Rachel Harrington

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Rachel Harrington
Full Name Rachel Harrington
Alias(es) None
Position Chief Science Officer
Species Human Female
Born 28 July 2363
Homeworld Earth
Status Player Character
Played by Andrea Mihalyi
Affiliation USS Hyperion (NX-7438)

Rachel Harrington is the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Hyperion (NX-7438).


Like many children who had both parents in Starfleet, Rachel didn't see much of hers and as a result her and her brother's upbringing was done by her Aunt Laura and Uncle Rick. Both of whom had what Rachel considered normal jobs. Laura a para legal, and Rick owned and ran a shuttle shop. She got along wonderfully with her two cousins. She had friends aplenty and enjoyed going on fishing trips with her Uncle Rick and cousin Nathan. Kelly wasn't big on the outdoor activities but Rachel made sure to play with her even though she wasn't big on the girlie type fun.

On her 15th birthday, Rachel's brother Eric who was four years older than she, joined Starfleet and was off to the academy to become an engineer. It left a big hole in Rachel's life when he left even with being surrounded by the love of her aunt and uncle and cousins. When she made the decision to join as well, it wasn't out of the blue. She wanted to make a difference and dreamed of flying among the stars in a starship or even being stationed on one of the mighty starbases that dotted the system. She spend time at night in her bedroom reading the publicized SF logs and news feeds, which increased her desire to want to wear the uniform.

As a teen, Rachel had friends like most kids. But, she had one good friend, Eliya. A Trill who was living with a family on an exchange program. They became fast friends and considered themselves best friends after awhile. Doing just about everthing and telling each other everything in confidence. Not having the opportunity to really see other species, the concept of a Trill was daunting not to mention that of a joined Trill. Which when the time came, Eliya went through the procedure off world. Would she ever see her best friend again? Only time would tell.

Upon being accepted to the academy, Rachel took up a science course at first, thinking she wanted to become an archaeologist like her parents. It was fun, but not fullfilling as she had hoped. But, she also had a gift when it came to her organizational skills. This became apparent when she helped her Uncle in his shop taking care of his books and customer orders and appointments. So, when one of her instructors realized her potential, explaining to her that she was wasting her potential, with his guidance, Rachel switched her major to that of Operations. This she excelled at and upon graduating top twenty of her class, she was assigned to the Hyperion.

Following a spout as Second Officer and then Executive Officer, Rachel was reunited with her adopted Romulan Daughter and was temporarily demoted to care for her. However, for her continual performance above and beyond the call of duty, Captain Douglas Irvine promoted her back to Second Officer and Chief of Science.

Starfleet Service Record

2381-82 Y-C1.png Operation Cadet 1st Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2382-83 Y-C2.png Operations Cadet 2nd Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2383-84 Y-C3.png Operations Cadet 3rd Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2384-84 Y-C4.png Operations Cadet 4th Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2387 Y-O1.png Operations Officer USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F)
2388 Y-O2.png Chief Operations Officer USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F)
2388 Y-O3.png Chief Operations Officer USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F)
2388 Y-O4.png Chief Operations Officer/2nd Officer USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F)
2388 Y-O5.png Chief Operations Officer/2nd Officer USS Hyperion (NX-7438)
2388 - 2389 R-O5.png Executive Officer USS Hyperion (NX-7438)
2389 - 2389 Y-O5.png Assistant Chief Operations Officer USS Hyperion (NX-7438)
2389 T-O5.png Chief Science Officer USS Hyperion (NX-7438)
2389 - 2390 Y-O5.png Chief Operations Officer USS Hyperion (NX-7438)

Personal Records


STRENGTHS: Easy to get along with, mindful of other's feelings,Takes pleasure in learning new things,Respectful and mindful of the chain of command as well as general ship's protocols,If a crewman makes an error Rachel will speak with the individual one on one about it and not in front of others. Puts the safety of the crew before herself,Helpful,Willing to stop and help a struggling crewman with their task but not so much by doing it as offering suggestions,Quick thinking, doesn't take Starfleet protocol lightly and will submit a report on any crewman who breaks protocol on the more severe levels.
WEAKNESS: Doesn't realize rules are guidelines and are meant to be fit to the needs of the situation which makes her seem rigid. Though, during her time aboard the Hyperion, she's learned to understand this,Hand to hand combat,Understanding the principles relating to warp theory or the science department in general.
QUIRKS: Chews inside of her cheek when in thought
HOBBIES: Reading old Terran books, Hand-gliding, camping
AMBITIONS: Doesn't really have any, takes each day and sees where it takes her. And, though her career has seemed to have taken a downward spiral in the eyes of Starfleet Command, Rachel is determined to shine once again as an an officer of the Hyperion as well as Starfleet, hoping to one day command her own ship or even a starbase or outpost. Even the prospect of commanding a colony base has intrigued her.

SPEAK: Federation Standard, Klingon
READ: Federation Standard, Klingon
WRITE: Federation Standard, Klingon


Place of Birth - Battlefield, Michigan, Earth
Identifying Mark - Tattoo of a ancient Terran celtic design on the back of her neck
Height - 5' 5"
Weight- 130
Build- Fit but not to the extreme of an athlete, has a pretty smile that quirks at one corner almost like a smirk. Doesn't wear or like makeup, yet she does take care with her appearance.
Eye Color - Sea Blue
Hair Color - Auburn
Skin Color - Caucasian



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