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A Vulcan Female


Description: Humanoid, Bipedal
Size: Medium
Hair: Black
Skin Pigment: Tan/Dark
Native Planet: Vulcan (Native Name: T'Khasi)
Quadrant: Alpha

Distinguishing Features

A Vulcan Male

Vulcans exhibit many distinguishing features, perhaps the most promenant of which are sharply pointed ears. Other distinguishing features include inhanced strength (compared to Terrans), green-tinged blood, and nictating membranes in the eyes.


The Vulcan race is much older than the Terrans, becoming a warp-capable species during roughly the same time that the Terrans were ending the Greek era. They developed their dedication to logic after long wars which eventually led to a large segment of the population breaking off to form the Romulan race. A later break off of either group may have led to the creation of the the Rigelian race.

The Vulcans dedicated their exploration of space to science, and tracked many developing worlds, such as Earth. In the mid 21st Century the Vulcans made First Contact with the Terrans after learning that they had developed Faster Than Light (Warp) capabilities. Trade alliances were formed between Vulcan, Earth and several other friendly worlds - which would eventually develop into the United Federation of Planets in 2161.

Traits and Abilities

Vulcans have several different traits, traditions, and abilities that are unique to the species, and that differentiate them from other races in the universe.

Pon Farr

This represents the Vulcans' link to their mates. Once every seven years, Vulcans must return home to take a mate (or rejoin one already taken). This drive is very strong, and cannot be resisted long.

Vulcan Mind-Meld

This skill effectively links two minds together and allows one to search the other's motives, memories, etc. After the initial contact, two willing people may freely exchange memories, information, and feelings. Under these circumstances, the mind-meld causes no stress or loss of fatigue. If the link is made by force, or if one is unwilling it causes extreme stress on both and a period of rest is required.

Vulcan Nerve Pinch

The purpose of the attack is to render a humanoid unconscious by doing as little true damage as possible. To attack with this skill, an attack must be made at the defender's neck. If the attack is successful, the defender will fall unconscious for 5-15 minutes.

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