Scott Guymon

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Scott Guymon
Captain Scott Guymon
Full Name Scott Guymon
Location Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Graduated Academy - 2004
Command School - December 11, 2010
Fleet Position Senator (USS Bismarck)
Fleet Rank Captain
Current Sims USS Bismarck

I've been simming since 2004. A link from a google search led me to the world of Star Trek simming. I joined Tango Fleet with excitement to write and fulfill some of my Trek longing. It's been a journey that has improved my writing skills, increased my love of Star Trek and given me many friends.

And outside of Trek sims: I'm in my thirties and live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Growing up, my dad was in the USAF. We moved often and I've been around world. I earned a love of travel. I generally work in retail and retail management. I love the outdoors, especially National Parks. Hiking and camping are some of my favorite memories. My other passion is gaming. I love all games, from Settlers of Catan to Monopoly to Werewolves. We play games nearly every weekend. This can include video games like Halo 3 or Age of Mythology.

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R-O6.pngR-blank-2.png Captain Tarem Ohneru Commanding Officer
USS Bismarck (NCC-1108-C)
Y-O4.pngY-blank-2.png Lieutenant Commander Scott Donnelly Chief Security Officer
formerly USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F)

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