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Sam 2008.jpg
Sam Jones
Fleet Rank W-A2.pngW-A2-2.png
Academy Graduation May, 2001
Command School Feb, 2007
Birthdate Aug 23, 1977
Location New Hampshire
E-Mail zeppelinmage at gmail


Rear Admiral Sam Jones is a player of Sixth Fleet. He has been a player since 2001, and followed Sixth Fleet after the 2006 Fleet Split.
He is also a 2009 Simming Prize laureate, awarded by the Simming League. Currently, Sam is curating the Sim History page. If you have any information that can help construct and complete these pages, please contact him.

Current Characters

Rank Name Position Ship Years played
T-O3.pngT-blank-2.png Raych'ell Chief Science Officer USS Ariadne 2013-Pres.
T-O1.pngT-blank-2.png Alison Hill Science Officer USS Hyperion 2016-Pres.

Former Characters

Rank Name Position Ship Years played
T-O5.pngT-blank-2.png Derek Hosmer Chief Science Officer USS Saturn 2001-2006
T-O2.pngT-blank-2.png G'hor Chief Science Officer USS Saturn 2006
R-O5.pngR-blank-2.png Mek'tor Executive Officer USS Saturn 2006-2008
R-A1.pngR-A1-2.png Commanding Officer USS Cambrian 2008-2011
G-E3.pngG-blank-2.png Tiffany Payton Weapons Expert USS Saturn 2008
HAZARD Team Member SWORD-7 2008-2009
T-O4.pngT-blank-2.png Nicholas Davies Chief Science Officer USS Oberon 2008-2013
T-O4.pngT-blank-2.png Hannah Conant Chief Science Officer USS Athena 2009-2012
Chief Science Officer USS Cambrian 2012
Chief Science Officer USS Lancelot 2012


Former Positions Held


  • Command School, Feb 2007
  • Science Expansion Course, Nov 2006
  • Tango Fleet Academy (Enlisted), May 2001

Awards and Decorations


LSM6.pngGSMC2.pngOp vanq.jpgHSCM5.png
Athena decom.pngCamby decom.pngSP 6F.pngInstructor Ribbon.png

Science Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg



Cdr. Hosmer:

Como. Mek'tor:

LtCdr Davies:

LtCdr Conant:

Lt Raych'ell:

Ens Hill:

  • None

Real Life

In real life, Sam is a Meteorologist.