USS Hyperion (NX-7438)

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Class Hyperion-class
Registry NX-7438
Task Force Task Force 2
Status Active
Special Commendations

Our aim

To write, have fun, collaborate and explore new ideas...


The USS Hyperion is a Hyperion class starship currently on patrol in the M'Kieru Sector in the galactic west of the Beta Quadrant, directly between Klingon and Romulan Star Empires. The events of this simulation occur after the Hobus incident and the disappearance of Ambassador Spock and the destruction of the Romulan Star Empire.


In September 2388, following the destruction of the USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F) when it re-phased into our own space-time universe, the crew were left stranded on the planet Felona VIII where they were to await the arrival of the brand new ship and class, USS Hyperion NX-7438. The new ship will patrol the M'Kieru Sector as its predecessor did before.

In November 2388, The crew encountered a Klingon Bird of Prey adrift whilst repairing relay bouys on their shake down crew, whilst Commander Rachel Harrington conducted her Internship for Distant Learning Course for Command School. The crew of the Klingon Ship turned out to be changlings on a scouting mission to the Beta Quadrant. Commander Harrington enlisted the help of a friendly Klingon crew who appeared and took control of the alien Klingon vessel.

January 2389 saw the humanoid crew of the Hyperion come down with Dulgarian Flu whilst enroute to the Valt System. The had orders to search and rescue an unknown Starfleet Ensign by the name of Telsia Harrington.

January 2390 saw the Commanding Officer, Captain Douglas Irvine removed from command to follow a higher purpose as a Starfleet undercover operative. Sadly, Captain Irvine was recorded MIA in January of that year, leaving Commander Grendon to assume command. Starfleet Command promoted the commander to Captain following the completion of his Intern mission at Starfleet Academy, which he pass with flying colours and the top 2% of his class.

And so to a brand new chapter for the crew of the valiant USS Hyperion (NX-7438)...

Current Operations

Mission : Red, Green & Blue - On one side the remnants of the Romulan Star Empire, once a feared enemy, now humbled in the face of disaster. On the other the Klingon Empire, fired and thirsty for conquest and vengeance for their fallen comrades. Between them the thin blue line of Federation starships that patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone. But when two Romulan warbirds set a course for Federation space, the USS Hyperion stands alone between these two bitter enemies in an attempt to prevent the next interstellar war.

Latest OOC

We say farewell to the former long-term Executive Officer and Deputy Games Manager of the Hyperion, Andrea Mihalyi who retires through for RL. She takes with her her characters, Captain Rachel Harrington (COO) resigned from Starfleet and Lieutenant Telsia Harrington resigned from Starfleet.

Lieutenant Commander Jacob West is promoted to XO effective immediately.

We are recruiting now, if you are interested in joining our simulations, contact the commanding officer.

Crew Manifest

  • Grey Background (#B2B2B2) Indicates NPC
Rank Position Name Type
R-O6.pngR-blank-2.png Commanding Officer Grendon
Played by Russell Elsom
R-O4.pngR-blank-2.png Executive Officer Jacob West
Played by Dave Patterson
Y-E9.pngY-blank-2.png Chief of the Boat
and Master at Arms
Jordan Carter
Played by James Slattery
Y-O5.pngY-blank-2.png Mission Advisor Matthew Rutherford PhD SCE
Played by Dave Patterson
R-O4.pngR-blank-2.png Chief Flight Control Officer Andor Bholl
Played by Nigel Gillson
Y-O1.pngY-blank-2.png Operations Officer Stewart McIlravey (IV)
Played by Nigel Gillson
T-O4.pngT-blank-2.png Chief Medical Officer Brennen MacTaggart MD
Played by James Slattery
T-O1.pngT-blank-2.png Assistant Chief Medical Officer Catriona Sinclair MS PC
T-O2.pngT-blank-2.png Chief Science Officer Sykek
Played by Katy Darrah
T-O1.pngT-blank-2.png Science Officer
Planetary Specialist
Alison Hill
Played by Sam Jones
T-O3.pngT-blank-2.png Astrometrics Officer
and Assistant Chief Science Officer
Madison Conrad, PhD
Played by James Slattery
Y-O5.pngY-blank-2.png Chief of Security/Chief Tactical Officer Alistair Fields IV
Played by Russell Elsom
Y-O1.pngY-blank-2.png Security Officer Harry Stevens
Played by Graham Pallett
Y-E9.pngY-blank-2.png Master-at-Arms
and Chief of the Boat
Jordan Carter
Played by James Slattery
Y-O2.pngY-blank-2.png Engineer
Propulsion Systems Specialist
Daniel Walsh
Played by Dave Patterson

Recurring Characters

  • Grey Background (#B2B2B2) Indicates NPC
Rank Position Name Type
R-O4.pngR-blank-2.png JAG Hannah Lewis
Played by Russell Elsom

Mission Logs

These are the mission logs of the USS Hyperion (NX-7438) from Dec 2384 until present.

