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Admiral Kreg Asay
Academy Graduation 1997
Command School 1999
Birthdate July
Location Utah, USA
Contact kreg.asay (at) gmail (dot) com
Status Retired Player

Admiral Kreg Asay was a Sixth Fleet player between 1997 and 2012.

Service Record

Kreg Asay joined Tango Fleet in December 1997 as the first Diplomatic Officer in the fleet with the character of Kendrick Fox.

After a few months on the USS Pegasus he returned to the Academy as an instructor, and created the Diplomatic Corps for Tango Fleet. In the spring of 1999 Kreg completed Command School and became the XO of the newly launched USS Dauntless, but after around 6 months he received the honor of starting a sim of his own - Starbase Tango (SBT).

Within a few months after SBT's creation he was named the Academy Commandant for Tango Fleet, and seeing an interesting opportunity to improve upon the Academy, proposed the creation of a Training Sim based at the Starbase. After a successful test run, the Academy Sim based at Starbase Tango was established in August 2000.

Kreg remained as Academy Commandant, and the CO of SBT until July 2001 when he was elected Commander-in-Chief of Tango Fleet, and served until November 2002. He returned to SBT as Academy Commandant for a short term until Nov. 2003 when he retired from Tango Fleet.

Returning to the fleet in January 2006 when the USS Dauntless was re-launched, he followed into 6th Fleet when it split off. Served as Senior Instructor at 6th Fleet Academy from 2006 - early 2008.

Most recently Kreg served as the Chief of Creative Resources, chair of the Design and Development Bureau, formerly served as co-editor of the fleet's newsletter in 2011, and was a member of the USS Avalon.

Kreg retired from all active roles within the fleet during late 2012, his only role now is Memory Zeta Administrator.

Fleet Roles

Dates Rank Position Assignment
2013 R-A4.png Administrator Memory Zeta Wiki


Dates Rank Name Position Assignment Status
2016-Present Y-E6.png Belen Boatswain USS Flambeau (NCC-79901) NPC
2016-Present R-O3.png Ssarth Kopeg Engineer USS Flambeau (NCC-79901) NPC
2016-Present Y-E7.png Borada Physician's Mate USS Flambeau (NCC-79901) NPC

Inactive Characters
Rank Name Last Position Last Assignment
Y-E9.png Bru'kh Construction Master Chief Farlong Reefs, Mandukar Moonbase
Y-E6.png Basil Allsop Boatswain USS Axanar
R-O6.png Ken Mace Captain USS Omar Khayyam
R-O6.png Kendrick Fox Judge Advocate General Farlong Reefs, Mandukar Moonbase
Ruud Civilian Merchant Farlong Reefs, Mandukar Moonbase
Y-E9.png Ke'nar'ek Construction Master Chief (2008) Perseus Complex
Sarat Shop Owner / Musician (2006) New Deridous
KLG-NO2.png K'rag Engineer (1997) - deceased IKC Sang
R-A3.png Steven Mace CO (1999-2001) Starbase Tango
R-A1.png Sobel Scientist (Retired StarFleet) (2008-10) Perseus Complex
Yasa Jokil Colony Administrator (2007) New Deridous
Y-E5.png "Zed and Unit" Computer Specialists (2001) Starbase Tango

Fleet Administration History
Dates Position Assignment
1997-2000 Corps Chief Tango Fleet Diplomatic Corps
1998-1999 Academy Instructor Tango Fleet Academy


Academy Commandant Tango Fleet Academy
2001-2002 Commander-in-Chief Tango Fleet
2001-2003 Dean of Command School Tango Fleet Academy


Academy Instructor Sixth Fleet Academy
2011-2012 Chief of Creative Resources Department of Creative Resources
2006-2012 Design and Development Bureau Chair Design and Development Bureau
2012-2012 Adviser Design and Development Bureau
2012-2012 Adviser Department of Creative Resources

Commendations and Ribbons


Senior Instructor Ribbon.pngInsRecogRib.pngIns50Cadet.png
Conn Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgIntelligence Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgDiplomatic Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgJAG Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg
Operations Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgEngineering Expansion Course.jpg Security Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgTactical Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg
Medical Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgCounselling Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgScience Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgMarines Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg


2002 - Citation of Valour - (Starbase Tango)
2002 - Honor of Excellence - (Deridous IV)
2002 - Act of Distinction - (Deridous IV)
2002 - Starfleet Star - (as Tango Fleet CinC)
2002 - Order of Meritorious Service - (as Tango Fleet CinC)
2003 - Citation of Valour 2nd - (Deridous IV)
2004 - Starfleet Star 2nd - (retirement from Tango Fleet)
2006 - Captain's Star - (USS Dauntless-A)
2007 - Commander-in-Chief Distinguished Service Order (DaDB)
2008 - Captain's Star 2nd - (New Deridous)
2008 - Meritous Unit Citation - (USS Swiftsure)
2008 - Citation of Valour 3rd - (USS Swiftsure)
2009 - Captain's Star 3rd - (USS Swiftsure)
2009 - Meritous Unit Citation 2nd - (USS Poseidon)
2009 - Long Service Medal 1 year - (USS Poseidon)
2009 - Commendation for Brave Conduct - (USS Poseidon)
2009 - Conspicuous Merit Cross - (USS Poseidon)
2010 - Honor of Excellence 2nd - (USS Poseidon)
2010 - Conspicuous Service Cross - (USS Poseidon)
2010 - Star for Loyalty and Merit - (USS Poseidon)
2010 - Long Service Medal 2 year - (USS Avalon)
2010 - Captain's Star 4th - (USS Avalon)
4/2011 - Commander-in-Chief Distinguished Service Order 2nd - (Senate Adviser)
10/2011 - Commander-in-Chief Distinguished Service Order 3rd - (DCR/DaDB)
12/2016 - Meritous Unit Citation 3rd - (USS Axanar)

Served as Academy Commandant and / or Instructor at Tango Fleet Academy and 6th Fleet Academy. Graduated over 100 Cadets since 1998. Wrote/rewrote, adapted, and taught all Expansion Courses at both TFA and 6FA while serving as Commandant and Instructor.