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Starfleet Forces Cardassia (SFC) is the command established for all Starfleet forces assigned to the defend the Cardassian Union as outlined by the Federation-Cardassian Defence Pact following the Second Treaty of Bajor. The forces currently are composed of three Task Forces seconded from their respective Fleets to areas of operations broadly defined as one of the Union's three external boarders. In addition to reporting to their Fleets for administrative leadership, they report to Commander, Starfleet Forces Cardassia (COMSFC). Currently a Vice Admiral billet assumes responsibility for the strategic and policy planning of deployed forces. COMSFC and his or her staff work out of a purpose built headquarters on Cardassia Prime in the Furok area of Lakat City, the capital.

Commander, Starfleet Forces Cardassia (COMSFC)

COMSFC is currently billeted a Vice Admiral rank, with a modest staff for planning and operational coordination. Administrative and logistical support for forces still remain with each TFs parent fleet, eventually all of these will fall under SFC.

Headquarters, Starfleet Forces Cardassia

In mid-2390 the commander and staff moved into their new facility in the capital on Cardassia Prime. The facility is a nine story office building notable for its slightly curved design and transparent aluminum facade, an uncommon feature on the traditionally secretive Cardassia. The facade of the building is also emblazoned with the traditional Federation Starfleet insignia, the asymmetrical arrowhead without background, superimposed with the Cardassian national symbol instead of a typical Starfleet division symbol.

The headquarters build stands opposite a similarly designed nine story building that houses the Civil Defense Force and Intelligence Bureau headquarters. Suspended between them, in the center of the oblong shape the two builds compose, is the Cardassian Sector Operations Center which directs air and space traffic throughout the Cardassian Sector.


SFC utilizes a directorate staff system, where the Commander is supported by Directorates each with an area of focus and lead by a Director.

  • C0 Special Staff
    • Vice Admiral Zol Byketh - Commander, Starfleet Forces Cardassia
    • Rear Admiral Ryor Noccem - Deputy Commander, Starfleet Forces Cardassia
    • Gul-Tar Myo Nella - Senior Starfleet Liaison, Director of Starfleet Cooperations - Cardassian Civil Defence Force
  • C1 Personnel
  • C2 Intelligence
  • C3 Operations
  • C4 Logistics & Engineering
  • C5 Strategic Planning & Policy
  • C6 Communications
  • C7 Training & Exercises
  • C8 Resources
  • C9 Civil Affairs & Outreach

Current Forces Assigned

For a full list of assets assigned see Starfleet Forces Cardassia Deployments.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Northern Boarder
    • Operational Force - Task Force 61
    • Foreign Powers: Tzenkethi and Breen

  • Southern Boarder
    • Operational Force - Task Force 83
    • Foreign Powers: Talarians

  • Western Boarder
    • Operational Force - Task Force 94
    • Foreign Powers: Breen and Tholians

Operational Timeline

Fall 2389

  • SFC consist of a single deployed Task Group Headquarters (Task Group 611) within it's AOR.
  • Total Starfleet Forces; approximately 6 ships on station.

Spring 2390

  • SFCHQ reach interim operational capacity.
  • Each AOR maintaing a fully operation deployed Task Group.
  • Second Task Groups being deployed to each AOR.
  • Joint operations with CDF ships occurring.
  • Officer exchange with CDF serving aboard Starfleet vessels.
  • Total Starfleet Forces; approximately 30 ships on station.

Mid-Late 2390 (Present)

  • SFCHQ reach full operational capacity, HQ relocation underway.
  • 2-3 operation Task Groups in each AOR.
  • Task Force HQ begin relocation to respective AORs.
  • Total Starfleet Forces; approximately 30-40 ships in each AOR, approximately 100 ships on station.

Early 2391

  • SFCHQ reach full operational capacity on Cardassia Prime, and assume full spectrum responsibility for assigned assets.
  • Starfleet assumes full operational responsible for defence of the Cardassian Union.
  • Multiple Task Groups operational.
  • All Task Force Headquarters deployed and at full operational capacity.
  • Increased levels of Federation and Civilian aid and resources deployed to region.

Spring 2393

  • First graduating Academy class including Cardassians under Second Treaty of Bajor admission standards.