N/A Dec 2384 - Apr 2388 NCC Campaigns Archived Mission Logs These are the mission logs of the USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F) from its first mission on starting on December 5th 2384 (2008)
1 Apr 2388 - Aug 2388 NCC Final Campaign The M'Kieru Sector The final mission of the USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F). After being given command of the Hyperion by Admiral Ambler Furry, the former Commanding Officer, Captain Roshma Erti Xire Jul, or Rex for short, was ordered to take the ship and crew to their new base of operations Starbase 123, where Admiral Ambler Furry was to be the Sector Commander. Whilst there, Rex was given compassionate leave to bury his mother, sister and two brothers who died in a failed rescue attempt at Romulus, following the Hobus Incident. When the ship received a distress call, the crew find themselves being hijacked by slave-traders from an alternative reality who have the technology to jump between realities. However, something doesn't seem right when the crew start fighting for their freedom at the cost of the ship.
2 Oct 2388 - Dec 2388 Shaken Shakedown Campaign A Shaken Shakedown As part of her final training for Command School, Commander Rachel Harrington the Second Officer and Chief of Operations, takes command of the Hyperion with Commander Jennifer Evans as her Executive Officer. Captain Rex Jul and Commander Blake Cassidy take a trip of Earth for a conference allowing Commander Rachel Harrington to take command. During her seemingly simple mission of repairing relay buoys, the crew of the Hyperion discover a Klingon Bird of Prey adrift. Upon closer examination, an away team discover a strange layout on the bridge, a hidden room and strange Klingon crew who attack the away team without provocation.
3 Jan 2389 - April 2389 Shaken Shakedown Campaign Stitch in Time When a Federation Signal is discovered on a non-Federation aligned planet, Starfleet Command order the Hyperion to investigate, despite the distance from her main area of operations. The real reason for the orders soon become apparent when the crew discover the source of the signature is the USS Hyperion NCC-7438, a predecessor of the current ship what makes it worse, a rogue Klingon Captain, loyal to the House of Duras also detects the signal and investigates, assuming it is a Federation Look out post to spy on Klingon activity. However, things get turned upside down fairly quickly when the crew find them selves fighting the laws of physics as well as the Klingons. Can they find the source of the Hyperion signature before the Klingons do? Will they be able to rewrite their understanding of Physics and the Universe in order to prevent the artefact falling into the Klingon's hands?
4 May 2389 - Oct 2389 Shaken Shakedown Campaign The Peacekeeper Sometimes Peace is the cause of destruction. Sometimes Peace is misguided. Sometimes Peace. As the USS Hyperion is ordered to have a complete decontamination procedure at the Remmler Array orbiting Akaria Three, the crew settle down to helping Lieutenant Commander Grendon celebrate his anniversary with his wife and the month-long Festival of the Sky. Festivities are cut short when explosions rip through the Akarian Base, killing many and injuring many more. The crew come face to face with a new threat, the likes of which they have never experienced before.
5 Nov 2389 - April 2390 The Red Matter Campaign Red, Green & Blue On one side the remnants of the Romulan Star Empire, once a feared enemy, now humbled in the face of disaster. On the other the Klingon Empire, fired and thirsty for conquest and vengeance for their fallen comrades. Between them the thin blue line of the Federation and their starships patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone. But when two Romulan warbirds set a course for Federation space, the USS Hyperion stands alone between these two bitter enemies in an attempt to prevent the next interstellar war.
6 June 2390 - Present The Red Matter Campaign Pursuit Course A prison break from Starbase 143 leaves over twenty Romulan prisoners unaccounted for. Whilst most go to ground on the station, some escape from the station aboard a Federation runabout headed for the Neutral Zone. With a new captain and new first officer the Hyperion sets out to capture the fugitives and finds itself travelling trough more than just space in their attempt to stop them.

