USS Lancelot (NCC-74410)

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Class Nebula-class
Registry NCC-74410
Status Active
Special Commendations MUC2.png - (2011, 2012)

The USS Lancelot is a Mark III Nebula-Class Explorer, in service with the Federation Starfleet. Presently, it is the flagship of Task Group Excalibur of the Sixth Fleet's Task Force 1. It is currently operating in the vicinity of the now ever-changing borders of the Klingon Empire and what remains of the Romulan Star Empire, with the goal of keeping the peace and protecting those Romulan colonies that have asked for Federation protection. It's homebase is Starbase Sierra 6

Current Operations

The ship is currently on patrol near the borders of the Romulan Star Empire and the Klingon Empire, after having undergone repairs following a mission to rescue the crew of the USS Omaha from Romulan forces. Due to the uncertain status of the Treaty of Algeron, Starfleet Command has issued a special dispensation to allow the Lancelot to operate a salvaged Cloaking Device, while operating near Romulan space and operating out of Starbase Sierra 6.

Crew Manifest

Rank Position Name Species Type
R-O6.png Commanding Officer Captain James Smith
Played by Reece Savage
Human Male PC
R-O5.png Executive Officer Commander Taylor Fields
Played by Renee
Human Male PC
Y-O4.png Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Michael Lancaster
Played by David
Human Male PC
R-O2.png Chief Flight Control Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Callandrea Haversford
Human Female PC
R-O3.png Chief Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Bejal Tarin
Played by Matt Carlson
Trill (Unjoined) Male PC
Y-O3.png Chief Security Officer Lieutenant Emily Daniels
Played by Rachael
Human Female PC
Y-O1.png Security Officer 'Ensign Teravek Gukkul
Played by Brad Harris
El-Aurian Male PC
Y-O1.png Brig Officer Ensign Keri Ryan
Human Female NPC
Y-E7.png Master-at-Arms Chief Petty Officer John Jones
Human Male NPC
Y-O4.png Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Commander Michael Lancaster
Played by David
Human Male PC
Y-O2.png Assistant Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant J.G. T'Mir
Vulcan Female NPC
Y-O1.png Flight Deck Operations Officer Ensign Theyla Soorg
Played by Philip
Vulcan Female PC
Y-O2.png Transporter Operations Officer Lieutenant JG Manny Duncan
Human Male NPC
Y-O2.png Supply Operations Officer Lieutenant JG Keval
Andorian Male NPC
Y-E8.png Boatswain Senior Chief Petty Officer Tala-Maya
Gazerite Female NPC
Y-O4.png Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant Commander Bearis 9
Played by Brad Harris
Vorta Male PC
Y-E9.png Assistant Chief Engineering Officer Master Chief Petty Officer Kheyl
Played by Matt Antrobus
Klingon Male PC
Y-O1.png Engineering Officer Ensign Rayasrihasti Emarinsani
Played by Heather
Human Female PC
Y-O3.png Matter/Energy Systems Specialist Lieutenant Debbie Gless
Human Female NPC
Y-O2.png Damage Control Specialist Lieutenant JG Richard Probst
Human Male NPC
Y-O2.png Structural/Environmental Specialist Lieutenant JG Meela Valerin (Double)
Bolian Female NPC
Y-O1.png Propulsion Specialist Ensign Brian Novotny
Human Male NPC
T-PO3.png Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Tyrrelius U'Rano
Played by Brad Denman
Romulan Male PC
G-O3.png Astrometrics Officer Captain Taras Orlov
Played by Brian Teran
Romulan Male PC
T-O2.png Science Officer Lieutenant JG Slovok
Vulcan Male NPC
T-O3.png Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Gwendolyn Tallis
Played by Kim Fogle
Human Female PC
T-O2.png Assistant Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant JG Ethan Matthews
Played by David Patterson
Human Male PC
T-O1.png Counselor Ensign Siler Kinis
Played by Malcolm Goodman
Human Male PC
T-O2.png Surgeon Lieutenant JG Nitra
Deobulan Female NPC
T-O2.png Head Nurse LIeutenant J.G. Jacob Sheppard
Owned by David
Human Male Owned NPC
T-O1.png Nurse Ensign Nidia Aguayo
Human Female NPC
T-O1.png Nurse Ensign Ren Sato
Human Male NPC
T-E3.png Nure Crewman Sulina Ared
Bajoran Female NPC
T-E3.png Nurse Crewman Chloe Taylor
Human Female NPC
G-O3.png Marine Commanding Officer Captain Bowman Akers
Played by Piotr Mierzejewski
Human Male PC
G-E8.png First Sergeant Master Sergeant Jorge Sanchez
Human Male NPC
W-Blank.png Bartender Jacob Greene
Human Male NPC
W-Blank.png Civilian Cinder the Cat
Felis catus NPC
W-Blank.png FNN Reporter Kara Karemm
Human Female NPC


Command Linage

Period Commanding Officer Executive Officer
2374 to Feb. 2376 R-O6.png Charles Hunt Y-O4.png James Smith
Feb. 2376 to Oct. 2376 R-A1.png S'Slanne R-O4.png Derik Turner
Oct. 2376 to Feb. 2378 R-A1.png Derik Turner R-O5.png Maximilian Kelly
Oct. 2376 to Feb. 2378 R-O6.png Maximilian Kelly G-O5.png Thomas Driscoll
Feb. 2378 to Feb. 2379 R-O6.png Bron Mahon G-O4.png Chad Tiffin
Feb. 2379 R-O6.png Chad Tiffin Y-O5.png James Smith
Feb. 2379 to May 2381 R-O6.png James Smith Y-O4.png Paul Toddman
May 2381 to June 2384 R-O3.png Gerard de Jong during refit none none
June 2384 to Dec. 2386 R-O5.png Jonathan DarkSky during shakedown none none
Dec. 2386 R-O6.png James Smith R-O5.png Jonathan DarkSky
Dec. 2386 to Dec. 2387 R-O6.png James Smith R-O5.png Evan Logan
Dec. 2387 to Dec. 2388 R-O6.png James Smith R-O4.png Nathan Rowe
Dec. 2388 to Feb. 2389 R-A1.png James Smith R-O5.png Taylor Fields

Tango Fleet Era

The USS Lancelot NCC-74410 was originally a Nebula Class starship in service with Tango Fleet from 1998 to 2003. In 2003 the sim was taken over by Cian Benoit (blacklisted within Sixth Fleet) the sims legacy was altered and the sim changed dramatically. Eventually it was recommissioned as a Sovereign Class USS Lancelot NCC-74410-A. The sim eventually closed in 2007 before the Tango Fleet / Sixth Fleet split. Recently it has been revived in Sixth Fleet in the form of it's legacy, as a Nebula Class, and ignoring the exploits post 2003. An alternate history is being devised with the sim being returned to it's original purpose and character. The USS Lancelot - A is considered to not have existed.

Mission Reports

Seasons 1-7 (1996-2003)

Most of the Missions in the Lancelot's original seven year run have been lost. A few logs of certain missions remain, and will be compiled as time permits.

Seasons 8-Present (2010-Present)

Season 8
8.1 - New Beginnings
8.2 - e tu, Remus?
8.3 - A Voice in the Night
8.4 - Shadow Puppets
8.5 - Outbreak
8.6 - Knight Moves
8.7 - Links to the Past