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Full Name Ruud
Alias(es) None
Position Civilian Merchant
Species Ferengi Male
Born Aug. 19, 2344
Homeworld Latun City, Rog Colony
Status Player Character
Played by Kreg Asay
Affiliation USS Avalon (NCC-76262-A)
Actor None

Ruud is a Ferengi merchant presently doing business on the Mandukar Moonbase.


Ruud left home soon after he reached the Age of Ascension, and signed on to a freighter in the demeaning role of assistant cook. After a few short years the freighter was attacked by the Cardassians after they believed it to be carrying weapons. Ruud and a handful of other crewmembers survived and were taken prisoners. After interrogation and trial, most of the crew was put to death for espionage. Ruud however was shown uncustomary mercy as the youngest, and lowliest crew member. A Glinn (CDR), by the name of Darcet accepted him as a servant to his household.

During his time in the Service of Glinn Darcet, he naturally learned the Cardassian Language, and began using his skills as a Ferengi to gain contacts. Some of these contacts were with servants to high ranking members of the High Command, and through Ruud's efforts Darcet was promoted to Gul and given command of one of the new Galor Class cruisers in 2360. For his 'service' Ruud was made head of the household staff, and he persuaded Darcet to include a statement granting Ruud his freedom, if the Gul should ever die in battle. In 2366 Gul Darcet's ship was destroyed in battle with the Federation near the Rabroc Nebula, and his family honored the contract to grant Ruud his freedom.

Ruud set in motion a plan he had made in the years following Darcet's promotion, and departed for the Terek Nor mining station in the Bajor Sector just as the Cardassian/UFP war was ending. From there he bribed a Ferengi bartender to gain passage to Klingon space. At the border the Klingons refused him entry, and he spent the next year alternating between Klingon and Federation border worlds, learning both Klingon and Federation languages. He arrived at the Romulan / Klingon / Federation border area just as Civil War broke out in the Klingon Empire.

The Romulans, recognizing the potential to use the Ferengi, hired Ruud as a 'trade negotiator'. Over the next 6 years Ruud arranged trade contracts between the Romulans and other minor races, managed to gain a tidy sum of money, and stole a prototype portable holographic device. Seeking more adventure and fortune, not to mention safeguard from the death threat hanging over his ears since the theft of the device, Ruud opted not to continue his employment with the Romulans and departed with a shuttle he had recently purchased - bound for Federation space.

Arriving at a Starbase near the neutral zone, Ruud took note of a Galaxy Class ship docked there. Recalling that the vessels also had Civilians aboard, and seeing the opportunity to test his new holographic device, Ruud assumed the appearance of an officer he saw exiting the ship and slipped aboard. After a merry chase by Security, Ruud was brought before the Captain of the USS Pegasus-B to explain his actions and face charges.

Ruud turned the tables to some effect by pointing out that lapses in Security allowed him far more access than should have been permissible. He then offered his services as bartender in the ship's lounge, and to occasionally assist by testing Security in various exercises. The Captain reluctantly agreed to try it.

After 5 months the Pegasus docked at the recently opened Starbase Tango in the Pleiades Cluster. Ruud saw the new opportunity and left the Pegasus to open a shop on the new Base. 8 years later the routine of Starbase life overwhelmed Ruud. He sold the shop to his cousin and moved to New Deridous for new business opportunities. He again sought fertile business grounds in 2386 and moved to the Mandukar Moonbase.


  • 2344 Born, 19 August - Rog Colony
  • 2348-54 Primary Education and memorization of the Rules of Acquisition
  • 2355-57 Reached Age of Ascension. Served as asst. cook on freighter.
  • 2358-65 Servant to Glinn Darcet on Cardassia
  • 2366 Gul Darcet killed, Ruud gains freedom
  • 2367 Refused entry into KSE, makes way to Romulan Space
  • 2368 Hired by Romulans
  • 2374 Joined the USS Pegasus-B as Bartender
  • 2374 Opened shop on Starbase Tango, Pleiades Cluster
  • 2382 Sold shop on SBT, moved to New Deridous to open new business
  • 2386 Sold shop on New Deridous, opened new business on the Mandukar Moonbase.


Physical Appearance
Physique/Build/Frame: Slim / short
Weight: 119 lbs
Height: 5' 6"
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: None
Skin Tone: Tan
Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo of Ferengi Symbol on forehead from military service. Very enlarged ears which form a brow ridge.


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Father: Mar - (age 66) Engineer, Ferengi merchant ship "Siro"
  • Mother: Kel - (age 63) Housewife
  • Sister: Ors - (age 31) Housewife
  • Brother-in-Law: Prit - (age 36) Bookeeper, Ferengi Commerce Association (FCA)
  • Cousin: Gort - (age 45) Entrepreneur

Special Abilities
Unreadable to telepaths, extremely acute hearing, excellent sense of taste.

Good eye for business opportunities. Moderate engineering skills.

Sensitive to loud noises

Money! Don't care what kind it is, he'll accept it (for an exchange fee of course...)

Customers who 'browse' but never buy.

Ferengi, Cardassian, Klingon, Romulan, Federation Standard

Opening new markets

For his dessicated remains to make record earnings on the market after his death

"The first to show up makes the most Latinum!"