USS Rising Star (NCC-35411)

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USS Rising Star
Class Miranda Class
Registry NCC-35411
Assignment Hurucan Sector
Status Active

The USS Rising Star (NCC-35411) an aging Miranda-class vessel was launched during the early 24th Century, and served as a border patrol vessel for several decades during the Romulan-Federation hostilities of the period, and the Cardassian Wars that followed. During the 2360s and early 70s her role was userped by some of the more advanced vessels being developed at the time, and she was reassigned to more menial duties as a courier. However, with the outbreak of the Dominion War she was returned to combat duty, and served as an Escort Destroyer to larger vessels such as the Galaxy-class, providing much-needed protection against the fast and agile Jem'Hadar Fighters.

Following the war the Rising Star was redeployed to patrol duties, first along the Cardassian Border, then the Romulan Border following Shinzon's Rebellion, and then eventually along the Federation's coreward border with deep space. She was intially based at Starbase 326, but was later redeployed to escort the USS Cambrian (NCC-74986-A) as part of Starfleet's efforts to provide safety and security to the vessels exploring the contested Hurucan Sector.