USS Avalon (NCC-76262-A)

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Class Avalon-class
Registry NCC-76262-A
Status NPC
Special Commendations MUC.png - Feb. 2008(Swiftsure)

MUC2.png - Sept. 2008(Swiftsure)
MUC3.png - Oct. 2009(Poseidon)
CSC.png - May 2010(Poseidon)
MUC4.png - October 2012

After 4 years of deep, DEEP space over 50,000 LY from home, the Swiftsure & Poseidon crew have returned to the Federation. While the Federation kept expanding, a number of sectors among its vast territory have remained mostly unexploited. The Farlong Reefs, placed an equal distance from the Federation core, Klingon homeworld, and the Romulan Empire now lend their name to a newly created sector command. The mission is to foster its development by affirming a Starfleet presence, supporting colonies, trading ventures and a space mining operation implanted there.

For veterans of Outer Perseus and the Kell wars, it looks simple enough...


  • 2386: In late June the newly commissioned Avalon-A launched for its shakedown cruise. In July it journeyed to the Farlong Reefs where the ship and crew are permanently assigned. After a short layover to establish Mandukar Moonbase, which would become the new base of operations for the Avalon and its task force; the other four ships in the task force arrive, soon to be five:

Farlong Task Group

  • July 2386 the Avalon and its task force was sent to investigate the disappearance of a colony transport convoy that was passing through the Farlong Reefs. Two vessels were located trapped by an ion storm; the vessels all escape the reefs and continue back to Mandukar without further incident.
  • September 2386 the Avalon sets off on what should be a routine survey of a Class P planet in the Sancere star system. While on route an odd energy emission is detected from the Farlong Reefs, and the Avalon alters course to investigate. The ship is pulled into an alternate universe and had to follow clues to return home.
  • November 2386 the USS Avalon is on its way for a general inspection at Valencia Minefields when a suspect number of civilian freighters is detected heading for Nepenthe II, where the Order of the Living Heart had a congregation settle the planet. The entire Farlong Reefs task force will be hard put to defeat a plot of hatred and revenge aimed at destroying the sect and the Tree of Life.
  • 2387 after assisting the Romulans in the aftermath of the Hobus System disaster, the Avalon picks up faint clues of the USS Stardust which went missing in 2361. The survivors are located on an L-Class planet in unclaimed space on the far side of the Romulan Empire.
  • 2388 the USS Axanar (NCC-92701) arrived with a new task force to assist the Avalon. Commodore Stark transferred her command to the Axanar along with many of her crew.

Base of Operations

Farlong Reefs

Mission Reports