Ship Specific Awards/Ribbons

Command Lineage

Period Commanding Officer Executive Officer Second Officer
Mar 2012 - Dec 2012 Nigel Gillson Ander Shultis Andrea Mihalyi
Dec 2012 - May 2013 Nigel Gillson Andrea Mihalyi Ander Shultis
May 2013 - August 2013 Nigel Gillson Russell Elsom N/A
August 2013 - Jan 2014 Nigel Gillson Russell Elsom Andrea Mihalyi
Jan 2014 - May 2014 Russell Elsom Andrea Mihalyi Ander Shultis
May 2014 - Present Russell Elsom David Patterson N/A

Honour Roll

March 2388 (2012) - Rear Admiral Piotr Mierzejewski - for bringing the simulation back from the brink of almost death, I would like to make this permanent entry into the ship's log about Rear Admiral Mierzejewski exemplary work whilst he was the Commanding Officer of the USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F) - Entry by Commodore Gillson

May 2389 (2013) - Commander Ander Shultis - For being an outstanding XO during the time of transition from Piotr to myself and for showing an unswerving dedication to the USS Hyperion F and NX simulations even though real life threatened his enjoyment. His dedication and commitment to the simulation allows me to warrant a permanent entry into the ship's log. He will be missed. - Entry by Commodore Gillson

May 2389 (2013) - Commander Andrea Mihalyi - Andrea, also like Ander, struggled with overwhelming real life issues but still exhibited overwhelming dedication and commitment to the USS Hyperion NX-7438 as her 2O and later her XO. I have made this permanent record in the ship's log as a testament to her bravery and dedication. She will be missed.- Entry by Commodore Gillson

January 2390 (2014) - Commodore Nigel Gillson - Commodore Nigel Gillson, whilst already intending to retire from the simulation, showed great dedication to the Hyperion, remaining in command for an extended period of time to assist in revitalising the game with a new command crew. For his dedication, bravery and commitment, he is awarded with this permanent record in the ship's log. He will be missed.- Entry by Captain Elsom

October 2390 (2014) - Captain Andrea Mihalyi - Andrea, struggled with overwhelming real life issues but still exhibited overwhelming dedication and commitment to the USS Hyperion NX-7438 as her XO and Chief Operations officer. After returning to the ship she assisted greatly in the general running and command of the simulation. For this reasob I have made this permanent record in the ship's log as a testament to her bravery and dedication. She will be missed.- Entry by Captain Elsom

Rules and Regulations

USS Hyperion NX-7438
A Community of Science Fiction Writing

Joining Orders

As a member of the USS HYPERION PBeM RPG, you agree to:

1. create and submit to the command team, a logical and detailed biography for your character

USS HYPERION PBeM RPG defines a detailed biography to include:

  • Name
  • Species
  • Rank
  • Place of Birth (if known)
  • Back-story (a minimum of two paragraphs on character history prior to joining Starfleet and/or civilian position aboard ship/station)
  • Prior ship/station positions

2. create and submit to the command team, a basic player biography

Standing Orders

In addition to the above, as an active member you agree to:

3. start in a junior position for the duration of at least 1 mission (irrespective of your prior position and rank in Sixth Fleet and/or the USS Hyperion). Progression is purely at the Command Team’s discretion and will be based on your participation during mission.

USS HYPERION PBeM RPG defines a mission as an active storyline piece. Periods of shore-leave as determined by the Command Team will not count towards the required mission. Members who join the RPG more than two months after the initial briefing of a mission will be required to complete a full mission. Members joining within these two months will be determined to have passed this requirement, if a majority of the Command Team feels that such progression is warranted.

4. actively participate in each mission, barring LOA (planned or otherwise).
5. actively read every member’s post.
6. publish a MINIMUM of one post once every week (these refer to single player posts and NOT joint posts).

USS HYPERION PBeM RPG reserves the right to halt progression of rank if a player fails to maintain required posting levels during missions.

7. respond to every ‘tag’ to you in good time (two or three days is reasonable!)

USS HYPERION PBeM RPG Players who have requested a LOA are not required respond to a ‘tag’ until after the stated completion of their LOA. Response to a ‘tag’ during a LOA does not constitute an end to a LOA.

8. contribute significantly to joint posts (JPs) you have been added to.
9. write with proper English (i.e. spelling, grammar and punctuation).
10. remain courteous and polite when talking with other members.
11. request an LOA to any member of the Command Team for any planned absences or send one in as soon as practicable for unplanned LOA.

Failure to meet any of these nine statements will result in a two strike system:

Strike 1: You will be contacted by a member of the command team, informing you of consequences if no post is sent within the next 7 days.

Strike 2: You will be removed from the group upon failing to post for two consecutive weeks.

You will be able to rejoin the simulation at a later date, but will resume from a junior position and with a BRAND NEW character.


