Sigma Librae Outpost

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Sigma Librae Outpost is situated on the P-Class planet of Sigma Librae II. The base founded in 2384 after the crew of the USS Oberon were forced to construct emergency shelters on the surface after abandoning their vessel. Starfleet, keen to press on with the exploration of the Hurucan Sector saw the emergency camp as an opportunity, and ordered the construction of a dedicated Logistics Depot for the region. This has steadily been expanding especially with the commissioning of the Hurucan Sector Command.

The planet is borderline habitable, but is currently home to a number of Starfleet facilities including the Logistics Depot, and several mining and related processing facilities. It also serves as the hub for Starfleet's operations in the Sector, providing resupply for the starships of the 2nd Expeditionary Task Force, Sixth Fleet.

Sigma Librae is not entirely isolated. Roughly 100 lightyears from the Federation border, Sigma Librae is constantly resupplied by starships from Starbase 326, the nearest Federation facility. Currently, the USS Valkyrie - an Akira-class vessel - is assigned soley to serve as the supply vessel for the planet. It takes the Valkyrie roughly 16 days to complete each leg of the journey to and from Sigma Librae: with pauses at either end to reload the ship, the interval between supply runs is usually four to five weeks.

The Outpost was eventually supplemented by Zebra Station a much larger domed facility with a more temperate climate. The original outpost still remains as a small remote secondary facility.