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The Federation Constitution provides for a fleet of ships, with the mandate to seek out new life forms and new civilizations. These fleets serve as a monument and testament to the strength and stability of the ideals that the United Federation of Planets hold true.

Welcome to Sixth Fleet Command, headquarters for Starfleet's Sixth Fleet - the finest and most distinguished fleet in the United Federation of Planets. Sixth Fleet trains its personnel to execute their duties under the most adverse conditions, and to serve as examples of the finest that Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets have to offer.

The following are Sixth Fleet's current active simulations. Any Independent sims wishing to join Sixth Fleet may contact any of the CO's listed below, or one of the Fleet-Level Volunteers

USS Ariadne


Post Romulan tragedy profiteering is running rampant and Federation rivals, once held in check, have begun to test the Federation’s resolve. What on the surface appeared to be small individual incidents, have been revealed to be a concerted effort to destabilize the Federation. The USS Ariadne, first of the advanced Ariadne-class Starships under the command of Captain Kenya Danvers (Mark Hyacinth), is the lead team spearheading this new battle being waged in the shadows.
USS Bismarck


The USS Bismarck (NCC-1108-C) simulation follows the adventures of the Sovereign-class starship as it operates in the Pacifica Expanse, located on the farside of the Cardassian Union. The ship is currently commanded by Captain Tarem Ohneru (Scott Guymon).
USS Flambeau


After undergoing an extensive upgrade, the Norway Class USS Flambeau launched with a new command and crew assigned to execute peacekeeping patrols, facilitate scientific exploration and provide colonial support in the distant frontier region of the Beta Quadrant titled the Nordström Expanse. The ship is currently commanded by Captain Bruno Marini (Nathalie Chapman).
USS Hyperion


In light of recent uprisings of certain Klingon Houses trying to take flailing Romulan worlds by force for Glory and Honour, the USS Hyperion has been ordered to patrol the region of space between both empires, providing humanitarian aid to refugees and strengthening Federation Strongholds against the changing face of the galaxy. The Hyperion-class is currently commanded by Captain Grendon (Russell Elsom).
USS Pegasus


The USS Pegasus (NCC-85714) simulation follows the crew of the Vesta-class starship as they patrol the Kovak Expanse and defend the Federation and Cardassian Union. The ship is currently commanded by Captain J. Loren Ackerman (Brett Gann).
USS Saturn


Operating out of Starbase Far Reach, the USS Saturn (NCC-71801) has a long and prestigious history. Its primary mission is a diplomatic one, often acting as a means for the Federation's representatives to travel into neighboring territories. The ship is currently commanded by t'Miyaken Solo. (Graham Thomson).