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This is a partial specifications list for the Workbee-class utility craft as per Sixth Fleet's Design and Development Bureau. For the complete specifications please visit the DaDB site.


Classification: Utility Craft
Role(s): Multi-purpose (by attachment)
Shipyard(s): Authorized for all
Production Stardate(s): 2340 (though older versions have been around since the 2200's)
Standard Mission: 0
Recommended Overhaul: 5 Yr

Section I: Dimensions

Hull: Duranium-Tritanium Single Hull
Armor: None
Length: 3 meters
Beam (width): 1.8 meters
Draft (height): 1.4 meters
Displacement: 0.5 Metric Tons
Decks: 1
SIF Rating: Class 1 (10 Kg/Cm Hull Stress Rating)

Section II: Personnel System

Crew Compliment: 1 (mission dependent)
Officers: 0
Enlisted: 0
Civilian: 0
Evacuation Limit: 2
Medical Facilities: None (basic Medical Kit only)

Section III: Propulsion & Power System

Warp (MARA) Engine: None
Warp Nacelles: None
Impulse (fusion) Engines: By module only
Thrusters: Trentis Mk. IV pulsed Reaction Control System
Auxiliary Power: (1) Scott Class 2/E Fusion Generators (90 MJ / Second)
Emergency Power: Class A (25 MJ / Second) *not included in total output!
EPS System: Standard, minimum 95% Base Efficiency
Total Power Output/Sec: 90 MegaJoules / Second

Section IV: Operations System

Bridge Module: Cockpit Module
Flight Control: None (manual or remote-pilot only)
-Atmospheric Capable, Planetfall Capable, Landing Pads

Section V: Tactical System

Phasers: None
Phaser Output: 0
Torpedo Launchers: None
Torpedo type/amount: 0
Shields: Navigational Deflector only
Recharge: None
Shield Rating: 0

Section VI: Other (Modules)

Standard Workbee cabs can have up to 4 of the following attachments without additional power sources.
Clamper: Magnetic lock forward
Cutter: Type 2 Phaser
Drone: Unmanned automated cockpit (transport between locations)
Floodlight: 7000 candela flood or tight beam
Grabber: Forward manipulator arm
Sensor: Class 3/Alpha Lateral Sensor (0.3 LY High Resolution)
Spinner: Cable line (fore/aft) threader
Survey: Class 2/Alpha Sensor pallet (x LY High x LY Low)
Tractor: Beta Class (aft)
Welder: Forward welder arm
Tow: Magnetic lock aft

Additional power comes through two optional power packs:
Booster: Class 1/E Impulse Engine for propulsion or power use.
Heavy Booster: Class 2/E Impulse Engine for propulsion or power use.

Attachments may be combined above 4 with by including a booster.
Composite 1: Multi-attachment (Booster and up to 4 attachments)
Composite 2: Multi-attachment (Heavy Booster and up to 6 attachments)

  • A Workbee 'train' differs from the 'Tow' attachment by the load it can move. There are three modules (or pods) that can be attached in any order.
  • Modules include Cargo pods, Passenger pods or Tanker pods.
  • If more than 2 pods are attached a 'booster' or 'heavy booster' is needed for additional power and propulsion.

Section VII: Editors Notes

Found in every shipyard and base, and many ships, workbees are light utility craft slightly smaller than shuttlepods. They are used primarily for construction and repair work. Using the 'tow' attachment they may be used as 'trains' to haul cargo or passengers a short distance (between orbital sites / ships in dock).

They are not to be confused with the Sphinx-class Workpod.