USS Pegasus (NCC-53847-E)

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Class Steamrunner III-class
Registry NCC-53847-E
Status Inactive
Special Commendations MUC.png - October 2011

The USS Pegasus (NCC-53847-E) is a Steamrunner III-class starship assigned to Starfleet's Sixth Fleet and operating out of Starbase 425 in orbit of Balkora III. The Pegasus currently patrols the Federation border with the Cardassian Union.


The Dominion War is a decade concluded and the Borg have become a more manageable foe. The Federation is finally at peace. Yet at the fringes of this powerful alliance of planets, the roots of power have begun to crumble. New ideas of independence and protection by isolation have taken root in once loyal systems. Veterans of bloody wars with massive amounts of war material turn into mercenaries and pirates. Neighboring systems prepare to settle scores long forgotten.

The age of the capital warship is closing. As the larger vessels turn their bow rimward to explore, the interior guarded with lighter forces. The gaps of space left unexplored, discovered. Those who would threaten the peace, brought to justice. Based out of Starbase 425, the USS Pegasus E takes up the gauntlet of its predecessors; to protect the safety of the Federation.

Returning to its roots, the Pegasus-E is a nimble vessel, relying not on brute strength, but the power of versatility to take on anything that might threaten it.

Current Operations

Following the Dominion War, the peace accords signed stated that the Cardassian military was forbidden from building up their military forces. The recent discovery of a new build up of Cardassian military forces has caused alarm among both the Federation Council and the Cardassian Detapa Council. As a result the Detapa Council has invited the Federation to begin negotiations for the dismantling of the Cardassian fleet.

The Federation Council dispatched Brigadier General Ambler Furry to lead the initial negotiations and assigned the new USS Pegasus to ferry him to Cardassia Prime. Failing to successfully demilitarize Cardassia, Brigadier General Furry was reassigned and a new delegation is en route.

The Pegasus, under the command of Elizabeth Bradley, will patrol the Cardassian border, support the diplomatic mission to Cardassia, and investigate the new Bajoran terrorist organization, the Children of the Prophets.

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Crew Manifest

The USS Pegasus has a compliment of 175 crew members, consisting of fifty officers and one-hundred twenty five enlistees.

  • Grey Background (#B2B2B2) Indicates NPC
Chief Petty Officer
Rank Position Name Type
R-O6.png Commanding Officer J. Loren Ackerman
Played by Brett Gann
R-O5.png Executive Officer Turrel Kratz
Played by Dan Woodward
R-E5.png Captains Yeoman Matthew Reynolds NPC
R-O3.png Chief Conn Officer Jonathan Rutherford
Played by Dave Patterson
R-O1.png Conn Officer Thom Harrison NPC
Y-O3.png Chief Operations Officer Chase Mercer
Played by James Slattery
Y-O3.png Operations Officer Allison Stratton
Played by Graham Pallett
Y-O1.png Operations Officer - Transporter Specialist Dale Jaxsom NPC
Y-O2.png Chief Engineering Officer Christopher McLean
Played by Scott
Y-O1.png Assistant Chief Engineering Officer James Doody
Played by Bill West
Y-O2.png Engineering Officer Billy Moore
Played by Brett Gann
Y-E6.png Engineer's Mate Kurak Son of Hon'tihl
Played by Matt Antrobus
Y-O4.png Chief Security/Tactical Officer Dan Mitchell
Played by Antony Leigh
Y-O3.png Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer Abhaya "Haya" Bhakta NPC
Y-O1.png Security Officer Dorak son of L'Kor
Played by Marthese Bugeja
Y-E6.png Master-At-Arms Alexander Corvo
Played by Rich Bailey
Y-E4.png Gunner's Mate Alicia Yates NPC
T-O3.png Chief Medical Officer Dr. Victoria Cross
Played by Marthese Bugeja
T-O1.png Surgeon Dr. Dave McKay NPC
T-O3.png Counselor Dr. Pax Voht NPC
T-O1.png Counselor Carter Anderson
Played by Brett Goodson
T-E4.png Counselor's Aide Tyrm Narol NPC
T-O4.png Chief Science Officer Shaun Williams
Played by Graham Pallett
T-O3.png Science Officer - Alien Anthropologist Silas Gaine, PhD
Played by Brett Gann
T-O3.png Science Officer - Biologist Madison Conrad
Played by James Slattery
T-O3.png Science Officer - Astrometrics Terry Watkins
T-E6.png Scientist's Mate Heidy Dilucca
Played by Jake Beaver

Deck Chart

Deck Primary Divisions Primary Facilities
1 Command, Operations Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Briefing Room
2 Command, Operations Executive Officer's office, Chief CONN Officer’s office, Chief Operations Officer's office, Quartermaster's office, Boatswain's office, Yeoman's office
3 Diplomatic Diplomatic Facilities, Chief Diplomatic Officer’s office, Senior Officer's Quarters, VIP/Guest Quarters, Transporter Room 1
4 Science Science Labs 1-9 (multipurpose, including Astrometrics), Chief Science Officer’s office, Officer’s Quarters
5 Medical, Operations Sickbay, Specialized Medical Science Lab, Chief Medical Officer's office, Counselor's office, Primary and Secondary Computer Core Control rooms, Officer Quarters
6 Personnel Main Lounge, Mess Hall, Holodeck, Holosuites 1-6, Gymnasium, Transporter Room 2, Cargo Bays 1-2, Cargo Transporter, Primary and Secondary Computer Cores, Crew Quarters, Docking Ports
7 Security Chief of Security’s office, Tactical Advisor's office, Brig, Phaser Range, Ship's Armory, Torpedo Launchers, Weapon Control room, Primary and Secondary Computer Cores, Deuterium Storage Pods, Marine Barracks, Crew Quarters
8 Engineering, Flight Operations Engineering (upper), Warp Core, Industrial Replicators, Flight Operations, Flight Deck (upper), Torpedo/Probe Magazine, Auxiliary Weapon Control room, Crew Quarters
9 Engineering, Flight Operations Engineering (lower), Warp Core, Industrial Replicators, Chief Engineer's office, Warp Nacelle access, Access to decks 10-16, Flight Deck (lower), Transporter Room 3, Cargo Bays 3-4, Cargo Transporter, Crew Quarters
10 Engineering Anti-Matter Storage Pods, Life Support Systems
11 Engineering Navigational Deflector Control room, Long Range Sensor Control room
12 Engineering Navigational Deflector (upper)
13 Engineering Navigational Deflector (middle), Long Range Sensor Array
14 Engineering Navigational Deflector (middle), Long Range Sensor Array
15 Engineering Navigational Deflector (lower)
16 Engineering Tractor Beam Emitter, Waste Processing/Recycling Center

Honour Roll

Command Linage

Period Commanding Officer Executive Officer
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