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Full Name T'vor
Alias(es) N/A
Position Executive Officer
USS Cambrian
Species Vulcan
Born (2334)
Homeworld Vulcan
Status Player Character
Played by Seth Waite
Affiliation USS Cambrian
Actor Suzie Plakson

T'vor served as the Executive Officer of the USS Cambrian.


T'vor was born on Vulcan to T'Alda and Suren, professors of physics and philosophy respectively at the Vulcan Science Academy. She was raised to appreciate Science and Scientific exploration. At age 16 she experienced her first pon farr and was mated to Salek, a mate chosen by her parents. They had no children before his accidental death in 2353. T'vor was not present for her husband's funeral as she had begun the kolinahr ritual 2 years before. She returned home and was told the news by her mother. She responded by continuing to seek, what could be considered her only emotion, curiosity.

In 2354 she joined the Vulcan Science Academy and began her studies in Theoretical Warp Mechanics. (It could be equated with an Earth Doctorate.) Her thesis was on the theoretical possibility of a faster than warp drive based around a singularity. Although it was deemed to be a very interesting theory, it was considered too dangerous to attempt. The work with singularities intrigued her and she continued her studies, receiving another degree in Stellar Phenomena. These combinations led her to enter Starfleet as they only created a greater search for truth, as she believes that the universe is logically perfect, she desires to prove it.

Starfleet Academy

As seems to the be case with most Vulcans in Starfleet Academy, T'vor quickly made a name for her self. Her logical mind fit into the structure of Academia very well. She took classes in all subjects, often working straight through the night on assignments that were concurrently due. There are few stories from fellow cadets about T'vor as she had no interaction with any of them outside of classes.

There is one anecdote from the professor of Vulcan philosophy, "T'vor sat in the corner of the class and for the first semester I thought that she was just trying to get an easy grade, but at the Midterm she passed back not only the test, absolutely correct by the way, but she also gave me the PADD she had been working on all semester, it was a critique of my class and my ability to teach the subject material. I was of course shocked at first, but after reading it I realized that there is no higher praise from a Vulcan than to say that you are 'an average mind, that although it must stretch, grasps lightly at the concepts of Surak.' That was the best praise I could have received form her."

She graduated from the Academy as valedictorian of her class.

Starfleet Intelligence

After the graduation ceremony, now Ensign T'vor was approached by Admiral Andros with an offer to join Stafleet Intelligence. Although the desire to explore was primary in her mind, she accepted the position for the greater good of Starfleet. She was assigned to an undercover mission as a Vulcan scientist aboard Terok Nor from 2362 to 2368. During this time she relayed information about the Bajoran situation to Starfleet Intelligence.

After Terok Nor she was assigned too the USS Seras, a Section 31 ship assigned to the Cardassian and Bajoran systems. She worked as a black ops operative during the years preceding and continuing through the Dominion War.

After her service in Starfleet Intelligence and Section 31 she was transferred to the USS Destiny as the Chief Science Officer. She remained in this position for five years pursuing her goals of exploration and knowledge gathering.

Attache to the Admirals

Her service in Starfleet Intelligence had been followed by Admiral Andros and after her years of service he requested her as his personal attache. She held this position for three years before she was transferred to Admiral Natal under whom she served for four years. Upon completing this she was transferred to the USS Cambrian to be the Executive Officer.

Post Cambrian

After the decommissioning of the Cambrian T'vor resigned her Starfleet commission and returned to Vulcan to teach at the Vulcan Science Academy.


2354-6 W-blank.png Theoretical Warp Propulsion Vulcan Science Academy, Vulcan
2356-8 W-blank.png Stellar Phenomena Vulcan Science Academy, Vulcan
2358-62 T-C4.png Science Cadet Starfleet Academy
2375-80 T-O3.png Chief Science Officer USS Destiny NCC-42691
2380-83 R-O3.png Liaison to Admiral Andros USS Challenger NCC-71099
2383-87 R-O3.png Liaison to Admiral Natal USS Kearsarge NCC-57566
2387-88 R-O3.png Acting Executive Officer USS Cambrian (NCC-74986-A)
2388 R-O3.png Executive Officer USS Cambrian (NCC-74986-A)
2388 R-O4.png Executive Officer USS Cambrian (NCC-74986-A)
2388 W-blank.png Professor of Theoretical Physics Vulcan Science Academy

Personal Info

Family Data

LIKES: Perfection, although she has resigned herself to above average.
DISLIKES: The list is extensive, but the main points would be, Imprecision, Illogical Arguments, Emotional Reactions
TALENTS: A rather brilliant Warp Theoretician
LIMITATIONS: To see past the wall of Logic
HOBBIES: kal-toh

SPEAK: Federation Standard, Vulcan
READ: Federation Standard, Vulcan
WRITE: Federation Standard, Vulcan


Place of Birth Vulcan
Identifying Mark N/A
Height 1.6 Meters
Weight 48 kg
Build- Slight
Excerpt from Medical File-
"T'Vor is in excellent health, although refuses to disclose information regarding her pon farr." - Doctor Saman - USS Destiny
Excerpt from Psychological Profile
"T'Vor is logical to the core and psychologically balanced." Lt. Reagan - Ships Councilor - USS Destiny



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