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Sixth Fleet is a collection of autonomous simulations / writing groups. Each of the fleet simulations may follow their own timelines, plots and rules for operation.

The Fleet provides a simple structure to provide the group with shared resources such as web-hosting if needed, advertisement and training of new players if desired, and this site as an information database. Volunteers are in charge of administering the shared resources as needed.

Fleet History

Players from the Tango Fleet established the Sixth Fleet play-by-email role-playing game on April 30, 2006, after a series of turbulent and serious disputes within the Tango Fleet Command Council.

Sixth Fleet elected Carter Schimpff (also known as Robert Jones, who was Tango Fleet's final Commander-in-Chief prior to the split), to serve as the first Commander-in-Chief of Sixth Fleet. He developed a new and open home for Star Trek RPG players. Using Tango Fleet as a template from which to build, the fleet established a new Command Senate composed of each simulation's Commanding and Executive Officers, all members having equal voting rights.

The fleet adopted a revised version of the Tango Fleet Constitution, which established the basic framework for how the fleet would operate. By 2007, the fleet began to grow as some of the former Tango Fleet sims rejoined their friends in Sixth Fleet.

Since 2007 the fleet has remained stable with between 8-12 sims.

In January 2013 the Constitutional Republic system was scrapped by a near unanimous vote of the Command Senate in favor of a new model where each simulation is free to follow their own themes. Most former fleet hierarchy roles became volunteer positions.

Any new independent simulations may apply to join by contacting any Fleet CO or one of those serving in a Volunteer Administration role.

Command Lineage


The Federation Constitution provides for a fleet of ships, with the mandate to seek out new life forms and new civilizations. These fleets serve as a monument and testament to the strength and stability of the ideals that the United Federation of Planets hold true.

Welcome to Sixth Fleet Command; headquarters for Starfleet's Sixth Fleet - the finest and most distinguished fleet in the United Federation of Planets. Sixth Fleet trains its personnel to execute their duties under the most adverse conditions, and to serve as examples of the finest that Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets have to offer.

In Character

Sixth Fleet is a major numbered Fleet in Starfleet.