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Tre'gok Portrait.jpg
Full Name Tre'gok
Position Chief Engineer
USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F)
Species Klingon, Male
Born 2362 (Age 35)
Homeworld Qo'noS
Status Player Character
Played by Seth Waite
Affiliation USS Hyperion,Federation

Lieutenant Commander Tre'gok was the Chief Engineer on the USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F)



Born on Qo'noS 2352, Tre'gok was raised by his Mother L'stor of the House of Mohn. He was raised with his brother, and the two of them were very interested in space and all it held as their Father was often away due to his commission with the Navy. There were a great many opportunities for the two of them to get into trouble, and they often did. They were inseparable even going through the Right of Ascension together, even though Tre'gok was 4 years younger. His father told him he was the youngest warrior in the family history, and gave him a bat'leth as a gift. It hangs on the wall of their family home on Qo'nos.

IKS B'rel

Starfleet Academy He joined Starfleet in 2373, and studied Engineering. In 2378 his father was diagnosed with a life threatening disease and chose to undergo the hegh'bat, and he asked his son to return to be his assistant. Tre'gok took 6 months to return to Qo'noS to settle his fathers affairs and assist him in the ceremony. After this he returned to the academy, completed his studies and graduating with top honors in 2380.

Starfleet Service Record His first assignment was on the USS Horizon, as an Engineer, from 2377-2383. In 2383 the Horizon docked at Starbase 326, and Tre'gok was requested to stay on to assist them with a major refit that was upcoming. At the completion of the refit he was reassigned to the USS Hyperion.

For actions above and beyond the call of duty, Tre'gok was promoted to Chief Engineer following the transfer of Commander Kiera Adams.

After the destruction of the Hyperion F Tre'gok was transferred to an outlying Klingon base to deal with unrest.

Klingon Defense Force Record

2367-2370 KLG-NE4.png Cadet Qo'noS
2370-2371 KLG-NO1.png Junior Engineer IKS B'Rel
2371-2373 KLG-NO2.png Engineer IKS B'Rel

Service Record

2373-2374 Y-C1.png Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
2374-2375 Y-C2.png Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
2375-2375 B-blank.png Civilian Qo'noS
2375-2376 Y-C3.png Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
2376-2377 Y-C4.png Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
2377-2379 Y-O1.png Engineer USS Horizon
2379-2381 Y-O2.png Engineer USS Horizon
2381-2383 Y-O3.png Gamma Shift Supervisor USS Horizon
2383-2387 Y-O3.png Engineering Consultant Starbase 326
2387 Y-O3.png Assistant Chief Engineer USS Hyperion
2388 Y-O3.png Chief Engineer USS Hyperion
2388 Y-O4.png Chief Engineer USS Hyperion
2388 Y-O5.png Chief Engineer USS Hyperion

Personal Records

Tre'gok is a reasonably typical Klingon male, valuing honor above all else and loyalty to ones family and crew. He was raised by his mother on Qo'noS as his father was traveling in the Navy.

He has always been a tinkerer, taking apart consoles and tech that his father was able to bring back to him from various different cultures.

His military service ground him into an all business, hard nosed engineer, but as he saw that this was not the norm in Starfleet he began to soften a bit around the edges.

He is still a no nonsense officer when it comes to his job, but off shift he is able to relax a bit more.

His hobbies include combat simulations, Klingon Opera (Not for the faint of heart) and tinkering.

Medical Records

"Tre'gok is as physically fit as any Klingon specimen, and ready for duty aboard his new posting." Dr. Riece - Starbase 326



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