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Due to the unfortunate attack on Earth during the Dominion War, which claimed the lives of countless cadets at the Starfleet Academy campus in San Fransisco, the Federation Council and Starfleet Command determined that it was in the best interests of the United Federation of Planets to create several branch campuses in select locations.

The first such branch campus was established in the early days and weeks following the attack. Located on Alpha Centauri A: IV, Sixth Fleet Academy became the "only" Academy for a time until the main campus on Earth could be repaired and rebuilt.


The Sixth Fleet Academy Branch was established in 2377 to serve the training and personnel support needs of Sixth Fleet's forces. All Sixth Fleet personnel must first graduate the academy before being assigned to a ship. This applies both to Officer and Enlisted personnel. At the Academy cadets learn the vital skills required to be part of the fleet. Each cadet is assigned to an instructor who not only monitors their progress but also assists and guides them through the academy.

Sixth Fleet Academy also provides Expansion Courses. There is a separate course for each department, and on successful completion of an expansion course a trainee is awarded a ribbon to signify their achievement.


Academy Commandant
Academic Triad
Academy Instructors


Sixth Fleet Academy is located on Alpha Centauri A:IV (Centaurus Prime), an M class planet.

Alpha Centauri System

Alpha Centauri is a trinary system. The main star, "A" is a Yellow main sequence much like SOL. The "B" star is an Orange main sequence about 80% of SOL's size. The "C" star is most often called "Proxima Centauri" since it is the closest star to SOL. It is a Red dwarf star about 14% of SOL's size.

Training Materials

The Academy uses a fleet Players Guide to instruct players new to the fleet. Some players with previous experience may be able to take a shortened course (contact the Academy Commandant for details).

Advanced Studies Program

For those Sixth Fleet officers and enlisted staff who wish to excel further in their chosen area, the Academy offers specialized Advanced Studies courses, also known as expansion courses. These courses, which can be taken in the fields of Conn, Counseling, Diplomatic, Engineering, Intelligence, J.A.G, Marines, Medical, Operations, Science, Security, and Tactical are taught only by Academic staff who are experts in those fields.

All Sixth Fleet staff wishing to serve a department head (e.g as either Chief Medical Officer or Chief Intelligence Officer) must complete the associated expansion courses.

Advanced Studies courses may not be taken concurrently; they must be taken one at a time.

To apply, please include your Name, Fleet Rank, Current Positions, and the course you wish to apply for, and then contact the Academy Commandant at

Academy Ribbons

There are various Ribbons awarded to active and retired instructors, administrators of the Academy, and deserving Cadets. They are granted and awarded on the authority of the Academy Commandant.

They can all be found here - Sixth Fleet Academy Ribbons.

Academy Graduates

Every player within Sixth Fleet have passed through the doors of Sixth Fleet Academy one way or another.

The most recent ones can be found here - Sixth Fleet Academy Graduates

Command School

Any officer wishing to attain a command level position on a sim (XO or CO) must first have completed Command School. Interested candidates should first consult their Commanding Officer to seek a recommendation to apply.

The most recent Command School graduates can be found here - Command School Ribbon