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Captain Steve Tranter
Academy Graduation May 2007
Command School Oct 2009
Birthdate August 9th
Location UK
Status Active Player

Captain Steve Tranter is currently playing aboard the USS Oberon and is also helping keep Memory Zeta tidy.

Service Record

The USS Athena was Steve's first experience in simming within Sixth Fleet when he joined the crew in May 2007. He became the Second Officer of the USS Cambrian for a time, before serving as acting Executive Officer of the USS Oberon.

After completing Command School in he took his intern mission aboard the USS Oberon and graduated in October 2009.

From March 2010 to July of the same year he was in Command of the USS Athena before reducing his role within the fleet due to other commitments.

In 2011 Steve returned to the fleet after a short sabbatical and rejoined the USS Oberon, reprising his role as Engineering Technician Nar'kh.

Fleet Roles

Dates Rank Position Assignment
2011-Present Y-E5.png Player USS Oberon


Dates Rank Name Position Assignment Status
2011-Present Y-E5.png Nar'kh Engineering Technician USS Oberon (NCC-80111) Active PC
2007- 2009 Y-E9.png Alexander Jackson Engineer Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards Inactive PC
2010 R-O6.png Douglas Makgill Command Officer Inactive PC
2008 - 2011 G-O4.png Te'len Thor Platoon Commander Inactive PC
2010 G-E5.png Ra Ghvol Marine Inactive PC

Commendations and Ribbons

GSMC2.pngHSCM6.pngInstructor Ribbon.pngAcademy Award.jpg
Intelligence Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgEngineering Expansion Course.jpgMedical Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgMarines Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg


Commander-in-Chief Distinguished Service Order (Fleet Level-August 10)

Order of Meritorious Service (Fleet Level-April 09)
Meritorious Unit Citation (Oberon-April 10)
Captain's Star x 4, (Thor-January 09)(Soral-February 09, March 10) (Fleet Level-April 10)
Medal of Honour x 2, (Fleet Level-July 08)(Soral-October 09)

Citation of Valour (Fleet Level-Feb 10)
Cross for Distinguished Service (Thor - April 10)
Conspicuous Merit Cross (Soral-July 09)
Cross of Distinction, (Jackson-August 08)

Honour of Excellence x 2, (Jackson-February 08)(Thor-Sept 10)
Act of Distinction x 2, (Jackson-July 07 & November 07)
Joint Service Achievement Medal (Soral & Thor-July 09)
Long Service Medal (T. Thor-USS Cambrian 3 Yrs)

General Service Medal (A. Jackson-USS Athena 200+ Posts)
Hurucan Sector Campaign Medal (+ 3 Bar, Soral-July, October 09, Feb 10. + 2 Bar, Thor-April, Sept 10)
Instructor Course Ribbon, October 2008
Sixth Fleet Academy Commendation, (Jackson-May 2007)

Intelligence Expansion Course Ribbon, September 2007
Engineering Expansion Course Ribbon, July 2007
Medical Expansion Course Ribbon, September 2007
Marines Expansion Course Ribbon, February 2008

Command School Ribbon, October 2009