There are several different functions to the NOVA system that have specific purposes:

MISSION POST This is purely for your storyline content. It is prohibited to post anything other than in character posting here.

PERSONAL LOG This is a new concept for the RPG world. Here you can post an optional additional post for your character.

NEWS ITEMS These are purely for Command Team use to keep all members informed.

PRIVATE MESSAGES These are to be reserved for private discussion between players. This is your way of communicating with the Command Team.

Improper use of these facilities will result in messages being deleted.

Problems and Concerns

If a member has a problem in regards to the writing group or any other member, then they must first contact the Assistant Games Manager privately in the first instance. If they are unavailable or have not responded to your message within two days, you should contact the Deputy Games Manager privately. The Games Manager should be contacted as a last resort or will be brought in on serious disciplinary matters.

Duties of Command Team

Games Manager

  • Usually the Commanding Officer
  • Starting and finishing of missions/shoreleave
  • Maintenance of NOVA system
  • Maintenance of Memory Zeta
  • Liaise with personnel in Sixth Fleet
  • Design mission plots
  • Submit a minimum of 8 posts/collaborations a month

Deputy Games Manager

  • Usually the Executive Officer
  • Assist the GM in mission design/running
  • Assumes the role of GM in the absence of the GM
  • Assists in the maintenance of the NOVA and Memory Zeta sites
  • Assists in the management of the writing group
  • Organising POTM competition each month
  • Submit a minimum of 8 posts/collaborations a month
  • Liaises with department heads regarding lack of activity with players

Assistant Games Manager

  • Usually the Second Officer
  • Assumes the role of the DGM in the absence of the DGM
  • Liases with Department Heads to ensure smooth running of departments
  • Deal with concerns of members as and when required
  • Submit a minimum of 8 posts/collaborations a month

Department Heads

  • Submit a minimum of 6 posts each month
  • Coordinate mission assignments with Command Team
  • Maintains regular dept. activity by handing out IC duties to subordinates (many of which will be NPCs)
  • Oversees subordinates to maintain a smooth running and active department

You’re considered to be a mentor to help subordinates along with any simming issues they may have and submit informal reports if requested to the 2O of their progress

  • May assign an assistant (if one is not present) at the discretion of the CT

Multiple Positions

Members writing a single character, whose roles cover multiple positions i.e AGM (8 post minimum) and Engineering Department Head (6 post minimum), are required to post to the higher post requirement. Members writing as multiple characters are required to post to the required posting level for each INDIVIDUAL character.

Privacy Policy

USS Hyperion NX-7438 PBeM RPG Privacy USS Hyperion takes the issue of privacy very seriously and we are committed to protecting and respecting our users’ privacy. This Privacy Statement sets out our current data processing practices and should be read in conjunction with our Rules and Regulations. If you have any queries or concerns regarding these practices, you should contact us immediately.

The Information we collect

We will collect personal information from each player for the sole purpose of managing the game environment. Of this, the only data we will collect and keep securely, are the following:

  • Real Name - for communication
  • Age - for purposes of membership being 13 years or over

Sharing of data

We may share data supplied by you (or collected about you) with parts of Sixth Fleet ( We will NEVER sell your details/data to a third party. All data (see above) is kept securely on an online spreadsheet and is passworded for extra protection.

Legal jurisdiction

All personal information and details held on and processed by computers are situated in the United Kingdom and the EU.

Disclosure of data by order of a Court and Security

We reserve the right to communicate a Member’s personal information as we hold to third parties who are empowered by regulation, statute or order of a court.

We have security measures in place to protect our customer database. Access to this database is restricted internally. However, it remains each Member’s responsibility:

  • to keep their password secret;
  • to protect against unauthorised access to your personal Details;
  • to log off from the server when not using it; and
  • to ensure against use by anyone else of the server through the machine that Member uses while they are “logged on” to the server.

Cookies uses small files known as “cookies” to enhance your use of the site. They have the following functions:

  • To hold Members’ login information. This option can be turned off by switching the “Remember Your Password” option to “No” in your registration details.
  • To ensure the best use of the service by Members, by means of a temporary cookie. These cookies disappear when the Member’s browser session ends, or if the Member clicks the “sign off” text.

This website does not store any information that would, on its own, allow us to identify individual users of this service without their permission. Any cookies that may be used by this website are used either solely on a per session basis or to maintain user preferences. Cookies are not shared with any third parties.

The Data Protection Act

You can obtain further information about data protection laws by visiting the Information Commissioner’s website at