement Medal (USS Oberon "New Frontiers") - 2009
Order of the Northern Star (USS Oberon "Giant's Grasp") - 2009
New Frontiers - mission ribbon - USS Oberon, 2009
Giant's Grasp - mission ribbon - USS Oberon, 2009