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Starfleet is the cabinet-level agency of the Federation government responsible for the protection of the Federation, its member states, and citizens. Starfleet is under the direction of the Chief of Staff, Starfleet. The Starfleet Chief of Staff, also sometime called the Commander-in-Chief, Starfleet or just the Commander of Starfleet, is appointed by the Federation President and subject to approval of the Federation Council, they hold the rank of Fleet Admiral during their tenure.

Starfleet's organization generally falls into two groups; the Divisional or Service Branches and the Operational Fleet. Starfleet is composed of 12 Branches, each overseeing a specific niche or function at every level, the Commanders of these Branches, along with the Chief and Deputy Chief of Staff, Starfleet, compose the Senior Staff. The largest single function of Starfleet is the operation the The Fleet currently Starfleet's Fleet is organized into 10 numbered Fleets, each headed by an Admiral with headquarters spread across the Federation. These Admirals oversee the operations of their forces and operate them under the direction of Starfleet Command and the Chief of Staff who takes their orders from the President and Council.

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