Steamrunner III-class

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This is a partial specifications list for the Steamrunner III-class starship as per Sixth Fleet's Design and Development Bureau. For the complete specifications please visit the DaDB site.

Steamrunner Class.jpg

The Steamrunner III is a sub-class of the Steamrunner-class.


Classification: Frigate
Role(s): Patrol / Escort / Carrier
Shipyard(s): Authorized for all
Production Stardate(s): 2379 - Present
Standard Mission: 1 Year
Recommended Overhaul: 5 Years

Section I: Dimensions

Hull: Duranium-Tritanium Double Hull
Armor: 8 cm Ablative
Length: 346.33 meters
Beam (width): 249.81 meters
Draft (height): 56.39 meters
Displacement: 1,605,000 Metric Tons
Decks: 16 (3.5 m per deck)
Structural Integrity Field: Class 6 (60 Kg/Cm Hull Stress Rating)

Section II: Personnel System

Crew Compliment: 175
Officers: 50
Enlisted: 125
Civilian: 0
Evacuation Limit: 5,750
Medical Facilities: Type 8, Mk. IV EMH

Section III: Propulsion & Power System

Warp (MARA) Engine: (1) Shuventis Class 11/M (540 TJ / Second)
Warp Nacelles: (2) Cochrane Type 6D5
Warp Ratings: Cruise: Warp 6
Max Cruise: Warp 9.2
Emergency: Warp 9.7 (12 hrs)
Impulse Engines: (1) Scott Class 8/E (390 MJ / Second)
Thrusters: Trentis Mk. IV pulsed Reaction Control System
Auxiliary Power: (4) Scott Class 4/E Fusion Generators (190 MJ / Second each)
Emergency Power: Class F (50 MJ / Second) *not included in total output!)
EPS System: Standard, minimum 95% Base Efficiency
Total Power Output: 513.011 TeraJoules / Second

Section IV: Operations System

Bridge Module: Intrepid Module
Auxiliary Bridge: None (Main Engineering only)
Separation System: None (Emergency only)

Section V: Tactical System

Phasers: (8) Type XI Arrays
Phaser Output: 48,000 GigaJoules
Torpedo Launchers: (3) Type I Burst Fire Quantam Launchers
Torpedo type / Amount: (100) Mk.VII Photon, (50) Mk.I Quantam
Shields: Zeta 5/E Class
Shield Recharge Rate: Type 5 (5 TJ / Second)
Shield Rating: 117 TeraJoules

Section VI: Other (Auxiliary Craft)

Escape Pods: 140 (4 person pods)
Shuttlebay(s): (2) Saucer Fore/Aft [through-deck]
Shuttles: (5) standard warp-capable
Fighters: (10) Peregrine (or equivalent size)
Shuttlepods: (5) sublight
Utility Craft: (2) Workbees
Runabouts: (0) Various Class
Captain's Yacht: None

Section VII: Editors Notes

This upgrade for the Steamrunner came available in 2379.