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There are numerous shipyards located around the Federation. Although some newer classes are limited to specific locations, older vessels are often available for construction at all locations. The specific vessel locations will be listed on the individual class pages.

Simulation CO's may select where they would like their vessel constructed from the list below.

Sol System Shipyards

Small ships & shuttles, Civilian vessels, Modular components for large vessels

  • Abou-Ghazala Yard (Egypt, Earth)
  • Athini-Volos Yards (Greece, Earth)
  • Baikonur Yards (Russia, Earth)
  • Baltic Yards (Russia, Earth)
  • Biraktes Yards (New Zealand, Earth)
  • Brasilia Yards (Brazil, Earth)
  • Chandley Works Yards (Mars)
  • Clyde Bank Yards (Scotland, Earth)
  • Copernicus Yards (Luna)
  • Cosmadyne Yards (North America, Earth)
  • Guanghou Yards (China, Earth)
  • Ishikawajima Harima Yards (Japan, Earth)
  • Litton-Sedeco Yards (Hawaii, Earth)
  • Newport Yards (North America, Earth)
  • Olympic Yards (Mexico, Earth)
  • Puget Sound Yards (North America, Earth)
  • Rapier Dynamics Yard (Brazil, Earth)
  • Rodriquez Ingenieria Yards (Peru, Earth)
  • Salazzar Yards (Portugal, Earth)
  • San Francisco Yards (North America, Earth)
  • Sandia Yards (North America, Earth)
  • Singapore Yards (Thailand, Earth)
  • Tanami Yards (Australia, Earth)
  • Vickers Yards (England, Earth)

All Starfleet Vessels (any size)

  • Starbase One / McKinley Station (Earth Orbit)
  • Titan Yards (Saturn)
  • Utopia Planitia (Mars)

Other System Shipyards

  • Antares Yards (Antares IV)
  • Ariin Yards (Andor)
  • Avalon Yards (unknown)
  • Axaanivus Cesleco Yards (unknown)
  • Beta Hydri IV Yards *after 2274
  • Chiokis Yards (Andor)
  • Cochrane Yards (Alpha Centauri B)
  • Ferrata Yards (Beta Orion II)
  • Hakon Yards (Galena)
  • M'Yengh Yards (unknown)
  • New Aberdeen Yards (Aldebaran)
  • Nova Yards (Andor)
  • Rigel Yards (Beta Rigel, Tau 3 Eri)
  • Regula Yards (Alpha Leonis) - 6th Fleet Yard
  • Seskon Trella Yards (Tellar, 61 Cygnus)
  • Shuventis Yards (Vulcan, 40 Eridani-A)
  • Solaris Yards (Thelka IV)
  • Starbase 12 (Gamma 400, Near Deneva, Kappa Fornacis)
  • Starbase 47 (Near Cardassian border)
  • Starbase 67 (unknown)
  • Starbase 84 (unknown)
  • Szand Butu Yards (Izar)
  • Tau Ceti Yards (Tau Ceti)

Klingon Shipyards

  • Kalet Imperial Yards (unknown)

Romulan Shipyards

Cardassian Shipyards